real estate: Keys to success in real estate investing - 10/12/13 09:24 AM
What is the key to successfully investing in real estate?
Actually there are several things to consider.
First: You have to have a plan. That would consist of asking questions to determine exactly what you want out of your investments. Are you looking for a tax shelter? Are you trying to build wealth through a long range portfolio? Do you want to flip properties? Each is a different path and calls for a different strategy. 
Second: How are you financing your investments? Again, the answer depends on which path you take. Let's look at each of the three mentioned.
Tax shelter … (6 comments)

real estate: Should I do a pre-listing home inspection? - 09/05/12 09:33 AM
In the current market many sellers want to hold on to as much of their money as possible.
The question is, does it pay to "invest" money in a pre-listing inspection? Based on my experience in real estate, I would say it absolutely does. There are a couple of reasons why I say this.
First, you, not the buyer are in control of who inspects your home. Any agent who has been in this business any length of time knows there is no shortage of home inspectors who have no clue of what they're doing or who feel it's their responsibility to … (5 comments)

real estate: Comfort zones, the true enemy in real estate. - 08/22/12 12:18 AM

It's so easy in our everyday lives to get caught up in developing our businesses that we can forget to develop ourselves.
I know that I have to spend time studying listing and sales statistics. Or methods of having a better presentation or a better website but sometimes I just have to turn my computer off and put on a harness and do something crazy. For the last two years I've had the opportunity to work on the ropes crew for Over the Edge, a fund raising group that, in conjunction with a tall building helps raise money for the … (2 comments)

real estate: Should I use an individual real estate agent or a team? - 08/15/12 01:46 AM
What is the best choice for a buyer or seller to make?
I've been listing and selling real estate in Frederick, Washington, and Montgomery counties for over 23 years. For most of that time I was not in favor of using teams. Clearly my opinion has changed recently. About a year and a half ago I joined forces with a good friend, Darren Ahearn and became part of "The Ahearn Team". With all the technological advances, law changes and ever changing market scenarios I felt it was almost too much for one person to keep up with alone. 
Unfortunately, I've seen many … (2 comments)

real estate: Buyer beware - or not! - 04/13/10 12:21 AM
I recently ran across a website that held the position that renters win, buyers lose.
Not long ago I registered with It's a great website where you can enter your interests, hit the stumble button and have a rotation of websites randomly come up based on the interests you pick. Of course, one of mine was real estate. Most are either informative or searches. Occasionally I come across one that is pure garbage.
Case in point, an article by a real estate "expert" telling readers that it is foolish to buy a home in this market. I suppose that could … (7 comments)

real estate: Staying calm in the eye of the storm - 04/02/10 07:45 AM
In my 20+ years listing and selling real estate I've seen just about everything go wrong that could. One thing I've learned is deliberate action always wins out over emotional reaction.
Sometimes it's the client that is reacting and we, as agents have to step in to calm the parties involved and work through the problems. Unfortunately, as often as not, it's the agents that get emotionally involved and stir up the clients. As an ethics instructor one of the things I emphasize to my students is that the easiest way to go from practicing real estate to practicing law is … (2 comments)

real estate: 106 S Antietam Street, Funkstown Maryland - 03/02/10 08:28 AM
 Classic beauty in a wonderful small town setting. Over 2000 sq/ft of living space. Walkthrough fourth bedroom upstairs or could be used as a large master suite. New laminate flooring in dining room, kitchen and laundry. Kitchen features ceramic counters and wood burning fireplace with insert. Movable island conveys. Private deck with hot tub. Fantastic workshop in back with it's own heat and AC.
Check out the virtual tour! 

real estate: Push to the limit or play it safe? - 02/12/10 01:18 AM
Every morning we face this critical challenge. Do we push ourselves to achieve and improve our lives or just play it safe for one more day?
The problem is that people live by habits. For those who decide to play it safe for "one more day" each day becomes just "one more day". Before you know it, we're too old, too tired, too this or that. Bottom line is it's always too something.
Recently I had a rather eye opening experience that I'll share with my AR friends and the public. After the snow before our double blizzard I spent several … (1 comments)

real estate: Are you willing to stretch yourself? - 11/23/09 12:09 PM
I remember when this picture was taken. I was in training to be a ropes course facilitator. (Hey, I'm 57. Not old enough for golf yet) So here I am at Upward Enterprises location 40 feet in the air and getting ready to pull my partner up. How does this relate to real estate? Every time I take people out on the course I get to see them push through fear, sometimes even absolute terror to make breakthroughs in their lives. It reminds me every day that if I can get someone to climb a tower or a pole and jump off … (3 comments)

real estate: Things to be thankful for! - 11/23/09 11:26 AM
My wife and best friend. We just celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary. After all these years we would still rather be with each other than anyone else.

My two boys. As different as night and day. 16 years apart but still good buddies.

My baby girl. I was there at her birth and she's had me wrapped ever since!

My baby girl's baby girl. Just as much a princess as her mother ever was.
I know the market isn't what it … (2 comments)

real estate: Choosing the right home - 02/26/09 07:51 AM
Very often I hear agents talking about their frustrations with buyers. With so many homes on the market now, how does one select which house to make an offer on and how much should that offer be in relation to list price.
For the agent, the key is listening and guiding but allowing the buyer to make their own selection. Just a couple of days ago I was chatting with someone who recently bought a home and we had a good laugh over their selection process. True story. I was working with a couple who were taking copious notes on each house … (1 comments)

real estate: Life's Armchair Quarterbacks - 02/09/09 06:22 AM
Ever notice when you face a crisis or important decision you're suddenly surrounded by "experts"? I once heard a saying, I don't remember where I heard it, but it said, "armchair quarterbacks never throw interceptions" Of course they never throw touchdowns either. I've done a lot of teaching and training in my career and I always had one rule for what I taught. Either I've used what I said and it worked, or I learned it from someone else who used it, and it worked. The important thing is, somewhere it worked. I have never taught, nor will I ever, from … (1 comments)

real estate: The difference between passion and incentive - 01/30/09 07:53 AM
 I try to keep myself motivated by starting each day with a positive tape, CD, or book. Real estate can be a tough environment in a market like this. This morning I listened to a tape that talked about the difference between passion and incentive. Most leaders, coaches or instructors seem to stress the incentive part much more than the passion. While incentive can motivate you temporarily it's passion that makes you do crazy, impossible things. I agree that it's great to post goals and have a "dream board" that you keep in front of you but what really gets you … (5 comments)

real estate: The gods (in their own eyes) must be crazy! - 01/06/09 01:36 AM
I try to stay up on local and national news as it pertains to real estate. This morning I was looking at our local paper on line and couldn't believe my eyes. I really don't watch much TV so maybe more of you have heard this before. In one of the stories on refinancing, one of our local lenders commented on how helpful proposed new "no appraisal" loans would be for the industry. HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING!!!
Let's think about this. We have sellers upside down in their homes. I have an idea! Let's give them loans that have nothing to … (2 comments)

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