home: Costa Mesa Real Estate Agents and Your Multiple Income Stream ! - 09/08/17 02:15 PM
Successful Costa Mesa real estate agents almost universally share some common personality traits. Among them is one skill that’s not usually mentioned when it comes to real estate agent requirements. By the time we’ve been on the job for long, Costa Mesa real estate agents have necessarily become really experienced and skilled drivers!
When I’m chauffeuring a buyer on a Costa Mesa property tour, the car radio is turned down. That’s because we have much to chat about—everything from impressions from the homes we’ve just seen and background information on the next to the latest intelligence on neighborhood happenings. It’s an enjoyable … (1 comments)

home: Costa Mesa Rental Home for Sale and the Get Rich Slow Scheme!! - 06/21/17 09:13 AM
 The term “get rich quick scheme” has been held in low regard since before Charlie Ponzi’s pyramid came crashing to earth in the 1920s. Probably that word “scheme” is a problem…sounds too shifty. And the whole idea of sudden riches sounds as reassuring as “something for nothing” or “free lunch.” 
Prudent Costa Mesa residents tend to go a good deal more cautiously when they plan their investments. They usually aren’t even aiming to “get rich.” More like “get comfortable.” Instead of hoping to reap sudden wealth (living off all those tolls after buying the Brooklyn Bridge), they think in conservative terms … (0 comments)

home: Costa Mesa Homebuyers Benefit from Key Characteristics! - 04/05/17 03:01 PM
The Rorschach (or inkblot) test is the one where a psychologist shows you a series of pictures that seem to be random black-and-white splatters. The shrink asks you what you think they look like. What you “see” in the inkblots tells something about who you are—how you look at things.
If someone were to create a pack of inkblots to test for who would be best suited for the tasks facing Costa Mesa homebuyers, they’d be designed to pinpoint character traits that come in handy during a typical homebuyer’s quest. I don’t know how Dr. Rorschach came up with the shapes he … (0 comments)

home: Dog Licensing Clinics In Costa Mesa California - 06/29/11 09:19 AM
Costa Mesa Animal Control, in partnership with the Orange County Humane Society (OCHS), will be conducting two Dog Licensing Clinics. The clinics will be on Friday, July 8th (4 p.m. to 8 p.m.) and Saturday, July 9th (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) in the greenbelt area between the Police Department (99 Fair Drive) and City Hall.
The purpose of the clinics is to promote dog licensing and provide the community with a convenient opportunity to license their dogs. The licensing of dogs is important because:
If a dog is found, the license indicates the dog has an owner and isn't … (1 comments)

home: New $7,500 tax credit for first time home buyers - 10/28/08 06:54 AM

New $7,500 tax credit for first time home buyersRealtors will find some welcome news in recently enacted federal housing legislation: your first time home buyers can get a $7,500 tax credit. Congress intends for the credit to make housing more affordable. But tell your customers to hurry - the credit is only available for purchases before July 1, 2009. Here's how the tax credit works
There are income limits: $75,000 for single purchasers, $150,000 for couples. The credit is not made to the buyer in the form of a check. Instead, the credit is an itemized deduction on federal tax … (0 comments)

home: Proposed $700 billion plan moves forward - 09/26/08 06:28 AM
Proposed $700 billion plan moves forwardA proposed rescue plan that was initially submitted by the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury last Friday and received numerous edits and additions throughout the week appears to have made significant progress today, with members of both parties announcing they have reached general agreement to move forward with a $700 billion federal rescue plan.If the plan announced today is approved, it would allow the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury to purchase troubled residential and commercial mortgage-related assets, including mortgage-backed securities and loans - up to $700 billion, which would promote stability in the U.S. financial markets.

home: Mesa Verde 4 Bedroom Home- Reduced $150,000 By Out of State Seller! - 08/17/08 06:03 AM

Welcome home to one of a kind totally upgraded 4 Bedroom, 2 Baths.Stunning wrap around yard, with many plants make you feel like you are on vacation in paradise! Enjoy the quiet of the outdoor firepit as you sit in the outdoor kitchen w/ stove,bbq and fridge. All the bedrooms have custom built in closets that are cedar lined. The home has all new windows and doors + the roof has just been replaced within the last year. Bathrooms have been redone. Kitchen is amazing- all new cabinets, granite counters and appliances. If you ever wanted a quality home to … (0 comments)

home: STEPPING UP TO DOWN MARKETS! - 08/08/08 03:33 AM


 Remember the ancient curse, "May you live in interesting times"?  While many are indeed cursing the current real estate climate, others see opportunities.  In a "soft" market, the short-term options dwindle, but seasoned investors in for the long haul are positioned to take advantage.

