exit realty metro dallas: Technology is multi-faceted not one dimensional-That’s the issue! - 06/24/10 02:56 AM
I had applied to deliver a break out session at the annual EXIT Convention on blogging.  Blogging is one of the principle ways to delivery valuable information to your clients, prospects and industry colleagues.  You use technology, but it is not technology, it is story telling; it is shared and useful information.  What I was told yesterday is that EXIT has awarded the breakout session to someone who will discuss all aspects of technology, not just blogging.  So, augmented reality on your smart phone, creating and posting video material across a variety of platforms, the EXIT Resource Center with its ability … (4 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: Getting Started, everyday. - 06/14/10 03:02 AM
It was Lao Tzu who said the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.  Ok, profound and simple, but what if your journey needed more than a first step?  It needed direction and purpose and some good walking shoes then you need a plan or a goal or a destination.  Getting started every morning in the right manner is the key to your victory over the walk through another 24 hours.  Tony Robbins proclaims his “hour of power” where you get up and exercise the first hour doing incantations (formerly known as affirmations) throughout the workout.  The process … (2 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: Just say no. Thank you. - 06/11/10 04:24 AM
It is not easy to turn a client away these days, but you can save your sanity and your bottom line by doing so in certain circumstances.  Real Estate agents do not rank high in the consumer’s mind in terms of trust and honesty.  Many consumers come into the process with an attitude that their agent at some point or another will scam them.  Armed with little more than hearsay and anecdotal information overheard at social gatherings the consumer feels justified in lying to you first.  They will withhold important information, they will work with more than one agent at a … (2 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: Summer Readers…some are not - 06/10/10 03:44 AM
Are there any great books about being a real estate agent?  Is this profession really like it is depicted in comedies and cartoons?  Are we really self-serving, conniving manipulators of the truth to get a sale?  Professionals in other industries produce writers who wrap their considerable professional knowledge around the subject of the career and produce interesting insights into their profession.  Lawyers and Doctors have left their profession to produce wonderful books where the central characters are lawyers and doctors, why are there no realtors that leave the profession to write about what it is like to be a realtor?  Is … (2 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: Blog Ideas continued - 06/08/10 04:42 AM
You can blog about Short Sales, the forms, the process, the length of time it takes, what it can do for a person’s credit.  Home sales in your area is always a good blog and useful to your clients and prospects.  The changing landscape of the lenders and how new systems put in place by the changing landscape  are causing issues that can slow the process down.  Nothing is as it was, nor will it ever be it seems.  This is neither bad or good, it is what it is and it is our job to hold on, understand and … (20 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: Some blog ideas for starters. - 06/07/10 04:06 AM
In my ongoing desire to help other agents who want to gain the power of a blog for their business I am offering this beginners list of what you can blog about.  I have found through discussions with people that their big stumbling block is in knowing what to write about each day.  You have to imagine your blog as your place to share your first story of the day.  For instance you get into the office and the first person you meet asks how your weekend was, you tell them a story.  That story could be a blog.  A blog … (0 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: Homes “underwater” numbers growing. - 06/05/10 04:40 AM
It was reported yesterday in the Dallas Morning News that more than 20% of the homes going into foreclosure are underwater, they owe more than the house is worth. There is a rising tide of this kind of scenario, it seems. Homeowners in this situation are more likely to search a way out of the situation through foreclosure, short sale or modification, if given the options. You can expect the foreclosure numbers to continue to rise over the next year or longer. There are millions of people struggling with their mortgage and this situation is made even worse by the fact … (3 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: How Long does it take to post a blog - 06/04/10 03:28 AM
I have been asked a variety of times how long I spend blogging in a day. This is a legitimate question considering I blog almost every day. Here is an 8 minute video explaining and showing the process in detail. I write for half an hour and post for the other half hour, that is all. I do it all in the morning, mostly before I get to the office. … (18 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: A relentless approach - 06/03/10 04:04 AM
We all hit bad days, we all hit so-so days and we have all had great days; so what does this mean to our goals and lists of time blocked activities?  For me, it means I must put aside the feelings and just complete the activities.  Like the sun follows the moon there is no standing around and waiting to get something done, just do it (as Nike has reminded us for years).   All this is said with some level of bravado and some degree of trepidation.  It is not easy to put aside your feelings and get on to the … (3 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: Season Over? - 06/02/10 03:10 AM
The Maverick’s season is over, LeBron is off to play golf, and yet two teams still play on.  This is the truth about competition.  You don’t need to be the best to survive you need to have vision, a plan and get some help from your team to go to the championship level. Both of the best teams in basketball are now playing golf and not competing for the championship.  Getting to the next level in the real estate industry takes the same level of vision and commitment to succeed.  My open house stats were good, but if I didn’t follow … (4 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: One Hand Clapping - 05/28/10 02:36 AM
Back in the Roosevelt era of this country when we were going through similar financial strains the President confessed he was speaking to as many economists as he could to understand what was going on with the economy so that he could make decisions about what to do.  Sound familiar?  An exasperated President back then told reports that each economist would start out explaining a particular theory in depth, but before finishing would say, “on the other hand…” and then go on to explain another theory.  What the President was looking for was a one handed economist.
