newton luxury home: Newton Center Luxury home is convenient and open this weekend. - 09/07/15 10:56 PM
Newton Center Luxury home is convenient and open this weekend.  47 Dudley Road, Newton, MA 02459 is having an Open House this weekend. You can find the listing on MLS with this listing number, 71897990. This is a good sized home at 4545 square feet with 5 bedrooms and one of the nicest Nanny Bedrooms found in Newton.  This Nanny bedroom is separate and away from the family so that the privacy for both family and nanny are secure. The Sellers of this home share that they always had the best pick of live in Nanny's because of the room they … (3 comments)

newton luxury home: Price Reduced, New Pictures, Newton Luxury House - 05/03/15 09:36 PM
Price Reduced, New Pictures, Newton Luxury House.  Every Realtor® and agent alike faces this situation.  You have a great listing, lots of people are coming to see the home, the home is in move in condition, it is ready to go but it is not going the question is why?  There is not one reason, but that is what most agents will tell you. Price, price, price, but they miss the point, there are actually three reasons. Price, condition and marketing are the big three, and I want to add a fourth right now.  Market conditions dictate the actions of the … (11 comments)

newton luxury home: The Needle in the Haystack, Newton Luxury Home - 04/16/15 01:16 AM
The Needle in the Haystack, Newton Luxury Home. With all the inventory of luxury properties available right now in Newton it takes some focus to pull out the wheat from the chaff. In many areas there is not enough inventory on the market right now, but this is not the case with Newton luxury homes. There is 9 months of listings with the average market being 6 months. This makes the Newton Luxury real estate market a Buyers market. Sounds good for the buyers, right? Well it is, but this comes with the caveat that you can get a great deal, … (0 comments)

newton luxury home: Newton MA Luxury House Options - 03/27/15 08:29 PM
Newton MA Luxury House Options. First let's define luxury as per National Association of Realtors® (NAR) guidelines. Luxury is the top ten percent of the available listings in an MLS area.  Newton's MLS area is MLSPIN out of the Boston area.  Luxury as defined by MLSPIN would be a home in the $880,000 and above range. That would be a very affordable home in Newton and not considered luxury.  If we just take the available listings in Newton to determine what luxury is the price point to get into this select group of homes would be around $2,100,000. So there are … (0 comments)

newton luxury home: Boston Area Move In Homes Luxury Market Report March 24 2015 - 03/25/15 08:33 PM
Boston Area Move In Homes Luxury Market Report March 24 2015. Brought to you by the International Luxury Homes Marketing group. Each week I monitor what is going on in the Boston area and the other areas in the world that I have clients buying and selling.  It is the Spring market here now and there is lots of new activity.  So the first thing that is happening is that the professional Realtors® that service this sector know that pricing your house correctly against the market is the best way to get the most people through your house.  Getting foot traffic … (2 comments)

newton luxury home: Formal Places, Open Spaces. Newton Luxury Home - 03/25/15 08:25 PM
Formal Places, Open Spaces. Newton Luxury Home For Sale.  Living in colonial New England it is no surprise the most sought after home is the colonial. Newton is a town filled with luxury colonial homes and other types as well.  114 Shornecliffe is defined as the best example of Classical Revival architecture in Newton which is really a Colonial with a very nice front addition with two story columns.  This home has formal spaces in the original house and the addition here on the right is a 3 car garage on the ground, a large and open space living space on … (1 comments)

newton luxury home: Boston Area Move In Homes Luxury Housing Report - 03/01/15 03:00 AM
Boston Area Move In Homes Luxury Housing Report Feb 27-15  As a Million Dollar Guild member of the Institute for International Luxury Home Marketing (ILHM) I have access to deep insight into the analytics of the Luxury Housing Reports internationally and in our Boston area.  Newton will be different than Dedam will be different than Marblehead, but with any housing report we are looking at the trends and not the specifics. Spring is upon us, the smart buyers are out right now to capture the best deals.  What the risk here is that more houses will come on the market which … (2 comments)

newton luxury home: Calling to help, or calling to sell - 02/27/15 04:45 AM
Calling to help, or calling to sell, is a question every real estate professional should be asking themselves every time they call, knock, meet or present.  If you are there to sell, you may or may not be successful.  If you are there to help, you have the opportunity to ask questions and understand what the family needs and wants.  The ABC of yesteryears sales techniques are dead and decayed only used by the poorest and slowest of sales professionals.
People want reasons to buy, they do not want to be sold.  So you have to ask yourself, am I calling … (2 comments)

newton luxury home: Newton MA Open House Luxury Home Video - 02/18/15 10:41 PM
Newton MA Open House Luxury Home Video. MLS # 71746470, Snow what? Newton Luxury White House gets updated.  Open House Feb 22, 2015. Snow what we say.  Boston Strong 6810 square feet of living space, 3 car attached garage, built in 1911 and updated with all the latest amenities for today's living. This is both a very formal Classical Revival Colonial and an Open Space, large kitchen with new high end appliances.  This house was buiilt when character and craftsmanship had real meaning.  While today's new construction is coveted by some, those who know houses and history always gravitate to the … (2 comments)

