newton luxury homes: Why Newton, MA? Newton MA real estate - 01/04/16 10:20 PM
Why Newton, MA?  Newton MA real estate is and has been a great investment for so many families moving out of Boston looking for a home with good schools and a yard. 47 Dudley Road is in the Newton Center area of the 13 villages and convenient to most everything. Your kids can walk to the schools, you can get into and out of the city quickly and you are living in a community that not only likes, but cherishes its diversity.  Dudley Road is a winding road that feels more like it belongs in a different community.  Large stately homes … (4 comments)

newton luxury homes: Newton Realty, Newton luxury homes - 09/29/15 11:53 PM
Newton Realty, Newton luxury homes are available right now. 47 Dudley Road is a luxury home with areas of open space for family and friend gatherings both large and small. There are also private spaces where you can sit alone next to a very large fireplace and read, relax, and reflect. Bedrooms are situated for privacy as well. The master bathroom with it’s own private dressing room and large, marble bathroom with double sinks, Jacuzzi for two, glass shower and a bidet is away from the kids rooms on the other side of the house.
47-Dudley-Newton-Livingroom-13There is also a Nanny suite above … (0 comments)

newton luxury homes: Boys Lived here, Newton MA Luxury Real Estate - 09/10/15 10:45 PM
Boys Lived here, Newton MA Luxury Real Estate for sale. 47 Dudley Road, Newton MA 02459 MLS 71897990 has 5 bedrooms. The Master Bath is an oasis. Double sink, large glass enclosed shower, Jacuzzi, toilet and bidet, special cabinetry and closet provide an amazing private space. The Master Bedroom sits apart from the children’s bedrooms. Both of those bedrooms have bathrooms as well. There is a guest bedroom on the third floor across from the office/family room.   There is also a full bathroom on that floor. One of the nicest bedrooms is accessed off the kitchen. This private bedroom is perfectly … (1 comments)

newton luxury homes: Convenience is more important than location - 09/09/15 09:54 PM
Convenience is more important than location, I think. The real estate truism is, location, location, location and I disagree. Convenience is more important than location. A property that is convenient but in a poor location is more likely to sell than a property in a good location but convenient to nothing. I am just saying that location is only important in real estate if that location is convenient.
47 Dudley Road, Newton MA. MLS 71897990 is convenient to everything. Located on the eastern edge of Newton Center and right off Boylston Street this property is hidden behind a wall of old growth … (6 comments)

newton luxury homes: Here comes the sun; luxury savings in Newton real estate - 09/03/15 07:13 PM
Here comes the sun; luxury savings in Newton real estate is on the market today. 47 Dudley Road is fully charged, back on the market and ready to go.  It is actually going so well with the solar panels this year that the electric bill that runs this 4098 sq foot colonial home is almost non-existent.  Reducing any bill while living in luxury is a good thing; getting rid of the bill completely and having the utility buy back some of your product is a joy. Now that is convenience.
47-Dudley-Newton-livingroom-347 Dudley Road, Newton 02459 sits back along a tree lined private … (0 comments)

newton luxury homes: Welcome Home, Newton, MA Luxury. - 06/05/15 11:33 PM
Welcome Home, Newton, MA Luxury.  You know the feeling.  Some houses just have a good feel about them. The scale, the flow, the light are some of the characteristics people often speak about and 114 Shornecliffe Road has all this and a good bit more.  If you can not judge a book by it's cover, than you certainly can't tell this exquisite Colonial Revival home by its curb appeal.  It's curb appeal is imposing. This home has sat on Farlow Hill as a testament to it's owners since 1911.  Five families have raised successful and loving families inside these walls. What … (4 comments)

