lake property: But I thought... - 06/03/11 08:43 AM
There are three words that are often used, misused, overused and abused.  Let's take them one at a time.  You will see that when used alone they are harmless.  The first word, BUT, could mean excuse me... in addition to... wait a second and could possibly mean more than we even care to imagine.  The second word, I, means me... no other word for that one.  I means me.   The buck stops here, so-to-speak.  And the very last word, THOUGHT, wow, now there is a loaded word if ever there was one.  Thought... think in the past tense... an idea that … (0 comments)

lake property: Remember... - 05/29/11 03:13 AM
Remember...  Remember...
Today is the day to remember.  Remember those who came and are now gone.  Those who were so much a part of our love and life. 
However, the holiday was really meant to remember those who died defending our freedoms.  Our very being depended upon the success of their plight.  The horror of war and death was all around and still they fought on so that we may enjoy the life we have today.
Today, Memorial Day, what are you doing?  Boating?  Picnicking?  Biking? Or, just staying home... remembering those who made you who you are today.

lake property: Fewer Agents... More Business. - 02/23/09 01:43 AM
We recently had a staff meeting in our office and were given the statistics from RE/MAX regarding the staggering number of real estate agents that have thrown in the towel.  While I feel bad for these individuals who couldn't or just didn't want to continue in real estate, I look at the opportunity that this is presenting to those of us who, for whatever reason, will continue to move ahead with their career. 
Opportunity is all around us.  Working smarter and not harder is where all of us should be going. This is true in any profession at this time.  Everything … (58 comments)

lake property: Business ... As Usual? - 02/22/09 01:38 AM
Newspaper advertising seems to be passe these days.  Very few people are showing up at open house lately.  Market is continuing to fall, maybe not freely, but fall none-the-less.
What is this all about?  Are we doing something wrong or are we just victims of our economy?   I think both.
I have been in this profession known as Real Estate for a little over six years.  I don't have the experience that many of you do when it comes to slow times in this business.  Many of you have already experienced times similar to these and are adjusting the best you … (0 comments)

lake property: W228 S6954 Enterprise Drive, Big Bend, WI 53103 - 05/17/08 10:38 AM
This prime commercial 2427 SF unit is perfect for your business.  Propery has one bay and one dock entry from the rear and has 625 SF of office space buidout.  Office consist of 2 separate offices, one showroom and one unisex restroom.  The property is only one mile from I-43 and is an outstanding buy at $229,900.00

If I can help or assist you in any of your commercial real estate needs, please feel free to call on me.
Let my experience work for you and it will show!  You have my word on it.
262-751-1386 DIRECT  then Wisconsin, … (0 comments)

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