villa for sale: Remembering Romance; Rejuvenation your Reality. Anguilla Real Estate - 01/25/12 12:31 AM
When the snow falls and my world is covered in white the stillness and quiet on the street gives me pause.  The phone has yet to ring today as the sun rises, but I know it will.  The second cup of coffee sits here on my desk cooling to my favored "lukewarm" temperature.  I am looking for the buzz, not the heat.  But it is the heat I am really looking for.  It is the thoughts of my wife and the fun we have always had next to the ocean.  It is the walks on the beach as the sun goes … (8 comments)

villa for sale: Protecting your Assets; a hero to your family. - 08/29/11 03:04 AM
Top Ten Beaches in the world  
What parent doesn’t want to protect their growing assets?  Everyone who has assets wants them to be protected.  Who wouldn’t like to be perceived as a hero to their family?  With the world economy in turmoil and here in the US there is discussion about further taxing the rich everyone is looking at ways to protect their hard earned money.  There are a variety of ways to do this, gold being popular now and again.  Land is another.  Down through the years land has always been the gold standard for real wealth.  You know … (2 comments)

villa for sale: How about virtually no property tax, does that work for you? - 06/15/11 01:17 AM
Best Vacation Home deals in the Caribbean
Asking the simple question, “How about virtually no property tax for your vacation home, does that work for you?”  We can get to the heart of one of the many benefits of investing your money right now in a safe and secure island home.  As the Baby Boomers begin to think about the next steps in their lives they are looking to find meaning in all that they have accomplished and what else is left in their lives.  One of the ways this question is being answered is in investing their money in a … (7 comments)

villa for sale: Timeshare versus Fractional Ownership - 06/03/11 12:28 AM
Enjoying your Retirement
The boomer generation is out looking for some fun, some of them-the zoomers, as they are known-are looking for a lot of fun.  Back in the 1980′s the phenomena of Timeshare came into real estate.  This is a transaction where you purchased a “timeshare”, usually a vacation destination.  You were then able to use your “timeshare” during your designated time. There was no ability to sell this time, nor pass it on to your heirs and so as a real estate investment it did not survive in any real way.  In comes Fractional Ownership.  This is a transaction … (5 comments)

villa for sale: Fractional Ownership-International Real Estate Specialist (IRES) - 06/02/11 09:47 AM
This weekend I completed my Master’s Certification as an International Real Estate Specialist. Buying property in areas of the world where there are no professional codes or procedures can and do cause considerable risk to the buyer in these areas without working with someone who has both knowledge and experience.  The internet makes it easier to find and see property, but that does not allow you to see below the pictures and the email link.  Does this person offering the property actually have the rights and ability to sell it to you?  Does the property come with the land, or is … (4 comments)

villa for sale: Spa Life in Anguilla, Caribbean Luxury - 05/09/11 01:24 AM
CuisinArt Spa and Resort
There are wonderful Spa’s in Anguilla, I have already written about several of them on this website, but I thought I would do an overview for you.  CuisinArt Resort, Malliouhana, Viceroy, and Cap Julica are all incredible.  Frankly you really can’t go wrong with any of these places.  There are some differences.  You can read about CuisinArt here or just visit the website here.  Last January Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter were vacationing there and Michael showed some concern about a woman who fainted when he came into the dining room.  Turns out her fainting had nothing to … (2 comments)

villa for sale: “Where the weather suits my clothes” - 02/04/11 12:12 AM
This line comes from a Woody Guthrie song an utterance he made when asked where he was going next.  Well in Boston we see the sun today, but we have had more snow and ice and rain in the first 35 days of the year than ever before.  The only clothes suited for this weather are thick and warm. And that is why I want to talk about Anguilla Real Estate. As I look out at the blinding white snow I am imagining sitting in a wonderful beach bar wearing a swim suit and about to cross the beautiful warm white … (3 comments)

villa for sale: Boston Red Sox Tickets on Sale, Jet in Anguilla - 01/30/11 02:22 AM
On my way to the office yesterday I passed this hopeful sign painted into the feet of snow that encloses our streets here in New England.  OK, so the Patriots are off playing golf, except for Coach Hoodie who is in Hawaii coaching the AFC pro bowl team. Traditionally at this time of the year focus moves to hockey, basketball and BASEBALL.  The emphasis is this region’s and not necessarily mine, although I do love my Sox.  Having grown up in and around Philadelphia I know the rabid feelings born into sports fans.  I know fans in New England, even the … (0 comments)

villa for sale: Sharing the Wealth - 12/06/10 06:12 AM
I have a property in Anguilla I have been marketing for a couple of months.  It is a luxury property in on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.  This property has over 270 feet of ocean frontage just down the street from one of the "sexiest beaches in all the world" as voted by the travel industry.  Getting this property in front of the right buyer is always an issue with the high end market.  You can't use regular techniques because they just don't work.  One idea the owner of this property and I have been discussing is … (1 comments)

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