remax landmark: Wellesley, MA Single Family Market Report Sept 2012 - 10/11/12 11:52 PM
 Wellesley, MA Single Family Market Report Oct 2012 has 149 homes that are either for sale, under agreement, sold, expired or canceled. This is a good bit of activity and continues to show the values for homes and the interest in real estate is there. At this time next month we will be through this horrible political season and as far as I am concerned couldn’t come sooner.  Since the Real Estate industry and those that serve it are the back bone of our economy it is so good to see it moving in a positive direction, don’t you think?
Wellesley, … (0 comments)

remax landmark: The Wall Street Journal reporting positive news for homeowners - 10/04/12 09:04 PM
The Wall Street Journal is reporting positive news for homeowners, according to a recent article in the Business Section of The Wall Street Journal was written, “The salutary effect of housing-market gains on Americans’ balance sheets could reduce the risk of recession, some economists said. Home prices rose 6.9% in the second quarter from three months earlier, according to CoreLogic Inc. Last week, the data firm said that in the first half of 2012, rising prices lifted more than 1.3 million homeowners who owed more on their homes than they were worth above the water line. The Federal Reserve’s program of … (3 comments)

remax landmark: Coolidge Corner Condo coming on the market, boston real estate - 10/02/12 05:56 AM
Coolidge Corner Condo coming on the market. Boston real estate market will get one condo on the market this week.  There is nothing else available, nothing.  This is a two bedroom, two bathroom literally a block from Coolidge Corner Brookline.  With 1200 square feet, two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a deck, a parking spot, a brand new kitchen we do not expect this property to be on the market long.
Properties in Cooldidge Corner Brookline MA have been coveted since the early 1900's when The Coolidge's built a general store on the corner of Harvard and Beacon Streets and the area … (4 comments)

remax landmark: Back Bay, Boston MA Condo For Sale - 09/18/12 05:56 AM
Back Bay Boston Condo for sale 02116

Back Bay, Boston MA 02166 Condo for sale. MLS # 71407364 42 Commonwealth Ave - Unit 5. Living in the first or second block near the Boston Garden is one of the nicest locations in the city.  In this location you are within walking distance of food, theatre, schools, shopping, church’s and anything else your heart may desire.  This Condo comes with an elevator that goes directly into the home.  It also comes with a parking spot, which are always at a premium in the city.  Back Bay Condo for Sale, Boston MA 02116
Posted on September … (4 comments)

remax landmark: Doing the Best from where you are right now - 09/16/12 11:24 PM
Doing the Best from where you are right now can be a comforting mantra in our busy and fractured lives.  This is a phrase that Expired listing guru Borino uses in all his classes.  I have taken this phrase and made it work by saying, "I will do the best I can, with all the skills and talents I have been given, from where I am, right now at this minute."  This allows me to recognize that where I am is just that, where I am. Where I want to go is out there, but if I can do the best … (3 comments)

remax landmark: Weston, MA Market Report July 12- GBAR - 09/13/12 12:20 AM
Weston, MA Market Report July 12-GBAR.  As a licensed Realtor who is held to a higher standard when it comes to knowledge and service I an say that the Greater Boston Association of Realtors® provides far more in benefits than the fee to join. These in depth reports are just the beginning. Working with a professional as you stage and sell your house you will always be better served by having a true professional who has been there and done that recently to help you.
Posted on September 12, 2012 by Larry Lawfer Weston-Housing-report-July-12-GBAR.png

remax landmark: Back Bay Boston Housing Report GBAR July 2012 - 09/11/12 12:51 AM
 Back Bay Boston Housing Report GBAR July 2012.
Larry Lawfer is a licensed Realtor® in Massachusetts #***7963.
Realtors are held to a higher standard.As a benefit to Realtors® I get a detailed breakdown by month of what has just happened in the Back Bay Boston Housing Report GBAR for July 2012.
Monday is Boston Back Bay day here on Truth and Service.
2012 Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of REALTORS®
Preamble Under all is the land. Upon its wise utilization and widely allocated ownership depend the survival and growth of free institutions … (0 comments)

remax landmark: Behind the velvet rope, setting the price - 09/08/12 12:11 AM
Behind the velvet rope, setting the price for a home is not some voodoo.  Homeowners will always have some idea of what price their home should be sold for.  It is important to ask them how they arrived at such a price.  The listing price of a home is crucial when it goes on the market.  If the compatibles are priced below your list then you will not get any offers and you may not even get any visitors.  If you are not having people view your home then something is wrong with the price, or marketing, or both, usually both.  … (2 comments)

remax landmark: Real Estate and Parenting - 09/07/12 10:18 PM
Have you ever noticed how our work in Real Estate is very much like parenting at times.  It seems that all too often we are dealing with a petulant child.  A person who will not listen to reason; a person who just wants what they want and they think it is your job and duty to give it to them.  Like parenting we need to work with these petulant clients in a strong, and caring way.  We need to let this person know that what they are asking is not possible, when it is. We need to help the client understand … (26 comments)

remax landmark: Housing Sparks the Economy - 09/05/12 11:01 PM
Home Ownership is vital to our economy
Housing sparks the economy.  One of six jobs in our economy is connected to the housing market.  The incredible recession/depression we have experienced beginning it’s downturn in 2008 was delivered to us by the Banks and Greed.  Banks were allowing anyone to buy a home.  No interest loans, no down payment, no credit check was the order of the day for most banks who were reaping enormous profits selling these bad loans in packaged Mortgage backed Securities.  It has been the Banks who put the Government’s bail-out money in their rainy day accounts and … (6 comments)

remax landmark: 73 Fuller Brook Road, Wellesley, MA 02148 - 08/21/12 09:33 PM
73 Fuller Brook Road, Wellesley, MA 02148

