real estate: Your Million Dollar Year Day 28 A month of days. - 04/14/19 04:51 PM
Your Million Dollar Year Day 28 A month of days. Take a look at the numbers for the month. How many listings taken on.  How many houses have you previewed and discussed real estate with their owners. How many new people have you contacted, what are the numbers and how do they compare to your plan. The answers for me are mixed. While I have not been into as many houses or discussed real estate with many owners, but I am having discussions on listing 20 lots in a new development. Should the terms be reached on this and get started, … (0 comments)

real estate: Million Dollar Year Day 1 - 03/19/19 01:55 PM
The first day is always exciting, filled with success, hope and plans you strike off to lands yet unexplored, or just another day in real estate, as the cynic would say. When I first joined Active Rain back before I had my license in MA, I had my license in TX. I lived in the Dallas Fort Worth area and worked for an EXIT Realty franchise.  My nine months in TX gave birth to the realization that no Northern boy belongs in Texas. What made matter worse is they always called you a Yankee. Being a Boston boy since 1980 I … (4 comments)

real estate: Mindset blues to mindset whoohoos! - 10/08/18 04:45 AM

Mindset blues to mindset whoohoos! Life is in shift right now, there seems to be challenge, strife and opportunity everywhere.  There seems to be people predicting the end of our world and people saying it couldn't be better so where do you sit?  Is it raining, grey and glum in your world today? Is that in your mind, or is it in the weather. Is it possible to be happy and fulfilled when there is daily struggle?  Is your tire flat, or do you have an extra few minutes to compose yourself and rearrange your day as you wait for triple … (3 comments)

real estate: Are your yearly goals in sight? How is your market share? - 10/02/18 05:24 AM

Are your yearly goals in sight? How is your market share? This is the time of year when we begin writing new goals for next year, but I think it is important to check in with what you wrote last year and to see how you are doing.  Personally I am having a good year, but I am no where near the year I set out to have at this time last year.  I set some scary high goals I have yet to achieve.  Am I disappointed yes in that I did not achieve and exceed the goals.  Am I unhappy … (2 comments)

real estate: Day 1 of 90; Becoming the best journey - 03/27/18 03:54 AM

Day 1 of 90; Becoming the best journey are words that I wrote 8 years ago when I started this real estate journey back in Dallas Texas.  For the first 90 days of my real estate career I followed a regime that included sharing what are considered best practices in real estate for successful Realtors®.  I do this now again to pursue the next level of service to myself, my community and the people who live here.  In this way the focus is on our shared and collective community and not on leads, listings and leverage as the end goal.  The … (5 comments)

real estate: West Roxbury Boston's haven of innovation and involvement - 04/16/16 06:44 AM
West Roxbury Boston's haven of innovation and involvement. West Roxbury is located in the southwest corner of Boston boardered by Roslindale, Dedham and Newton. West Roxbury, home to a 19th century experimental, utopian community frequented by such notable writers as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Henry David Thoreau. Today, West Roxbury is known for its civic activism and youth programming. Its tree lined streets and mostly single-family homes give this city neighborhood a suburban feel. Centre Street anchors the neighborhood's business district, which consists of restaurants, banks, and shops. Residents flock to Millennium Park, a former landfill that has been … (0 comments)

real estate: Friend or Not, Get the Paperwork Signed. - 01/25/16 07:27 PM
Friend or Not, Get the Paperwork Signed. My friend of 30 plus years called me over a year ago. She has started a brand new business that is growing like gangbusters. I am so happy and excited for her. They needed more space to grow and we started a year in advance to find the business a suitable location. Since the business involved food preparation there were specific hurdles in terms of the health department and OSHA to consider. It was necessary to check in with each of the towns building departments to understand the various health code requirements. While this … (4 comments)

real estate: Clearing the cobwebs of a Realtors® mind. - 02/08/15 11:54 AM
Clearing the cobwebs of a Realtors® mind. Have you ever noticed that a great agent will always return your call and those who are not so great won't, or will do so after several calls. The first thing these average agents tell you is how busy they are. Really?
Have you been surprised going into an open house and having the agent not look up from their phone but telling you to sign in and there is a sell sheet on the table? What are these agents doing for their clients?
Communication is the single oft criticized issue between an agent … (5 comments)

real estate: Discretion and Connection are Best Practices in Real Estate - 09/09/14 10:18 PM
Discretion and Connection are Best Practices in Real Estate. As a Realtor® our National Code provides our clients with, "The obligation of REALTORS® to preserve confidential information (as defined by state law)..."Standard of Practice 1-9, but Best Practices go well beyond just securing confidential information. A good Realtor® knows how to gather information beneficial to their clients objectives. A good Realtor® is polite, returns their phone calls and emails and realizes that treating people fairly is beneficial to all parties. The average agent does not do this. They rarely pick up the phone when you call. Average agents take time to … (4 comments)

real estate: ActiveRain Traffic Skyrockets Over 65% In The Last Three Weeks - 07/10/14 10:54 PM

