yourstorys realty: Artist Loft for Sale in Boston - 05/29/14 10:21 PM
Artist Loft for Sale in Boston. This is a live work space and it is zoned for Multi Use which indicates both a commercial and residential usage.  Artist lofts rarely come with finished wood floors, a nice new kitchen, over-sized tub and shower and a separate sleeping space, but 1391 Hyde Park Avenue Studio A is just such an artist loft.  With 842 square feet of space it feels larger because of the 13 foot ceilings and two large skylights above. This unit is in the Hyde Park section of Boston and it is fully owner occupied with working artists and … (4 comments)

yourstorys realty: Wayland MA 01778 Single Family Home Rental - 10/24/12 10:45 AM
Wayland MA Castle Road Home Rental
Wayland is a great place to find a single family home rental. There are not many of them, the availability is .8% and that is not much.  This home that will be available for November occupancy is on a flat yard large enough for wiffle ball and an in-ground pool.  It is on a quiet dead end side street.  It is right off Old Connecticut so it is easy to get to the major highways and a commute in virtually any direction.
Posted on October 20, 2012 by Larry Lawfer  
Dudley Pond, … (4 comments)

yourstorys realty: Brockton Heights, Morses Corner, MA 02301 - 02/21/11 03:23 AM
Brockton Heights and Morses Corner in Brockton are very nice communities where you can get more for your dollar.  Allow Kevin Fitzgerald and I to professionally showcase your home to thousands of potential buyers every day.  Kevin knows Brockton because he grew up in Abington, the next town over and as a Real Estate professional has been working in Brockton for 30 years.  The time is ripe right now for both buying and selling your home, or getting that glass slipper of a new home to you.  Interest rates are still low and prices seem to be stable.  If you are … (1 comments)

yourstorys realty: Taking the Day Off - 02/01/11 04:25 AM
This is one of the beauties of our real estate career, right?  This is also the ruin of a good career.  I am not suggesting that taking a day off will ruin your day, but I am saying straying from your daily routines because of some outside influence (read Record Snowfalls in the Northeast.) can ruin your career.  Professionals stick to their Time Blocked activities, think the Postal Creed through rain and sleet and snow....I was thinking about an old movie, Kramer Vs Kramer and a scene with Dustin Hoffmann.  He had to get a job during the year, he had … (5 comments)

yourstorys realty: Golf in Anguilla, Villa for Sale - 01/29/11 01:07 AM
Anguilla is a wonderful island located in the Caribbean only seven miles from the better known St Martin’s.  While St Martin’s has gambling, night life, shopping like you are in Manhattan, Anguilla does not.  Anguilla is a safe, quiet, secure island with some of the best beaches in the world.  It is also home of a Greg Norman designed golf course.  Talk has resumed on a new top level course being built soon.
7 Palms Villa is available for purchase.  Property of this sort rarely comes on the market. Long range tax advantages, property ownership, income potential are just part of … (3 comments)

yourstorys realty: Time to win! - 01/24/11 11:40 PM
It is early in the week, late in the first month of the year. What stories are you telling yourself in the morning? Are you sticking to the promises you made yourself? Are you allowing yourself to make excuses? How strong is your resolve? For me it is all about the story. Which is more compelling; where I want to go and how I see myself; or what is getting in my way and what excuses I allow myself. It is a daily dialogue and it happens every morning. While I have lost 4 pounds since the beginning of the year, … (5 comments)

yourstorys realty: Following up the interview - 01/18/11 11:37 PM
Last week I had an interview with a prospect who was looking for a real estate consultant to help them locate a home in one of four areas. Each of the areas is very different in terms of communities.  One is a city, one is rural and two different suburban communities with really very little in common.  I wrote last week about my preparation and was ready for the phone interview.  I knew about the recent sales and activity of each area.  I was versed in the person calling because I had researched her on line and read a number of … (4 comments)

yourstorys realty: What would you do with a windfall of cash? - 01/17/11 12:48 AM
Granted this is not the kind of question that many people face these days, but if you are a person who has just sold the business, or gotten oil or mineral rights sold on your land and have a bunch of new cash sitting around this is an important question.  Protecting your assets and enjoying them are two separate issues.  The villa in Anguilla would combine both and also provide you tax benefits, bragging rights and one of the nicest homes in one of the most exclusive areas in the world.
7 Palms Villa sits on it’s own land on the … (7 comments)

yourstorys realty: Nailing the first interview - 01/13/11 11:47 PM
On Monday I got a referral from a wonderful and well respected client/adviser/friend of mine.  A person I feel blessed to have such arelationship with.  I followed up with an email immediately.  I took the time to research the person I was referred to so that I could be more specific and therefor helpful to them.  From the quality of my referral I was feeling life couldn’t get much better.
Just so happens I was having lunch with Paige that very day.  (Isn’t it funny that things happen for you in business with someone right around the time you are having … (6 comments)

yourstorys realty: Boston Fed and Trulio wade in on the market - 01/13/11 12:34 AM
On Wednesday the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston published their Beige Book.  This book analyzes the market in this area and how the economy is doing.  There is good news here.  The New England economy is growing stronger as retail, manufacturing and business services are reporting improved business conditions.  It suggests that the residential real estate industry is still in the doldrums.  In retail, the Fed's contacts indicate sales growth in the low double digits and overall growth as cautiously optimistic for 2011.
The bright spot in manufacturing is in the semiconductor industry where sales remain strong compared to 2009. The … (3 comments)

