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What would you do today, if you knew you could not fail? What actions would you take, what would you share and how would you treat the people around you. Storyteller Marketing in Real Estate by Larry Lawfer will explore the real estate industry through the eyes of the community and it's people and stories.
On The Road Again Day 60 Your Million Dollar Year. In the real estate business and with your real estate career you will find, if you stick with it, that your life can be changed in a heartbeat. Your life can go from horrible to wonderful in a phone call, it can go the opposite way as well. The m...
Hiccups and Bumps Day 59 Your Million Dollar Year. So the 90 day start hit a hiccup on the 15th. Being overwhelmed in this business is pretty common, getting over it and getting back on track is not so common.  When you don't achieve a goal you set for yourself, what do you say to yourself? What ...
Grasping at Straws Day 58 Your Million Dollar Years is probably the worst thing you can do if you are starting out in real estate. You don't want to grab at straws, you want to build a business that produces your living. Starting your career with small goals only gets you small results. Starting ...
How Many No's to get to Yes Day 57 Million Dollar Year. We all want the "yes" as quickly as possible. What we are doing here is trying to quantify how many times you will hear "no", on average, to get to that "yes". Over the years the number of times you are likely to hear "no" until you hear "ye...
Starting Out Real Estate Day 56 Your Million Dollar Year. When you have been an agent for some time you often forget what it is like to be an agent the first week you get your license. It is true that the barrier to entry into this business is small. In MA where I have a license it only takes 40 ...
The Power of Mother Day 55 Your Million Dollar Year.When working with the public an experienced agent knows all to well that it is the woman who will ultimately make the decision about their living space, not the man. This is true in most cases and it remains true even in cultures where the man t...
Places and Spaces and People Day 54 Your Million Dollar Year. Where you live is special to you, if only because it is where you live. It can be so much more. Your place is your fortress from which you emerge each day to slay the dragons, or be slayed. You plan to outlive your spouse because the o...
Redfin makes it worse for Agents Day 53 Your Million Dollar Year. So the listing agent from Redfin gets a 1% commission on the sale, but not even that much when you drill into this system. The Buyer's agent was getting 3%, but not anymore. Redfin is quietly working to reduce that as well. It is c...
Failure has a look and feel Day 52 Your Million Dollar Year. It is said that success leaves clues meaning that to be successful there are patterns to your actions, mindset and behavior.  Failure is the same.  Stooped shoulders, no energy, no real interest just an underlying sense of things are no...
Broker Talk Podcast 2 Day 51 Your Million Dollar Year. There is both an arrogance and a responsibility producing content. The piece needs to be relevant and personal to the listener. Getting agents to talk about their day is interesting and funny to me and I know many people would feel the same ...

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