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What would you do today, if you knew you could not fail? What actions would you take, what would you share and how would you treat the people around you. Storyteller Marketing in Real Estate by Larry Lawfer will explore the real estate industry through the eyes of the community and it's people and stories.



It is easy, just do the right things.It is easy, write down what you need to do.It is easy, fake it ’til you make it.It is easy, believe in yourself.It is easy eat well, sleep well, stay focused, that’s all.It is easy.or is it?There is nothing easy about commitment. There is nothing easy about di...
Kelly Catallo community activist and industry leader PODCAST. Kelly Catallo is the CEO of Cosmopolitan Realty in Medford MA. She grew up in Medford and has spent her life time being involved in all sorts of community activities and organizations.  Her resume speaks volumes of her passions for hel...
Nailing the interview, mastery Michael Neece tells us how in this Podcast Know all the right answers before you interview PODCAST Michael Neece opens up about the tools to control the interview. Last week's podcast on was a great one for anyone who is in front of people who hire. ...
PODCAST March 19, 2020 Italian Real Estate Agent Marco Tirelli Shares his Covid-19 Impact. Italy has more deaths and may have had the first cases of the virus before China. Travel from your sheltered locations is prohibited. There are no real estate transactions happening right now. The governmen...
In the office not at home Day 2 Covid-19 lock down. I always makes calls when I am in the car traveling, we agents spend a lot of time everyday in the car going places. Here in Massachusetts we are in lock down and are told to shelter in place (which means don't go out). This Corona virus is seri...
Running Out of Toilet Paper and Loosing my Mind is a perfect description of this historic day. CoronaVirus, Covid-19 is on the upswing, the Fed just cut it's rate to zero and there are actually agents out there who don't know the relationship with the Fed Rate and the Interest Rates banks charge ...

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