dallas: Ignorance is not an excuse - 09/13/10 01:47 AM
In business just like with the law, ignorance is no excuse. It matters little that you have friends who agree with you, best practices in business are defined by business practices and not by friends. Friends in our lives serve lots of purposes and business consultant can be one of those purposes. Everyone needs friends that can help him or her gain a perspective on aspects of their lives that they may not have a clear enough view for them. Let’s be honest about friendship to begin with. People become friends for a variety of reasons, but business acumen is pretty … (29 comments)

dallas: Time Blocked Activities - 09/10/10 02:02 AM
Setting specific times to get certain jobs done in my day and week has helped me stay on track. It seems so easy in a day to get lost down some Alice in Wonderland hole instead of sticking to what has been posted in your “to do” list. I know that spending 40% of my time each week farming and prospecting in my area is essential for my pipeline. I know that I need to spend most of my time in “income producing activities” such as meeting with clients and prospects, taking care of my listings and buyers, and loading new … (8 comments)

dallas: Singing the Blues - 09/09/10 02:25 AM
Are you a glass half empty kind of person, the one who sees the worst in situations? I doubt it, Realtors® tend to be eternal optimists. That is not to say we don’t see the worst in the situations, but we tend to spin those in our mind so that we can make a little lemonade out of whatever lemons are thrown in our way. A mindset like this helps us help our clients who are not of the same mind. What this demands is an understanding of all the facts, in my opinion.
To understand how to get a house … (6 comments)

dallas: Gaining Ground - 09/08/10 03:03 AM
One of the aspects of real estate I find most fascinating is that no day is the same. None of them are just like the one you just had. Each day has new challenges and opportunities. I have heard it said that real estate is a simple business, it is not easy but it is simple. This simple truth is profound for me. So how do you know if you are gaining ground, other than the financial measurement of closed sales? For me the answer is also simple. Gaining ground is all about learning more, sharing more and doing more. Learning … (4 comments)

dallas: Billy Parker-MCE Providers of North Texas - 09/04/10 08:50 AM
You can’t just sit in one of Billy’s ethics classes at MCE-Providers of North Texas.  You are challenged, you are prodded, you ask questions and have questions asked of you.  It is full real estate contact.  When the class is over Billy’s goal is for you to have useful and legal information at your fingertips and feel confident.
“Attitude is everything,’ Billy explains, and he goes on to share the importance of setting the bar high so that all your transactions are ethical, legal and completed on time, every time. Take a couple of minutes and audit his description of his … (1 comments)

dallas: Fresh Beginnings - 09/03/10 02:15 AM
I have always loved September. It is a month of beginnings. All those years we started out all bright and shiny, through all those schools moving through the beginning days of that academic year  with hope and trepidation. As a professional, September is a time when actively marketing and promoting your personal brand is a must. This is a month when people are open and fresh. Remember they are just off vacations and lazier, more relaxed days. The freshness helps the openness to new ideas. It is a time when your message has more of a chance. When it is not … (2 comments)

dallas: Tic, tock - 09/02/10 02:50 AM
The time from the first day of school to the Christmas break seemed like an eternity to me when I was young. We had 2 semesters to go through, Thanksgiving and both football and then basketball season. Now it all seems a blur of reaching yearly goals and closing lingering deals. It is official, there are now just 4 months left in this year to achieve the goals you have set for yourself at the beginning of the year. I am new to real estate this year and set some pretty lofty goals. I came into a new market, one that … (4 comments)

dallas: Along the way we meet - 09/01/10 02:38 AM
As social beings, even you who aren’t so social, we run into people along the way.  Some are helpful, some are not, some will take advantage and some will lend a hand, some are friends and some just say they are, that is life.  What you want, to be successful, is have people around you who are great role models.  People with credibility proven by their actions.  You want friends and colleagues who are more willing to lend a hand and share an idea.  People who have been there and are willing to give you the map.  When you find people … (3 comments)

dallas: Brand Power vs Personal Brand? - 08/31/10 02:26 AM
 How important is the brand your office represents to your career? How important is your personal brand within that office brand? Since all real estate is personal when it really gets down to it, how important is this brand you represent?  I am just asking here for discussions sake. It is clear a brand with a national name and a big national advertising budget is important for immediate recognition, but beyond that how important is that brand to the transaction. It is true that a national brand has systems in place that make transactions easier for their people. “Been there-done that” … (2 comments)

dallas: TAR 2nd Quarterly Housing Report - 08/29/10 09:54 AM
This Quarterly Housing report put out by the Texax Association of Realtors shows some positive signs for the 2nd quarter, but let's wait before we get too excited here.  This quarter is where the tax break incentive was in play.  It is the third quarter that has people more nervous. The drop off in sales in this third quarter is going to adjust for the postive signs from the 2nd quarter.  The reality is with all this doom and gloom is that there continues to be houses for sale and there continues to be sales of homes.  It is just adjusted … (0 comments)