newton luxury home: Farlow Hill luxury home, Newton MA 02458 - 01/13/15 07:38 PM
Farlow Hill luxury home, Newton MA 02458.  MLS #71746470 has just had a price reduction.  What is crazy about this is that this property is already one of the best priced home in the luxury category in all of luxury Newton MA homes.  Price per square foot can be a confusing statistic to follow, but it is one of the 17 methods in which appraisers determine value.  By this measure 114 Shornecliffe Road is one of the best values coming in well below the average sale per square foot price.  There will be an Open House for this property on Saturday … (4 comments)

newton luxury home: What have I done for you lately, Friday. - 12/19/14 02:49 AM
What have I done for you lately, Friday.  With each client, both seller listings and buyer clients, I speak with them on Friday. We choose a time that I will call and let them know everything that has been done to achieve our goals during the week.  For the Seller's listings I give a list of the blogs that have been written, the videos that have been posted and the various other social media tools and content I have used to drive traffic to the listing.  I give the an updated list of the people I have spoken with, mailed to, … (0 comments)

newton luxury home: Dear Doctor, your home awaits. - 11/30/14 01:49 AM
Dear Doctor, your home awaits.  Newton is only 7 miles from downtown Boston and all the fabulous hospitals we offer.   It is even closer to the Fenway where you have several more great hospitals.  One of the reasons Newton is so popular with the medical professionals is that the schools are great and the town is far more diverse than many of the surrounding towns.
114 Shorecliffe Road on Farlow Hill in Newton has been home to physicians. Dr Stanton was involved in the first uses of anesthesiology in the United States while at Mass General.  He lived in this home … (0 comments)

newton luxury home: Luxury Open House in Newton MA Sunday - 11/28/14 11:06 PM
Luxury Open House in Newton MA Sunday from 1-3. MLS #: 71746470 114 Shornecliffe Road, Newton MA is a 6810 square feet of living space that is both formally classic and open space.  This is a home that says, "I have made it!"  Enter this home through it's large beautifully restored dooway into a grand and magnificent entryway. In front of you is a beautiful staircase that is perfect for your daughter's wedding pictures.  Off to the right is a music room while off to your left is a formal living room with a fire place and beautiful rounded wood doors that … (5 comments)

newton luxury home: Selling your luxury Home in Newton MA - 10/27/14 12:08 AM
Selling your luxury Home in Newton MA demands a professional this year. Right now, today there are 57 Active listings of properties in Newton that are asking more than two million one hundred thousand dollars as the sale price. 57. That is a lot it would seem in many communities, but Newton is filled with luxury, high end homes.  That is because Newton is a great community and only 7 miles from downtown Boston and connections to the world.  Great schools, hospitals, history and architecture all blend together in this mixture of old and new, sacred rituals and new age technology.  … (5 comments)

newton luxury home: Newton MA Luxury Market Report - 09/29/14 07:42 PM
Newton MA Luxury Market Report for the last 30 days.  This information is gathered from MLSPin and does not include any for sale by owner information as this is typically a very insignificant portion of the statistics and is always skewed by the quirkiness of these transactions.  Newton continues to be an active market in the luxury category. This is defined by the International Luxury Home Marketing organization as the top ten percent of the market in it's area.  Since Newton has so many nice homes this threshold price is considerably above the Boston Area Luxury property threshold which is slightly … (0 comments)

newton luxury home: Newton named #1 city in the US by 24/7 Wall Street - 09/21/14 09:46 PM
Newton named #1 city in the US  by 24/7 Wall Street this week. This is no surprise to the large families that live in this wonderful city.  It is something to brag about, but you have to realize that these ratings are based on a variety of criteria that can take out other great cities.  Great schools because this community cares about the schools. While there are other nearby towns that also have great schools, Newton actually has two full high schools that make it onto the best schools in the State each year.
Newton is situated right next to Boston … (2 comments)

newton luxury home: A Caring more, doing more Realtor - 09/15/14 01:54 AM
A caring more, doing more Realtor is a professional who knows that just getting a listing and putting it on MLS is not near enough.  Having an arsenal of tools that are used to promote a property makes a difference.  At 114 Shorneclife Road in Newton, a luxury Newton home, we are promoting this property using a variety of tools and a lot of attention to detail.  The industry has changed forever and being a Realtor® or a lowly sales agent for many years using the same old methods will just not get the job done.  A care more and doing … (1 comments)

newton luxury home: 114 Shornecliff Road, Newton MA 02458 video - 08/26/14 10:54 PM
114 Shornecliff Road, Newton MA 02458 video does not show you this whole magnificent house because we are still staging it.  We will be on the MLS market in early September.  Having just replanted all the exterior landscaping to include the beautiful fall colors here in New England.  Going into the Fall season with the kids returning to school we know that in Newton there are a lot of excited children.  Newton has two high schools and both of them are highly regarded and highly regarded rivals for the affection of the town.  US News and Report did rank one of … (4 comments)

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