if starting over: Goals Achieved. 90 Days to Starting Over - 04/06/10 01:40 AM
On January 6, 2010 I started a 90-day program If I Could Start Over Again by Walter Sanford.  Today is day 90 and I have completed the course.  The amount of information I have been given these last 3 months is a career’s worth.  I can go back and re-mine this book for all kinds of support as I move forward with my career.  While I will go back to use some of the promotional and marketing efforts I couldn’t afford during these first three months, I will also move on to other guru’s and systems.  My desire is to … (6 comments)

if starting over: 90 Day Program Wrap-up. - 04/05/10 04:23 AM
« Dallas Top Producers | Published: April 5, 2010  dallas-texas-real-estate
Along with Walter’s book If I Coud Start Over Again, I was reading a number of others at the same time to give me some perspective.  Dirk Zeller’s book, Champions was really the other book I read along with the Sanford book.  Dirk organizes the day differently, and has different priorities, but both know the bottom line is listing properties and closing deals.  The way you develop your own habits must fit your life and patterns. When do you make your calls in a day, what days do you promote … (0 comments)

if starting over: Disciplined approach - 03/26/10 03:31 AM
« Keeping the client when a deal fails | Published: March 25, 2010 |  ERMD_©k1mk1_flickr
This morning I am thinking of John Wooden.  He ranks as one of the greatest college basketball coaches of all time.  He instilled his disciplined system of basketball into his players at UCLA and they went on to dominate the sport for years.  His focus was always on the fundamentals.  He had one young high school All American join his team and Wooden had him practice one thousand lay ups.  The now professional Hall of Fame basketball player complained to Coach Wooden at the time about … (3 comments)

if starting over: Keeping the client when a deal fails - 03/25/10 02:24 AM
« Unintended consequences | Published: March 24, 2010 | ERMD_©Soller_Photo_flickr
A prospect came to me last week via a colleague from another state.  The prospect was moving into my area and was looking at some homes.  One of those homes we had under agreement to list from the bank that foreclosed on the property.  We were in our last week of a two-month stint trying to sell the house.  The couple liked the house in spite of the considerable work that needed to be done to make the place livable.  The prospect wanted to make an offer and I suggested the … (3 comments)

if starting over: Unintended consequences - 03/24/10 03:04 AM
« Outside the box deal Published: March 23, 2010  ERMD_©Dana-fan_flickr
There is a residual effect that happens when you do any activity over and over again for a series of days, weeks and months.  The unintended consequence is the slowly seeping into your daily life of the strength and stamina to not only completes this task, but to look for other ways to use the skills.  Let me be more specific.  If you decide that walking a neighborhood is good for your business, or something that your should re-embrace and you do it with some regularity over a period of … (4 comments)

if starting over: Outside the box deal - 03/23/10 03:29 AM
« Building from nothing  Published: March 22, 2010 |  ERMD_©myfear_flickr
One thing I do like about the Sanford System, at least this book that I am moving through, is his thinking.  Today’s exercises have to do with connecting with people who either vacation in his area, or go to a specific place for vacation.  He teams up with an agent in that area to find people who have a second vacation home in that area.  Together they work the client’s needs.  This is the type of collaborative thinking that nets him another couple of deals a year. What I really … (2 comments)

if starting over: Building from nothing - 03/22/10 03:23 AM
« Daily Aggravations Published: March 21, 2010 | Edit ERMD_©TheAbundanceMachine_flickr
Building a business out of nothing is not easy.  Business growth needs cash flow to keep moving.  Starting out with little or no cash flow will impede progress, but not deaden a plan that is relentless.  Being focused and determined goes a long way without financial support but it is imperative that your game plan be rock solid and a relatively straight path.  I chose a Walter Sanford program as my initial guide in real estate; there are many, many others who also can guide you through the start-up.  It … (0 comments)

if starting over: Daily Aggravations - 03/21/10 09:20 AM
« You can do it. | Published: March 20, 2010 |  ERMD_©gcelliot_flickr photo below
How you deal with the daily aggravations of life make a huge difference in how you do in life, I think.  The rain, the traffic, the client, the bank, paperwork, redoing something for the nth time can all sap your energy as well as your time, but it is in those daily moments you have the time to set your own sail through the day.  We have all had days when just everything works, and those days that no matter what, you can’t catch a break.  What … (4 comments)

if starting over: Easier than dieting - 03/19/10 08:02 AM
« Information Overload? | Published: March 19, 2010  ERMD_©Leo Reynolds_flickr
Time blocked activities, to me, are easier than staying on a diet.  The activities of researching, canvassing, walking, talking, calling and following through are more direct than counting calories or time on a treadmill.  It is a matter of just doing what is already assigned to you in your daily planner.  The only two of these tasks I am having difficulty with are the research and the calls.  When I finally drag myself to the task I am ok with the work, but I don’t do it enough.  It is my … (5 comments)

if starting over: Information Overload? - 03/18/10 07:06 AM
« Referrals, when to ask? | Published: March 17, 2010 | ERMD_©murdocke23_flickr
In our business we deal with thousands of bits of information in a day.  Our leads of any sort include, names, numbers, needs and wants to be dealt with.  Our clients will have a deeper level of information we have gathered—Dad hates bay windows; Mom can not live in a ranch…all this information must be put into a system where you can easily recall the information to use it when you are speaking with people.  In these days of internet leads—read this as people we may never really … (2 comments)