newton luxury homes: Home delivery milkman's son's story about real estate - 04/23/15 10:56 PM
Home delivery milkman's son's story about real estate. Growing up in Doylestown, Pa back in the days when people didn't lock their doors, left their car keys in the ignition and knew their neighbors I had the privilege to join my father in his job.  He was a home delivery milkman.  Beginning with the pick up of the products at the dairy farm each morning at 2 AM we would set out into the dark with excitement those mornings, at least I was excited. I knew I would be going into peoples houses and checking their refrigerators for what they needed.  … (26 comments)

newton luxury homes: The Needle in the Haystack, Newton Luxury Home - 04/16/15 01:16 AM
The Needle in the Haystack, Newton Luxury Home. With all the inventory of luxury properties available right now in Newton it takes some focus to pull out the wheat from the chaff. In many areas there is not enough inventory on the market right now, but this is not the case with Newton luxury homes. There is 9 months of listings with the average market being 6 months. This makes the Newton Luxury real estate market a Buyers market. Sounds good for the buyers, right? Well it is, but this comes with the caveat that you can get a great deal, … (0 comments)

newton luxury homes: Newton MA Pride; Newton MA Real Estate - 04/07/15 09:40 PM
Newton MA Pride; Newton MA Real Estate is something to consider as you choose your new home and community.  Newton is a town made up of 13 distinct villages that each have their own center and sense of pride, but taken together Newton is a powerhouse of vitality, diversity, beauty and accessibility. Newton is often named as one of the top cities in the US, it is always named as one of the top school systems in Massachusetts.  In May for the entire month Newton Festival of the Arts will present 57 events over the 30 days.  Many of these events … (0 comments)

newton luxury homes: Heartbreak Hill, Newton MA Location, Location - 04/01/15 10:38 AM
Heartbreak Hill, Newton MA Location, Location. Any runner knows this stretch of road through beautiful Newton on the way to the finish line of the famed Boston Marathon.  A turn East onto Beacon Street off Centre Street begins the trek up.  The homes that line Beacon Street are beautiful and stately. The hill is not really a true hill, but the heartbreak is that it goes on for many, many, many blocks until you pass Boston College and head into Boston itself near Cleveland Circle.  At this point twenty plus miles into this world class marathon you may be running on … (9 comments)

newton luxury homes: Newton Luxury Market today, March 30 2015 - 03/30/15 07:18 PM
Newton Luxury Market today, March 30 2015. There are 33 listings in the MLSPIN system here in the Boston area with values above $2,100,000.  Newton is a town comprised of 13 villages each with their own distinct flavor, town centers and stores.  The cohesive effect of these differences is that the town of Newton is filled with diversity and choice.  Because of it's proximity to Boston with it's suburban feel it is a big draw for the successful business and professional people throughout the Boston area.  Each May there is a celebration of such diversity with a month long series of … (3 comments)

newton luxury homes: Newton Festival of the Arts May 2015 - 03/25/15 08:43 PM
Newton Festival of the Arts May 2015 will be another celebration of the vast diversity of interests and arts.  May 2015 was declared as "Festival of the Arts" month by Mayor Setti Warren.  Art, music and cultural events are very important to any community and they are especially rich and diverse in Newton, MA.  There is an abundance of talented residents and organizations that contribute to the local and national art, music and culture scene. There will be 60 events that will span every art form during the month.
Proceeds from the Festival of Arts will help support the Newton food … (3 comments)

newton luxury homes: Boston Area Move In Homes Luxury Housing Report March. - 03/19/15 08:58 PM
Boston Area Move In Homes Luxury Housing Report March.  Each week I receive the Luxury Market Housing report from ILHM, the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. The ILHM tracks the housing market world wide and provides our regional statistics.  It is these statistics along with the GBAR MLSPIN that provide us with the market based on the actual recorded sales.  Luxury is defined as the top ten percent of the MLS market. We are now into the Spring market here in the Boston Area. After 7 weekends of snow storms we seem to be passed that now and the streets are … (0 comments)

