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  It was fairly clear that the table had been set for last week’s Federal Reserve meeting to result in a minimal rise in mortgage interest rates. Their Fed Funds rate directly influences the mortgage interest rates that banks observe. Since Costa Mesa real estate activity can be spurred or dampen...
  Marketers for any Costa Mesa business want to know as much as possible about their “customer base”—the population of potential buyers who might be attracted to their product. If you are in the process of selling your Costa Mesa home, the speed at which you succeed and the amount of profit that ...
  First, a word about these Things to Avoid when you’re in the process of buying a Costa Mesa house: it’s a short list.The reason it’s so short is because of who you are—since you’re reading this, it means you’re someone who is taking the time to delve into what’s happening with Costa Mesa real e...
 Like careful consumers who are investigating any major purchase, Costa Mesa home buyers need to address some of the same basic queries. Among home buyers, those who already own Costa Mesa homes may think they have different questions than do first-timers, but even for those who have successfully...

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