yourstorys realty: Be the voice of reason - 01/12/11 12:15 AM
Newspapers and the electronic media continue to spew inaccurate, or misleading information about the state of the housing market and this perpetuates the fear in the public.  We, as real estate professionals, need to be the voice of reason.  Make it point to reach out to your clients and prospects providing them a fuller and less biased view of the real estate market.  There are still foreclosures and there will be more to come, this is true but the true facts here in Massachusetts as in other areas of the country is that prices have stabilized and in some cases moved … (7 comments)

yourstorys realty: Massachusetts Board of Real Estate Appraisers - 01/11/11 12:20 AM
The Massachusetts Board of Real Estate Appraisers (MBREA) is a 77 year old organization serving the needs of professional appraisers in Massachusetts.  Education, answers to difficult valuation questions, connection to other professionals are just a part of what this organization provides its membership each and every day.  The MBREA is lead by Steve Sousa and a board of appraisers that are elected new every year.  This practice allows the organization to continually grow with new ideas and better programs.
In November I went to one of their events and interviewed many of the current members about why they joined the MBREA … (1 comments)

yourstorys realty: Dedham Market Snapshot-3 months trailing - 01/10/11 12:04 AM
The ability to understand leading trends in home sales is based on the statistics of homes actively on the market and the ones sold.  The banks use the trailing three months models because the market has been somewhat sketchy the last year or so with the mortgage backed securities melt down caused by the banks.
Dedham is a wonderful community located to the west of Boston.  Here is what Wikipedia has to say. Dedham /ˈdɛdəm/ is a town in and the county seat of Norfolk County, Massachusetts, United States.[1] The population was 23,464 at the 2000 census. It is located on … (0 comments)

yourstorys realty: Market Statistics for Milton MA 02186 - 01/04/11 12:34 AM
Within the last three months of the year in Milton, MA there are 62 Active listings of single family homes for sale. 
These homes have been on the market an average of 174.95 days
The average price for these home that are active is $731,742.
On the Sold side within the last three months of the year there were 42 houses Sold.
Of those houses sold the average Listing Price was $560,411 and the average Sale Price was $533,764.
This is an average of 95% list price to sale price on the solds.  They were sold in an average of 85 … (3 comments)

yourstorys realty: New Skills vs Comfort Zone - 12/19/10 01:20 AM
Where do you lie on the continuum of pushing for new skills to help you navigate this new real estate industry model versus staying well within your comfort zone and working to improve existing skills?  When does it make sense to get outside help, paying for that help, versus learning some new method?  I am flat up against some new skill learning.  On my own I am trying to build a new WordPress website for one of my listings.  I may seem to understand the internet by those with less than the 14 years experience I have, but the fact is … (10 comments)

yourstorys realty: Storytelling - 12/13/10 12:55 AM
Storytelling is not just the act of telling someone, or some group a story, it is also the ability to listen to a story and react.  Those successful in the real estate business are first proactive in their education, experience and knowledge with information.  They know before they do, but doing is what it is all about.  After knowing where we want to go and how to get there we can help others.  At that point our job is different we must now be reactive in listening, really listening to our clients needs.  It is through our listening and our questions … (5 comments)

yourstorys realty: 10 things I love about Real Estate - 12/10/10 12:37 AM
Real Estate, they are not making anymore and to me this means it is knowable.  I can know the land, the houses, the community and the people who live there.  I like knowing  because I am paid for my knowledge and not just information. It is immutable.  What is yours is yours, it is different than the others and you can own it and make it your own in most any way you want. (that is unless you have some HOA that wants to control you) People build on it and people live in those buildings.  That means that you can … (7 comments)

yourstorys realty: Selling Papers, Selling half truths - 12/07/10 11:48 PM
Well they did it again, another front page article about the devastation of the the real estate industry by the Boston Globe.  As they fight to keep their doors open they continue to look for the Rupert Murdoch type story.  In this one they found a couple who are making combined over a six figure income in their jobs and they want to stay renting.  They are quoted as saying about the economy, “It seems like an unsteady time.  The housing market’s a mess.”  The headline for this clunker is Rentals soar as more people steer clear of home-ownership.
The author … (4 comments)

yourstorys realty: Sharing the Wealth - 12/06/10 06:12 AM
I have a property in Anguilla I have been marketing for a couple of months.  It is a luxury property in on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.  This property has over 270 feet of ocean frontage just down the street from one of the "sexiest beaches in all the world" as voted by the travel industry.  Getting this property in front of the right buyer is always an issue with the high end market.  You can't use regular techniques because they just don't work.  One idea the owner of this property and I have been discussing is … (1 comments)

yourstorys realty: Inch by inch. - 12/01/10 12:07 AM
I started with 2657 contacts loaded into Top Producer. This is the culmination of my 28 years in business and all the people I know and have worked with.   I think 1750 contacts is a more accurate guess of the number of actual contacts worth putting into Top Producer, some of it is doubled up and some is no longer valid.  If I have 550-750 stick that would be good.   I am down to 2468 as of this morning.  I have put in 80 myself for a 280 swing towards getting the data base with the right people in the … (6 comments)

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