agents: Tips to Make the Most of Costa Mesa Open House Visits - 05/01/18 09:52 AM
Spring is Costa Mesa’s prime selling season, which means that, in addition to the welcome appearance of springtime flowers, we can look forward to the seasonal crop of Costa Mesa “Open House” signs that will be sprouting up around town. The Open House events they announce will draw a wide audience of visitors, from the inevitable looky-loos to the serious house hunters who are the target audience. If you are among the latter group, you should know that the casual attitude most open house attendees adopt isn’t for you. As in all other life pursuits, the choicest rewards tend to end … (0 comments)

agents: Costa Mesa Listing Stalking Addicts Can Be Forgiven! - 12/06/17 08:58 AM
It was right there in the entirely respectable Architectural Digest’s site: an article championing late-night stalking. Happily, it wasn’t the kind of stalking that winds up in a courtroom. The non-crime being confessed to on AD was writer Isabel Galupo’s “addiction” to late night stalking…through the real estate listings.
The author admits to not being at all ready to actually buy a house. She is terrified by the prospect of permanent roots and doesn’t even really understand how a mortgage works. Thus, her nightly browsing is strictly recreational. She can’t resist fantasizing about spacious Spanish colonials in Santa Barbara or quaint little … (0 comments)

agents: 4 Costa Mesa Home Buying Steps (with Some Adjustments) - 09/13/17 11:09 AM
What a simpler world it would be if Costa Mesa home buying could be reduced to anything like a simple 4-Step process. Even better if those were four easy steps. Actually, without actually coming out and saying so, that’s the tantalizing prospect hinted at on radio financial guru Dave Ramsey’s web site’s “Home Buying Process Made Easy.”
Ramsey is the likable media expert in household budgeting and financial planning. A good deal of his guidance could be summed up in just 2 steps:
1) get out of debt (except for mortgage debt) as soon as humanly possible; then,
2) stay out.
Since that’s not bad … (0 comments)

agents: New listing in Costa Mesa! - 07/11/17 10:29 AM

agents: Costa Mesa Dream Homes: the Newfound Avocado Dimension! - 05/23/17 09:44 AM
I think you’ll agree that the relationship between avocados and dream homes has been elusive for a long time. In fact, any connection between the delicious green fruit (it’s not a veggie) and the Costa Mesa home of our dreams has been more than elusive. Until last week, it’s fair to say it was completely undiscovered.
Last Tuesday, thanks to ace reporting by CNBC’s David Reid, the connection was finally unearthed. The breakthrough came with his published report, headlined
Reid’s discovery brought to light the negative impact the fruit is currently … (0 comments)

agents: Rating Costa Mesa Houses for Sale with the SLAM List! - 05/17/17 08:49 AM
 It’s called SLAM: an abbreviated approach that helps Costa Mesa house hunters to quickly sort through listed houses for sale. Costa Mesa homes that compare well using the SLAM categories warrant further investigation.
 The four parts of the SLAM list:
Schools. The eventual resale value of a candidate property isn’t usually given much consideration early on—but should be. A major issue when it comes to resale is the neighborhood’s school district rating. Schools head the SLAM list because—especially for those who don’t have school-aged children—the quality of a property’s school district is easy to overlook. It can also be an indicator of other … (0 comments)

agents: Costa Mesa Real Estate Investing in the Internet Age - 05/03/17 09:52 AM
             Has technology made investing in Costa Mesa real estate easier? Entrepreneur Magazine has supplied an answer to warm the heart of any Costa Mesa Realtor® (like yours truly). They say investing in real estate isn’t just easier—it’s grown significantly easier. The reason is the medium we’re communicating through right now.
“7 Reasons NOW Is a Great Time to Invest in Real Estate” was the title of the essay. The screaming “NOW” was the initial attention-getter, although the single one of the 7 Reasons that had me nodding my head didn’t deal with interest rates or bankers’ current awakening from their previous lending … (0 comments)

agents: Costa Mesa Home for Sale or Not—Important Checklist ! - 04/27/17 10:04 AM
It’s that time of year again when those of us who write about Costa Mesa homes for sale and related matters have a hard choice to make: do I run the risk of boring everyone to death by writing the same ol’ spring cleaning blog, or can we (please!) just skip it this year?
This time, despite my inclination to do without it for once, I’m once again making the same decision. Yes, here is yet another spring maintenance reminder list. (Here’s the list first, ending with why I always make this same decision):
Of course, clear the gutters, downspouts—and any channel … (0 comments)