dallas: The Shark Principle. Mario Jannatpour - 08/28/10 05:38 AM
 Mario Jannatpour, who I met on Active Rain recently, has written a talking book entitled, Must See Inside. This is his up close and personal approach to selling real estate based on his years of success in sales. Mario has been successful for many years in both up economies and down and wants to share some of the simple methods to insure your success. He put together his book as a response to all those overpriced coaches and systems that glut our market. His matter of fact discussion of how he is successful in real estate, provides the listener with a … (1 comments)

dallas: Service and Relationships - 08/27/10 06:55 AM
The word service has lost meaning in a jumble of false promises.  A simple promise of service needs to be further defined to be understood.  For instance if I want information every day and you send it to me once a week, I am not feeling serviced.  Here then is a key point, ask your client how they define service? Then really, Listen!  They will give you the blue print to satisfying them.  Keep in mind it is always about them.
“It’s all about you.” has been my service promise since I started in business.  YourStorys and YourStorys Realty are focused … (3 comments)

dallas: Why we really work. - 08/26/10 04:02 AM
I guess a better title is, “why I really work.”  I work for my family, I work for my community, I work to maintain standards (granted these standards fluxuate in a seasonal and year over year basis), I work because I like to work.  Studs Terkel a prize-winning author and radio broadcast personality was born Louis Terkel in New York on May 16, 1912.  Studs interviewed thousands of people and produced a book called Working that I read years ago.  He coined the word schmoozing which meant the talking to our fellow workers as part of one of the main reasons … (4 comments)

dallas: Real Estate Today - 08/24/10 02:02 AM
From all that I have read about the real estate industry over the years, we are experiencing some very unique circumstances right now.  Record interest rates, record government programs with the tax credit being a highlight, the foreclosure and modification jumble, dipping prices all have had an impact and continue to impact the current performance.  How people look for homes and engage professionals to assist in the process is radically different today than it has ever been.  The median age for a homeowner is still in the 30’s while the age of the realtor remains in the 50’s.  In these two … (3 comments)

dallas: Best of Big D-Billy Parker - 08/23/10 03:40 AM
Billy Parker Loan Officer, Jet Pilot, Real Estate Educator Today’s Best of Big D video is about Billy Parker. I met Billy through another Best of Big D interviewee Peggy Santmyer. Peggy was the 2009 TAR educator of the year and when I asked her who else I might speak with you is one of Texas’s best, she immediately suggested Billy.
Billy is tall and full of energy. He has a long history as a commercial jet pilot and instructor. He is guided by his “checklist” mentality whether he is flying a jet, or completing your loan application. Specific items must … (1 comments)

dallas: Some like it hot. - 08/20/10 02:42 AM
But not Texas hot, is what I would add. This week one of my tasks is to pump up an Open House I have scheduled for this weekend. I have my websites all set with the information. I have postcards made and two thirds of them are already handed out. Yes, you heard me correctly. I walked the farm neighborhood for the home I have for sale in hopes of finding that one family that is ready to move up to the nicer house. I am looking for the family that is doing well in this economy and feeling good about … (11 comments)

dallas: In a certain way. - 08/19/10 02:57 AM
I was reading some information from various professionals about open houses because I am doing one this weekend. I don’t do a lot of Open Houses, I have a theory about them, but more on that later. Many of the old time professionals will not do open houses, feeling they are a waste of their time. The feel you are stuck in a house for a couple of hours at the whim of the people walking through. You don’t know if they are qualified, what their interest is, you know nothing about the people and they just want to walk through … (4 comments)

dallas: Plotting the course - 08/18/10 03:22 AM
When setting the bigger goals you need to think more broadly than just the tasks to be completed to achieve the goal. You know, the lists of activities you check off with no result. For instance, a stated goal that you want to grow you area of influence and activity by 20 percent before the end of the calendar year. This is no small task and demands some thinking beyond, “I will just do more.” Do more, how? To obtain that kind of growth you need a plan that will touch on a number of approaches so that all the eggs … (5 comments)

dallas: July 2010 Trends and Values - 08/16/10 09:25 AM
Making Sense of Trends
Summarizing the trends for last month and then the categories does not paint as gloomy a picture as the media, but it is instructive for certain areas of the market.  5,143 Single family houses sold in July, that is down 29% from last year.  The average price was $215,743.  Keep in mind this is for all family homes the expensive and the affordable. Each area will have it’s own price ranged.  There are more houses on the market and it is taking 6 days longer this month to sell them than it did last month.  The number … (2 comments)

dallas: Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head - 08/15/10 11:11 AM

Life is made of an endless series of tasks we do over and over again without even thinking. What runs through your head as you do this determines a lot about how you cope with your day.  Finding yourself doing the same thing over and over again with the same results should be no surprise.  One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result.  If your results are bugging you why not consider your routines?  Is the economy your problem; is lack of support the issue for you?  Is it … (5 comments)

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