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What would you do today, if you knew you could not fail? What actions would you take, what would you share and how would you treat the people around you. Storyteller Marketing in Real Estate by Larry Lawfer will explore the real estate industry through the eyes of the community and it's people and stories.
Your Million Dollar Year Day 30 Features 2.With more than 316,437 members, ActiveRain is the largest and most active professional social network in the real estate industry. We are a community of real estate agents, brokers, home stagers, inspectors, lenders, and other industry professionals who ...
Your Million Dollar Year Day 29 Features. I also blog on Active Rain a platform for all things real estate. Some of the top people in the industry sharing the newest ideas and best practices. I am an Ambassador for the group but I have never been invited to any dinners. I am happy to answer quest...
Your Million Dollar Year Day 28 A month of days. Take a look at the numbers for the month. How many listings taken on.  How many houses have you previewed and discussed real estate with their owners. How many new people have you contacted, what are the numbers and how do they compare to your plan...
Your Million Dollar Day 27 #Agent4Agents. Thought leaders New England real estate is an idea I have a couple of weeks ago. The real estate industry is changing rapidly.  Technological innovations and tech companies see the opportunity in the Billion dollar plus real estate business and are looki...
Your Million Dollar Day 26 get your group, find the people you admire and create an opportunity to sit and talk with them  This is a personal story. Any time in this business with a level of success and you will end up in some kind of Mastermind group. A Mastermind is a collection of minds all di...
Your Million Dollar Year Day 25 top 10 issues affecting real estate as stated by the Councilors of Real Estate® for 2018-2019. All of these issues are national and they affect the individual communities in differing ways. You will not be surprised to see interest rates, taxes and construction cos...
Your Million Dollar Year Day 24 Take someone out for coffee. Early on in the Walter Sanford book, If I Could Start Over Again, he instructs you to find people who are truly amazing in this industry and ask them out for coffee.  Most of the time people are complimented by this and will make time....
Your Million Dollar Year Day 23 Where are you now? Constantly reassessing where you are right now in comparison to where you wanted to be or where you can be. This isn't to dissuade you, make you feel pressure for not doing what you said you would do, but to re-align yourself.  The metaphor that ...
Your Million Dollar Year Day 22 Bootstrapping is the way many agents start their careers.  Often it is said that it takes 6 months of reserve money to begin a career where you don't get paid until you have completed a transaction with clients. I have witnessed lots of people start up without the...
Your Million Dollar Year Day 21 Can I drink now. I don't know what the average person expects of their real estate agent, I know what my experience with average people tells me they expect. Everything. From the moment we meet in person there is the expectation that you will actively be providing...

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