agents: Costa Mesa Showings Benefit When the Illusion is Complete! - 04/12/17 11:39 AM
 Showings—whether here in Costa Mesa or anywhere else—can succeed or fail as a result of quite minor details. Appreciating that fact isn’t hard to do when you relate showings to their theatrical first cousins: stage presentations. In important ways, they are quite similar.
Think of what happens when you attend a live play. The audience finds their seats, settle in, and wait for the action to begin. The house lights dim, the stage lights brighten, and the action begins. If all goes without a hitch, the play captures your attention—and it has every chance of successfully casting the spell the author and … (0 comments)

agents: Costa Mesa Homebuyers Benefit from Key Characteristics! - 04/05/17 03:01 PM
The Rorschach (or inkblot) test is the one where a psychologist shows you a series of pictures that seem to be random black-and-white splatters. The shrink asks you what you think they look like. What you “see” in the inkblots tells something about who you are—how you look at things.
If someone were to create a pack of inkblots to test for who would be best suited for the tasks facing Costa Mesa homebuyers, they’d be designed to pinpoint character traits that come in handy during a typical homebuyer’s quest. I don’t know how Dr. Rorschach came up with the shapes he … (0 comments)

agents: Costa Mesa House Hunters Digest Clear (and Obtuse) Rate News! - 03/22/17 09:24 AM
 Costa Mesa house buyers and sellers were not surprised in the least at last week’s Federal Reserve decision to notch up the Fed Funds short-term rates. For once, anticipating the move had been easy. The surrounding factors—the economy, employment, and consumer confidence measures—were all in unison, pointing to a meaningful improvement now underway.
Already, a day before Wednesday’s announcement, Costa Mesa readers could confirm what was coming: “Mortgage applications rise 3.1% as borrowers rush to lock in rates,” per CNBC on Tuesday; “Mortgage rates jump as economy revs up,” echoed MarketWatch.
The editors at CNNMoney, well aware that the “news” was not likely … (0 comments)

agents: Costa Mesa Housing Market Fits Many Downsizing Agendas! - 03/15/17 09:11 AM
Time Magazine ended last week with a commentary that could foreshadow how this year’s Costa Mesa housing market might differ from years past. Author Bill Saporito identified a mismatch in the housing market that could bode well for empty nesters. Whether or not the implications will be a perfect fit for our Costa Mesa housing outlook, the “Big Picture” assessment does seem to gel with a lot of what we’re hearing and reading.
Time’s housing market “mismatch” begins with the national assessment that the U.S. is experiencing an annual shortage of as many as 700,000 new homes. Even though the latest economic … (0 comments)

agents: Costa Mesa Mortgage Rates: Yoyoing as Usual! - 03/08/17 09:50 AM
 Keeping an eye on Costa Mesa mortgage rates is a useful pastime for anyone who tracks local home sales because of the immediate effect they have on affordability. It can’t get much more immediate than the “projected monthly payment” numbers that calculators come up with alongside an online listing. Those instant calculations include tax and insurance estimates, but those change rarely. The mortgage rates, are always on the move.
Last Thursday, the Washington Post’s headline ran above a photo of Freddie Mac’s massive DC headquarters:
“Mortgage rates fall amid fears of rising inflation.”
That kind of news is always good for Costa Mesa home … (0 comments)

agents: Now Begins Official Costa Mesa Deck-Ponder Season! - 03/01/17 02:12 PM
Checking the calendar, spring won’t officially kick off until March 20 when the celestial equinox happens. That same Monday will also officially signal the start of Costa Mesa’s annual real estate “hot” selling season. And although Major League Baseball’s first pitch won’t be hurled until two more weeks have passed, March 20 will also coincide with what starts today—which I designate as the kickoff to Costa Mesa’s Deck-Ponder Season (DPS).
Deck-Ponder Season is that period during which Costa Mesa’s homeowners (and even some extremely conscientious renters) take a look outside and begin weighing alternative strategies for dealing with the backyard deck. This … (0 comments)

agents: LOOKING FOR THE INVISIBLE - 09/17/09 10:35 AM
When you hear the term "home inspection," you're likely to think of the electrical system, plumbing, roof and foundation, and smaller items like cracked windows or drafty doors.  However, it's the elements in the home that cannot be seen that demand special attention on the part of buyers and sellers and the inspector they choose.
First, there's radon, a colorless and odorless gas that seeps up from the ground and has been labeled as a cause of cancer.  Any home, but particularly those with basements, should be tested for high levels of this gas.
Next is asbestos, a fibrous material … (2 comments)

agents: Video Email Card For Your Clients & Great Promo For You! - 09/25/08 03:16 AM
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