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When legislators regulate a business they clearly know nothing about the results are rarely if ever good!       I have a transaction closing this afternoon that has been an absolute nightmare. Why? Because under the new regulations regarding appraisals the appreisers seemingly have no accountabil...
What is the key to successfully investing in real estate? Actually there are several things to consider. First: You have to have a plan. That would consist of asking questions to determine exactly what you want out of your investments. Are you looking for a tax shelter? Are you trying to build we...
Success in life is a deliberate focus. You can let life happen (Downward spiral) or make life happen. Here are some things I've learned along the way that have helped me:   1) Add value wherever you go - There are givers and takers along the way. If you truly want to be successful you must be a g...
       Recently my wife, son and I participated in a fund raising ride to benefit San Mar Childrens Home. It was a beautiful 184.5 mile ride on the C&O Canal towpath. The weather was hot and the trail was muddy from several days of rain prior to the ride.       My wife's bike at a rest stop on th...
What to expect in a short sale? I suppose I could wear out my keyboard posting all that could happen and then still miss some.   I'm currently working with a buyer client buying his first home. We put in a successful bid on a condo and the process began. Let me interject that the listing agent ha...
Poor leaders develop followers. Strong leaders develop other leaders. I first heard that principle from one of my favorite leadership trainers, John Maxwell. Unfortunately it seems that we are overrun with poor leaders and strong leaders are in short supply. For instance, it's interesting to look...
In the current market many sellers want to hold on to as much of their money as possible. The question is, does it pay to "invest" money in a pre-listing inspection? Based on my experience in real estate, I would say it absolutely does. There are a couple of reasons why I say this. First, you, no...
It's so easy in our everyday lives to get caught up in developing our businesses that we can forget to develop ourselves. I know that I have to spend time studying listing and sales statistics. Or methods of having a better presentation or a better website but sometimes I just have to turn my co...
What is the best choice for a buyer or seller to make? I've been listing and selling real estate in Frederick, Washington, and Montgomery counties for over 23 years. For most of that time I was not in favor of using teams. Clearly my opinion has changed recently. About a year and a half ago I joi...
     What are the pros and cons of shopping for a short sale. Can you get a "great deal"? How long will it take?      The first thing to consider is your time frame. If you're selling your home and moving in to your next purchase a short sale probably isn't the way to go. The only exception would...

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