Yesterday it was reported … (0 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: Impossible Mission, not! - 05/27/10 03:44 AM
It will be difficult to boil down 4 hours of accurate, in depth information about the Real Estate industry delivered by Tami Bonnell, President of EXIT Realty USA, yesterday here in Dallas, in a blog of 500 words or less, but let me try.  The industry is in contraction in many areas, but EXIT is growing.  Most other large Real Estate corporations are cutting back on what they deliver to their members, but EXIT has increased its delivery.  Affordable database system (you can’t beat less than $16 a month), robust marketing materials at industry low rates, live help for all your … (0 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: Stop, Drop and Roll - 05/26/10 03:30 AM
« What makes a great agent? All the real estate books I read and all of the pundits I have listened to all speak about the consistency of our daily actions and rituals being the key to ultimate success in our industry.  I have taken this to heart and arrive at my desk each morning with a series of rituals already on my “to do” list.  Study, Exercise, Affirmations/Incantations, Farming, Calls, Follow-up on yesterdays lists are all there with various goals attached to them for the day, sounds good, right?  Well the unfortunate aspect of this organization is that our lives … (5 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: The Elixir of Passion in your day. - 05/17/10 03:52 AM
Passion and Vision build empires
Work is work.  There are tasks to be performed at every job, and real estate has a lot of moving parts.  Write them down; get them done in some systematized manner and be done with it, that is the work side of work.
Play is play; it is the time away from those chores.  To me the connector in both of these disparate activities of work and play is passion.  Passion is a joy and a challenge.  You can both love and hate passionately; it is juice.  Passion is a tool you can hone and bring … (1 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: Meeting of the minds. - 05/16/10 06:46 AM
Mastermind groups are a fantastic way to broaden your knowledge base, get informed on new trends and techniques, share successes and ways to overcome failures. Mastermind groups correctly created deliver astounding results for the members.  Anyone can start a mastermind group and invite people to participate. It really is that simple.  What you focus on with your group determines on who should be invited in.  I have had the fortune in my career to be part of many such groups.  I want to share my take on what I think makes a great group for all those involved.
Invite only people … (8 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: Finding your Mentor, daily. - 05/14/10 06:22 AM
Everyone remembers a favorite teacher, the one that made you feel smart, be smarter because of his or her belief in you. You worked harder, but it seemed easier.  Coaches can do the same thing while the focus is on physical systems and stamina. Your pastor, priest rabbi religious leader guides you in spiritual issues.  Mentors have been around you forever.  If you can’t find mentors right around you in your work today then look a little further.
What questions will you have today, and who is the best person to answer those questions?  Who is a higher authority? Why not … (3 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: What’s good about your office? - 05/13/10 02:06 AM
What are the first three things that come to your mind when you think of your office?  Are they good things?  Are they things you can change? Are they things that add to, or take from your production and knowledge?  Face it we all have working environments that either work for you, or don’t.  That is especially true for the folks who are working in a home office.  Your environment is one critical component of your success.  It is the field you play on every day.  It is the place where you win and loose and keep track.  It is where … (69 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: Visualizing Progress - 05/11/10 02:00 AM
‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.”  I don’t remember who said this but it is a very powerful truism.  Real Estate has so many points where doubt and inaction can just take you down.  Once you allow that to happen, it will happen again.  The opposite is also true but demands a bit more work.  When things go wrong in a transaction, and they will, there is always something that goes wrong and needs attention, it is the Realtor® that thinks they can that will solve the issue, that will.  It is the agent … (4 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: Win at low cost. - 05/07/10 03:36 AM
« What Makes Agents happy? Rule 1: Don't waste their time.
My life and career changed a number of years ago when I attended a meeting about building a Board of Directors/Board of Advisors.  I listened to a panel of experts in their fields discuss how they obtain intellectual talent and expertise to guide them through the activities of their business.  I am not a corporation and so a Board of Directors is unnecessary, but what a blessing a Board of Advisors has been since that day.  A Board of Advisors is a group of people who are highly successful in … (1 comments)

exit realty metro dallas: Not knocking it! - 04/30/10 03:04 AM
« Top Ten Skills of great businessmen 8707 Arborside, Lake Highlands, TX 75243
I physically prospect my farm area three times a week.  It takes me about an hour and a half to deliver 100 postcards to 100 front doors.  I speak to anyone in their yards, anyone walking a dog, or getting into or out of their car.  I have an opening phrase I have used, while true; it still brings a smile to their face.  “My wife suggested a crazy New Year’s Resolution for me this year,” I start.  I wait to see if I have them engaged, … (0 comments)

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