chris brogan: Broker-Talk with Chris Brogan StoryLeader 3 Words for 2020. - 01/07/20 05:56 PM
Broker-Talk with Chris Brogan StoryLeader 3 Words for 2020. Chris Brogan is a nerd, I love nerds. Chris was focused on growth and learning when I met him in 2005. He worked for a telecom in some tech type job and he was tired of going to the same old conferences where you sit in an audience with a set schedule of topics that were not always valuable. Along with Christopher Penn, Chris Brogan created the PodCamp movement.  That pulled me in.  With technology and social media growing in importance I saw the value in knowing and understanding it more. PodCamp … (2 comments)

chris brogan: Facebook Business Pages - 02/20/11 02:45 AM
Jimmy Mackin is a star, you don’t know it yet, but he is.  You can find Jimmy on Facebook at, or email him at  Jimmy has put together a program for we Realtors® that allows us to have people search for homes from our Facebook page.  It is a sweet app and one that will pay far greater dividends than it’s nominal and free cost.  Jimmy also has a series of videos available for you to view about how to use Facebook to your advantage.
This week I met with Jimmy to go over my own Facebook business page … (7 comments)

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