newton luxury homes: Newton Luxury Home 1, Ice Dams 0 - 03/03/15 06:55 PM
Newton Luxury Home 1, Ice Dams 0  Say what you want about new construction, but give me a building that has stood the test of time and time again.  114 Shornecliffe was a luxury home when it was built on, then Nonantum Hill, now Farlow Hill in 1911.  This house has graciously endured countless storms of horrific nature.  Now, today we have passed the all time record for snow in MA.  Many, many homes are suffering huge ice dams that are damaging the exterior of the house and forcing water down and inside the home.  This is not the case with … (2 comments)

newton luxury homes: Best of Newton Luxury 114 Shornecliffe Road, 2014 - 02/09/15 08:55 PM
Best of Newton Luxury 114 Shornecliffe Road, 2014. Over the last couple of weeks we have shared a number of new stories and more details on ongoing stories. A 2 minute video tour of the property is one of our recent favorites.  It is a way to walk through, around and from above this property and house.
Luxury in Newton MA begins at a price point of $2,100,000.  MLSPIN the local MLS for Newton shows, Single Family Sold Listings: 38    Avg. Liv.Area SqFt: 5,928.05     Avg. List$: $2,862,026    Avg. List$/SqFt: $536     Avg. DOM: 121.03     … (0 comments)

newton luxury homes: Prospecting is the real business - 01/16/15 08:06 PM
Prospecting is the real business even though we are in the real estate business.  In most states it is not too difficult to get your license to sell real estate. It is always less time and less money than any college degree. Lots of people have their license.  The low income averages of real estate agents across the country I am sure have lots to do with people who have a license and work barely at all, part time or not very well.  Following the adage that even the blind squirrel can find the nut sometimes then any agent can find … (65 comments)

newton luxury homes: Trophy Home, Newton MA Luxury - 01/16/15 08:01 PM
Trophy Home, Newton MA Luxury is all you would think it would be and a bit less. The less part is the price, this property is priced to sell.  At $2,575,000 she isn't cheap, but she is affordable in this rarefied air of luxury in Newton MA.  A home like this is never your first home, you have to earn this one through your hard work, ingenuity, determination and guile.  114 Shornecliffe Road in Newton has stood above and looking out from Farlow Hill since 1911.  The former owners have been like you.  Pillars of the community, leaders in their fields … (6 comments)

newton luxury homes: Do you deserve this Luxury Home, Newton, MA? - 01/15/15 07:12 PM
Do you deserve this Luxury Home, Newton MA?  If it was about the money there are many more people who could purchase this home than those who deserve it.  This home has stood high above Farlow Hill looking out across and beyond the town since 1911.  It is the best example of Classical Revival Architecture in Newton and has been upgraded to include today's amenities.  The families that have lived in this home over these many years have all been pillars of their communities.  Doctors, Entrepreneur's, Legal minds all, they have flourished inside these beautiful walls looking out and down over … (3 comments)

newton luxury homes: 400 years of architecture in Newton MA redux - 12/24/14 12:29 AM
400 years of architecture in Newton MA redux.  Last month I went through the beginning era of architecture in Newton.  The link to that is right here.  Newton MA is a town just south and west of Boston only 7 miles from downtown Boston.  It is comprised of 13 villages with their own distinct feel, but as a whole they make us one of the nicest communities in Massachusetts.  I left off with Classical Revival which is also known as Neoclassical.  My current listing at 114 Shornecliffe Road on Farlow Hill is considered one of the nicest examples of this architecture … (4 comments)

newton luxury homes: View from the Top, Luxury Newton MA - 12/22/14 01:27 AM
View from the Top, Luxury Newton MA.  When you are on the second and third floor of 114 Shornecliffe Road in Newton that sits atop Farlow Hill in the Newton Corner village you can see for miles. This Classical Revival home has so many wonderful details and design that it does look and feel like a view from the top.  Every owner of this storied home has been at the top of their game.  Insurance, Finance, and Medicine have each had owners who were masters in their domain. This property from its curb appeal through the front door you feel it's … (2 comments)

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