73 Fuller Brook Road, Wellesley, MA 02148 is new construction.  Fuller Brook Road is a sleepily little street with a cul de sac at the end. The kind of place the neighborhood kids play outside.  4100 square feet packed into this Kane Built Home. As always, it uses the best in energy savings technology.  If location is important in real estate, and it truly is for a lot of reasons, then Wellesley is a good place to start.  MLS # 71339775 Prices are stable and slowly rising, the schools are stellar, it is … (1 comments)

remax landmark: Luxury, Value, Location and New, what more do you want? - 08/20/12 11:51 PM
Luxury, Value, Location and New, what more do you want?  These benefits are on most buyers mind in every transaction.  It seems to be a balance when you get to the final decision. For instance, you want luxury and you need value--fact is they can be one in the same, but you have to define things in the narrow.
Roger Kane of Kane Built in Wellesley has been building homes of distinction for years in this community. 787 Fuller Brook Road in Wellesley, MA 02148 is just one of the most recent and one that is available right now.  Open House … (4 comments)

remax landmark: Wellesley MA 02482 02483 Mid-Summer Housing Report - 07/22/12 10:57 PM
The Housing Report in Wellesley MA 02482 has hit the mid way point of the summer.  You who want homes in Wellesley see your "move in" homes and "correctly priced" homes dwindling while there is still lots of inventory to look through in your various market demographics.
Single Family Active Listings: 125    Avg. Liv.Area SqFt: 4,285.74     Avg. List$: $1,793,684    Avg. List$/SqFt: $403     Avg. DOM: 148.60    
Of all these Actives there are 13 that have the Red Flags on them indicating they are in some stage of agreement, just not fully there yet.  What used … (2 comments)

remax landmark: 400 Blue Hill MLS Listing #71395489 - 06/14/12 09:08 PM
400 Blue Hill Ave Milton MLS listing 71395489
400 Blue Hill Avenue, Milton MA 02186 MLS Listing #71395489 went on the market today, June 12th.  This home is a great home if you are looking for a pristine center entrance colonial to make your own.  New kitchen and three bathrooms were redone recently. The whole interior was just repainted.  There is a full basement with a full bathroom which has it’s own outside entrance.  There is a porch off the kitchen in the back of the house over the back yard.
At under $400,000 this home has a move in quality … (4 comments)

remax landmark: City Living, Neighborhood Feel West Roxbury Starter - 06/12/12 10:24 PM
44 LaSell St West Roxbury MA deck

Affordable houses in great neighborhoods are available right now at pretty affordable prices with great interest rates for those who qualify. Those who qualify are a bit more than those who used to qualify a couple of months ago. This is good news all around for the real estate and home buyers and sellers markets.  The housing markets drive much of the economy.  A home and good neighborhoods are part of the fabric of American life and things are not as bad as they have been.
44 LaSell St West Roxbury MA … (2 comments)

remax landmark: Holiday's for a Realtor®, The gift of service - 05/28/12 11:03 PM
Yesterday was a beautiful day in Cambridge. The streets were warm with people walking leisurely through the morning air on the brick walkways that criss-cross throughout the neighborhoods.  Harvard Street is equidistant between Harvard Square and Central Square. The streets are tree lined and yesterday the stately Colonials were  festooned with American Flags. This is a very sweet neighborhood and we were in town to do an inspection.
An inspection of a home before you go to the P&S is a wonderful time to see and understand the inner workings of the house you are planning to buy.  An inspector will … (4 comments)

remax landmark: Opportunity Comes a knocking - 05/23/12 11:25 PM
Getting off the blocks fast Opportunity knocks
What do you do when opportunity comes a knocking on your door?  What is your response when that opportunity comes with some effort, some push back, some hurdles to jump through.  Successful people push through. They see the hurdles as mere stumbling blocks. They see the end even though the end can not be seen at the moment.  Book after book, program after program repeats these messages over and over again. Where are you when this happens.
Mapping Opportunity strategies for success
In real estate the process of buying and selling your home … (2 comments)

remax landmark: Expansion and Contraction - 05/16/12 10:55 PM
Expansion and Contraction of our business is a daily occurrence in real estate.  The ups and downs can be hourly.  Over the last couple of months, maybe several I have undergone a lot of this change now in my second year.  In the beginning I was here everyday all day to learn, share and grow.  It is wonderful.  As I went into my second year I had even higher goals and got down to business.  With the new focus and the growing knowledge and experience came growth, a lot of growth.  I lost my first listing in classic style.  I had … (6 comments)

remax landmark: West Newton MA 17 Llewellyn Colonial Home for Sale - 03/27/12 11:18 PM
17 Llewelin Rd, West Newton, MA Colonial home for sale
Part of the charm of living in New England is the Center entrance Colonial homes.  Their stature, their sturdy and recognizable a Colonial home and New England are synonymous.  17 Llewellyn Rd in West Newton is a great example. West Newton is a great part of Newton.  There are parks, and restaurants, and shopping and church all within walking distance. The streets are lined with interesting and varied Colonial homes.  Burnished wood floors, fireplaces, space for office,  formal dining room, Open Kitchen and Family Room, Back Deck, Garage and yard, but … (2 comments)

remax landmark: Changing of the Guard-My Desk gets cleared - 03/26/12 02:18 AM
Real Estate is change, forever and continually. The deal today is not the deal yesterday, nor is it the deal tomorrow.  Opportunity comes and goes.  Right now it i coming. By all indications predicted and transipiring the real estate market is picking up because there is some confidence building, some restrictions lifting and some political pressures for the news to turn brighter, and it is.  Word of bidding wars has returned, but before you get too giddy, word is also that more foreclosures are about to be released because of the settlement between the government and many large banks, like Bank … (16 comments)

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