In the words of billionaire J. Paul Getty, "Buy when everyone else is selling and hold until everyone else is buying."  Just like the stock market, more money is often made in a down cycle than in an up market.
Slower times encourage sellers to be … (2 comments)

home: Why Advertising Won't Work! - 07/28/08 04:45 PM
Why Advertising Won't Work
As you prepare to sell your home, you'll probably consider the best way to advertise it.  Surprisingly, advertising doesn't work.  But marketing does, and there is a big difference.  An agent will be more involved in "marketing" your home, and here's why.
A photo and description of your home's features, in a newspaper or magazine or online, is simply "advertising," and is not going to generate much interest.  A recent consumer survey conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® revealed that fewer than 5 percent of buyers found these ads helpful in selecting homes.
While ads focus … (0 comments)

home: Costa Mesa 4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths! Only $565,000! 1,900 sq.ft. 3 Car Garage - 06/04/08 05:08 PM

 Some financial experts have labeled 2007's market as the "roulette economy."  As we all know, whatever goes up must come down, but the nice thing about real estate is that whatever goes down always comes back upward again (much like stocks work).
 A healthier market is anticipated in 2008, as Wall Street cleans up the lending mess and the pressure cooker of home demand releases its top.  While the national average of home prices declined between one and two percent in 2007, that's peanuts compared to how much homes appreciated in the previous years.  And many … (0 comments)

home: Finding Your Dream Home in Orange County California Has Never Been Easier! - 05/19/08 07:49 PM
Finding your dream home has never been easier!
Search on your own personal web site just like I do! Make an informed decision using the most efficient, effective, and satisfying home buyer search available Easily access interactive maps, loan data, school info, photos, virtual tours, and property details for any property in the market Rate properties, whether favorites or rejects, save valuable time instead of constantly sifting through properties Make personal notes on properties to easily remember important details Stay on top of important information matching your criteria. New listings, open houses, and price changes are always delivered to you in … (0 comments)

home: Costa Mesa California, 4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Fix and Save! Sonora, Costa Mesa - 05/08/08 01:16 AM

Costa Mesa Fixer Special! Offered at only $475,000!
Bring your contractor friend.  Large single story home located on a corner lot.  Needs some tender loving care. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths.  Home also has the potential for RV access in the large back yard. You will need at least 10% down to purchase this home. To learn more about this home visit TeamWeichman.com and click on our signature listings page.  Also to sign up for exclusive access to homes visit OCHomeHunt.com where you can view homes just like the real estate agents do.
Larry Weichman, Broker (714) 241-4532

home: Orange County California Golf Course Home for only $380,000! - 04/15/08 11:35 AM
31644 W Nine Dr - For Sale <script src="http://api.maps.yahoo.com/ajaxymap?v=3.7&appid=MJNm_yrV34FXTHIMaZoXtfWo7eyXa205EarWgFNpYKxmqY7ewYzNDa72GUJ.2DvrHrhmtgw-" type="text/javascript"> </script> <script language="JavaScript"> <!-- var winOptsNew = 'location=no,menubar=no,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,status=no,toolbar=no'; function openNewWindow(pPage) { popUpWin = window.open(pPage,'popWin',winOptsNew); } var winOpts = 'location=no,menubar=yes,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,status=no,toolbar=no'; function WindowMenu(pPage2) { popUpWin = window.open(pPage2,'popWin2',winOpts); } //--> </script> <script language="javascript" src="/common/lytebox.js" type="text/javascript"></script> … (0 comments)

home: Costa Mesa Bank Repo Offered at only $429,000 - 04/10/08 03:35 AM
Take advantage of this great buy!  Bank says bring us an offer. 3 Bedrooms, 1 3/4 Baths with family room. Needs some repair work.  Great home can purchased almost $130,000 below last sale.  This home is only available thru OCRepoBroker.com  contact us at 714-241-4532
To learn more about this home visit TeamWeichman.com and click on our signature listings page.  Also to sign up for exclusive access to homes visit OCHomeHunt.com where you can view homes just like the real estate agents do.
Larry Weichman, Broker (714) 241-4532.

home: Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, California, Large One Story - 04/08/08 07:15 PM

Costa Mesa/ Newport Beach Home 
Great home for those with a vision! Set up as 5 bedrooms 2 1/2 baths. Property is zoned (r-3) for 4 units per the city! Single level home with private pool in the back yard. RV access + playhouse! Call city for details on the zoning and the city planning dept. about building requirements. Offered at $785,000.
Contact Larry Weichman, Broker

home: Walk To Orange Coast College and Vanguard University 5 Bedroom Home - 04/08/08 07:10 PM
Costa Mesa, California, walk to South Coast Plaza 
All 3 bathrooms have been recently remodeled in this 2 story home with travertine tile! Curretly being used as a 4 bdrm but could easily go back to 5. All new windows, doors and hardware throughout. All but 2 sliders not replaced. Oversized family room which was 2 bedrooms before. Anderson french doors off dining room. 2 patios in yard. Offered in the mid- $600,000 range.
Call Larry Weichman 714-241-4532

home: Buyers Crash Course - 02/05/08 05:52 PM
When you're buying a home, who do you think is the most important person in the transaction?  YOU, of course!  That doesn't mean you won't need experienced professionals for guidance and assistance, but quite frankly, if YOU choose not to buy, the entire process comes to a halt.
While home ownership is called the American Dream, it's a shame that nobody teaches it in school.  Most folks face the biggest purchase of their life without any experience.  That's why it's critical for someone to help you understand everything that happens during the process, whether it's your accountant, your banker, or your … (0 comments)

home: Could You Sell For Half Price - 01/24/08 11:11 AM
Could you sell for half-price?
Remember playing Monopoly? "Do not collect $200!" became a household phrase. Sometimes, towards the end of the game, you might have sold a property to another player for half-price just to raise some cash.
In real life, you would never accept half-price for your home - or would you? What if you owed $88,000 on a home you wanted to sell for $100,000?
Now what if a prospective buyer offers to buy it at a discount of 6 percent off the asking price? Although you would like to receive the full asking price, you … (1 comments)

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