if starting over: Jeff Lobb in Dallas - 03/16/10 07:03 AM
| Published: March 16, 2010  Larry and Jeff Lobb, photo below
Digital Marketing Strategies are something that Jeff Lobb is all about.  In fact he wrote the book as they say, but we all know no one reads anymore so Jeff decided to take it to the web. Another fact we also all know is that technology is changing our business as it has impacted every other aspect of life on this planet.  We have two choices, learn and grow, or don’t and, well, don’t grow.  Pretty simple, right? Well ,again, yes it is pretty simple.  Most of the aspects of … (4 comments)

if starting over: What would you pay? - 03/14/10 07:04 AM
| Published first on: March 13, 2010 at Larry Lawfer's Real Estate Blog  
ERMD_©v1nz'_flickr Photo_flickr Photo Below
This is not an idle question; it is one we must answer every single day in so many ways.  The costs to buy something, to accomplish a goal, to obtain a promotion, to achieve some record it all comes down to the question, what will you pay?  To start this process out you should determine what “it” is worth, then what is “it” worth to you.  There is action here.  You are thinking and determining a value of something that is offered.  What … (4 comments)

if starting over: Day in the Life - 03/10/10 11:11 AM
« Three Weeks Left | Published: March 9, 2010 |  Just thought I would share a peek at what Sanford has me work on in a day.  In between all these duties is the return calls and the blogging and the video and the reading, etc…  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that these activities won’t generate great activity for me.  I haven’t share this yet, but the goal is to have 50 listings on rotation at all time.  This I am not as sure about, but it is the focus and not a bad one to have.

if starting over: Three Weeks Left - 03/09/10 03:58 AM
« More recap of 2nd month of If I Could Start Over Again Published: March 8, 2010  Spring on Arborhill in Lake Highlands
Just three weeks left in this program, do I look like a real agent yet?  Actually I do feel as though the start of my own system based in large part on the successful system utilized by Walter Sanford will serve me well.  I did not and could not do all of the exercises and send out all the letters that have been demonstrated.  The cost to start-up exceeds my ability to pay for that start-up.  Under funded … (1 comments)

if starting over: Walter Sanford’s If I Could Start Over Again-Month 2 - 03/06/10 05:41 AM
« The Ah-ha moment | Published: March 5, 2010 |  972 322 7776
I started this recap this week and got through the first month.  Here is the beginning of the second month of the three month program.  Along with it are photographs of the property we are exploring the investment market with.  It has ripened considerably and worth the exploration.
Go over your progress, check with your broker for some ideas.  Work on the systems you have put in place, Expireds, our of town agents, database calls and open houses are four of the systems you should be rocking … (3 comments)

if starting over: The Ah-ha moment - 03/05/10 02:45 AM
Published: March 4, 2010   
The Ah ha moment arrived yesterday for me and my productivity soared because of it. I have been waiting for all the work and knowledge I am pouring in to build up enough of it’s own momentum, and now it has.  One day does not a career make, but an enlightened day where all things click make the next days all that much more focused.  Now I am not wondering when, but how I can apply the information that I am pouring in each morning.
We are paid to know and to guide I believe. … (4 comments)

if starting over: When a stated benefit is not a benefit at all - 03/04/10 01:47 AM
By Larry Lawfer | Published: March 3, 2010 ERMD_©Kyle!!!11!!one!!_flickr
This week I had a conversation with AT&T about my iPhone services. This smart phone has many free applications for our industry and I take advantage of them daily.  The issue lies with AT&T not with iPhone.  It was a simple changeover.  I wanted to take my personal iPhone and make it my business line, both on the AT&T network.  I have been with the company for years, but my newest contract (a 2 year deal) was signed in Nov of 2008.  I thought it was simple, just let them know I … (1 comments)

if starting over: Continuing your System building-first month - 03/03/10 03:04 AM
| Published: March 2, 2010 | 
Retirement Planning
Yesterday I started to outline the steps to be taken to build your systems and techniques for a successful career from the Sanford’s System book, If I Could Start Over Again. I continue here.
Avoid the negative nellies in your office—some words of wisdom for dealing with the negative feedback you will receive as you build your system. Finding the right sellers versus just finding people. The infamous “bright red mailing tube to which I have attached a wick that looks something like a fuse” He uses this for a follow-up Expireds … (4 comments)

if starting over: Time Blocked Activities - 03/02/10 12:36 AM
| Published: March 1, 2010 |  
Sanford System
Today is the start of my last month of this 90-day program.  Walter Sanford suggests I go back through the book and write down all the time-blocked activities I have yet to complete and put a date on when I will complete them.  Since my work has not only included this program, but also all the work of a new Director of Marketing I need to go back through the book and see exactly what is Walter’s versus what is mine.  Here is that list.
Call then meet a Top Produced … (5 comments)

if starting over: Adapting to Succeed in your own way - 02/24/10 12:43 AM
Scheduling is easy; keeping yourself to the schedule is not.  A daily dose of 20 calls I am finding difficult, I am averaging 15 and a majority of these calls are to answering machines. The people I do actually get to speak with are mostly open to talking about their needs, but wary of any pushiness.    I have been walking neighborhoods a bit at a time each week, but not knocking on doors.  Firstly I find that offensive when a salesman at the door interrupts my day, and secondly it will be different when the personal meeting is not the first … (4 comments)

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