It is very exciting to be part of the growth here on Active Rain and to be experiencing a growth in the traffic of my blogs because I also post here on a regular basis.  Blogging on a regular basis makes a difference in my bottom line, bottom line.  I have been here, in earnest, since 2010 and I can attribute 30% of my direct business to posts I have first made available her on Active Rain.  For the growth to jump from the parent is bound to help my own personal numbers. Thanks Active Rain, Thanks Bob the ride continues … (0 comments)

real estate: Business relationships drive business.YourStories Realty Group with KW - 04/22/14 10:52 PM
Business relationships drive business. The company you keep, the friends you make in your career, in many ways are a reflection of your career.  If the people you work with are calm and organized chances are you highly value those traits.  Working with good people can make the difference in your professional life.  I have always looked to people working at the top of the profession for insight and wisdom.  Gary Keller says, “Success leaves clues.”  I completely agree.  You can tell when someone is practicing mastery what they are doing, and how they do it..  This is true in … (3 comments)

real estate: What the ER taught me about RE - 12/25/13 06:26 PM
What the ER taught me about RE this week was a good bit.  First of all I have to say I am fine now, but that is not how I felt last Friday afternoon.  My stomach was distended and I had shooting pains throughout my whole body.  I am not someone who gets sick very often.  I am not a good patient. I don’t like being sick. Off to the emergency room I went around 8:30 PM Friday.  The pain was intense, you know, the kind of pain that makes you wish you were dead.  I sat in the waiting … (66 comments)

real estate: Spending times in the Rain, who I would like to visit with - 10/07/13 03:50 AM
Gary Woltal is a person I am sorry I didn't cross town to meet when I was in Dallas to start my career. I was so focused on doing everything I could to learn and grow in the business for myself I didn't think to reach out and spend time with others. I have since learned that. Gary is a very helpful, informative and positive individual. His posts are filled with information and insight I can use today.  I have spoken to him on the phone a number of times and we go back and forth on the other social media … (5 comments)

real estate: Who I would love to spend time with-AR Oct Challenge - 10/07/13 03:19 AM
Who I would love to spend time with is a wonderful challenge.  I have many people I have met through Active Rain that I absolutely adore. They are smart, helpful, available, interesting and caring people.  Judi Barrett, Gary Woltal, Gita Bantwal, Andrew Mooers are just some names at the top.
There is also Paula McDonald, Vickie Nagy, Nestor & Katerina Gasset, Ricki Eichler, Loreena Yeo, Richard Weeks, Kristine Ginsberg, Georgina M. Hunter, Malcolm Johnston to just begin my list of great people here who are doing interesting and informative things.  I had to knock off some people I like, but I have already met them and see them … (2 comments)

real estate: Control the Feeling - 09/24/13 11:45 PM
Control the feeling, or feelings is not the issue when you are triggered is it? It is hard to control feelings, or is it? In real estate we are in a full contact business each and every day.  Not only with others, but it begins with ourselves.  How do you feel when you sit down to begin your prospecting day?  Do you feel nervous, is your heart racing, do you have dialogues going on inside your brain telling you that you can't or shouldn't?  Do you?  Don't feel alone, most of us do.  This is a feeling that for some does … (0 comments)

real estate: Managing the Changes, Telling the Story - 10/17/12 06:42 AM
Managing the Changes, Telling the Story is the topic on Managing Life's Changes on BlogTalkRadio wi/Ronald M Allen tonight.  Real Estate, the business of buying and selling homes is forever changed.  Blame it on the Internet, blame it on the economy, blame it on some political party, do what ever you want to do.  Then what?.  The new ways you have to figure out where you fit in, how this is all working, the new language, the new paths towards engagement and t build trust.  It all seems so complicated, way too many moving parts, doesn't it?  Let alone the fact … (0 comments)

real estate: Housing Sparks the Economy - 09/05/12 11:01 PM
Home Ownership is vital to our economy
Housing sparks the economy.  One of six jobs in our economy is connected to the housing market.  The incredible recession/depression we have experienced beginning it’s downturn in 2008 was delivered to us by the Banks and Greed.  Banks were allowing anyone to buy a home.  No interest loans, no down payment, no credit check was the order of the day for most banks who were reaping enormous profits selling these bad loans in packaged Mortgage backed Securities.  It has been the Banks who put the Government’s bail-out money in their rainy day accounts and … (6 comments)

real estate: Ebbs and Flows...and so it goes - 08/28/12 10:05 PM
Coming up on the end of my second year in this business I have taken this morning to look back.  I remember so clearly sitting in the license testing room with maybe 23 other people and thinking this is going to be fun.  Well, fun it has been along with agonizing, frustrating, exhilarating and exhausting.  On balance, I am loving it.  All my life I have worked to be a team member, a team leader by example and a friend and colleague to anyone who was in need.  I am told by my broker and the several broker's recruiting me that … (12 comments)

real estate: Picking up the pieces with Joy - 08/07/12 10:36 PM
When you find yourself picking up the pieces of a failed listing and your feel joy there are moments of insight.  Taking an overpriced listing with an unresponsive and difficult Seller you enter into the arrangement with hope and focus.  As time goes on even an inexperienced agent understands that no activity coming from the buyers means that there is something wrong with the listing.  Getting homes sold for the most money in the least amount of time is always the goal. To do this effectively in your career you absolutely need to control your listings and the Sellers in such … (37 comments)

real estate: 400 Blue Hill MLS Listing #71395489 - 06/14/12 09:08 PM
400 Blue Hill Ave Milton MLS listing 71395489
400 Blue Hill Avenue, Milton MA 02186 MLS Listing #71395489 went on the market today, June 12th.  This home is a great home if you are looking for a pristine center entrance colonial to make your own.  New kitchen and three bathrooms were redone recently. The whole interior was just repainted.  There is a full basement with a full bathroom which has it’s own outside entrance.  There is a porch off the kitchen in the back of the house over the back yard.
At under $400,000 this home has a move in quality … (4 comments)

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