realestate: How Personality Factors into Costa Mesa Real Estate Investing - 05/01/19 09:22 AM
      Although the title of her article was “What Will You Do with Your Investment Property?” marketing writer Lynn Pineda’s piece came down to a dissection of a simpler binary choice. It took on the Costa Mesa real estate investor’s elemental decision: flip or rent? And rather than concentrating on the run-of-the-mill financial analysis you’d expect, it smartly recognized the other dimension that should enter into that choice: the investor’s personality.
     Most investors who buy Costa Mesa homes do so with a strategy already in place. The purchase is usually propelled by the value proposition the … (0 comments)

realestate: What are the Top 5 Questions Homebuyers Ask? - 10/03/18 09:14 AM
A couple of years ago, the National Association of Realtors® sent out a compilation of answers to the most-often posed questions home buyers have for their agents. Costa Mesa home buyers do sometimes come up with these. Here’s the NAR list, its answers—and a few brief observations:
      “How much can I afford?” The answer depends on your personal financial details, which are easy to determine—just search for “house affordability calculator.” Avoid the “ad” entries at the top of the screen; most of them make you surrender your personal info before they will display the answer.       “Can I buy a … (0 comments)

realestate: For 2018, Robotic Costa Mesa Real Estate Appraisals Gain Traction! - 01/04/18 10:44 AM
Some predictions for New Year 2018 may be controversial, but one trend is beyond question: almost every sector of everyday life in Costa Mesa will continue to be transformed—either incrementally or massively—by automation of one sort or another.
Hordes of self-driving cars and trucks aren’t likely to take over Costa Mesa streets this year, nor will Robocops start patrolling our neighborhoods. But one area that’s being affected more quickly than expected comes in the realm of Costa Mesa real estate appraisals.
Needless to say, since Costa Mesa appraisals establish the collateral value of any piece of real estate, that’s a change that … (3 comments)

realestate: 5 + 5 Winter and Seasonal Notes for Costa Mesa Households ! - 12/13/17 10:19 AM
Over the weekend, at the same time California’s Santa Ana winds were dealing chaos in the west, the premature arrival of winter weather was pounding the other side of the country compliments of Winter Storm Benji. The unprecedented December snowfall started in New Orleans and worked its way all the way up the East Coast to Maine—all of which made last week’s Consumer Reports’ article unusually timely.
CR happened to have published a heads-up on ways to cope when winter storms interfere with daily routines. Costa Mesa winter weather may not regularly trigger Alaskan-level emergency situations, but it’s still a worthwhile … (0 comments)

realestate: 4 New Listings! - 12/06/17 11:04 AM

realestate: Costa Mesa Listing Stalking Addicts Can Be Forgiven! - 12/06/17 08:58 AM
It was right there in the entirely respectable Architectural Digest’s site: an article championing late-night stalking. Happily, it wasn’t the kind of stalking that winds up in a courtroom. The non-crime being confessed to on AD was writer Isabel Galupo’s “addiction” to late night stalking…through the real estate listings.
The author admits to not being at all ready to actually buy a house. She is terrified by the prospect of permanent roots and doesn’t even really understand how a mortgage works. Thus, her nightly browsing is strictly recreational. She can’t resist fantasizing about spacious Spanish colonials in Santa Barbara or quaint little … (0 comments)

realestate: Top 4 Reasons Rental Housing is On the Rise! - 11/22/17 09:39 AM
Whether you are investigating Costa Mesa rental housing activity because you’re looking for an investment or just a place to rent yourself, it’s important to become informed about the state of play in rental housing as a whole. It’s a picture that has been changing rapidly—one that’s unlikely to slow anytime soon.
Much is being written about the growing popularity of rental housing due to younger buyers who either can’t yet afford (or simply choose to avoid) taking on the commitment that homeownership entails. But that’s not the only factor contributing to what amounts to a nationwide shift in rental housing’s popularity.
This … (1 comments)

realestate: Buying Your Costa Mesa House as Slowly as Possible! - 11/08/17 10:45 AM
The goal of owning your Costa Mesa home free and clear is usually thought of as the sunniest eventual outcome of the process that begins with buying your Costa Mesa house. The vision of the day when you make that last mortgage payment is an attractive one: whether in retirement or sooner, a “free rent” future has great appeal.
So when financial planners argue against the wisdom of paying off your mortgage, it makes for interesting reading. One such planner is Ric Edelman, whose article “11 Great Reasons to Carry a Big, Long Mortgage” presents a laundry list of the possible … (0 comments)

realestate: Timing Your Costa Mesa Home Sale Can Be Controversial! - 11/02/17 11:51 AM
Hardly anyone decides to put their own Costa Mesa house up for sale without wondering whether there wouldn’t be a better time to do so. There are a couple of different ways to look at the timing of your Costa Mesa home’s sale—but only one of them is controversial.
Controversial: timing by the calendar. A good number of real estate commentators think that the optimal timing for any home’s sale is during the spring/summer season. In the residential real estate lexicon that’s the “peak selling season.” Statistics validate their point. Since the majority of transactions are in fact initiated during the good … (0 comments)

realestate: Now’s the Time for Costa Mesa Landscaping Tweaks! - 10/27/17 02:40 PM
           Costa Mesa gardening enthusiasts already know this—but for those whose thumbs are anything but green, right now is a special time of year where landscaping is concerned. It’s Costa Mesa’s high season for planting and transplanting!
You don’t have to intend on listing your Costa Mesa home anytime soon to have a vested interest in maximizing your home’s curb appeal. After all, year in and year out the plantings in front and back yards can make all the difference in the kind of impact your property makes—it’s a pride of ownership fundamental. Neighbors and casual passers-by may not realize how much of … (1 comments)

realestate: Price Change 2! - 08/09/17 01:37 PM

realestate: Costa Mesa Asking Prices Can’t Beat this Week’s $10 Example! - 08/09/17 10:11 AM
 It’s true that today’s Costa Mesa asking prices fall into a wide range—occasionally even at temptingly reduced levels. But last week came news of one that I have to admit beat them all by a mile (at least regarding the asking price). This was found in Montclair, New Jersey. CBS interviewed the selling agent. Money Magazine wrote it up. The NAR highlighted it.
Photos made the offering all the more interesting since the asking price was so low—yet the pictures were not, as any well-schooled real estate watcher would have expected, fuzzy images of some run down dump. The shots all showed … (0 comments)

realestate: The PST! Factor Helps in Selling Your Costa Mesa House - 07/13/17 09:56 AM
If you see the letters “PST!” in connection with selling a house in Costa Mesa, don’t think it’s someone whispering to get your attention (that would be spelled “psst!”).
The selling-a-house kind of “PST” isn’t something whispered by a black marketeer to keep an off-the-books deal under wraps. There’s no need to speak in hushed tones about PST in polite conversation. When speaking about selling your Costa Mesa house, its meaning is right out there in the open. It may not be on the tip of every homeowner’s tongue as they prepare their home for sale, but its import is undeniable in … (0 comments)

realestate: New Listing in Costa Mesa! Johnson Ave! - 07/07/17 10:43 AM

realestate: !Selling Your Costa Mesa House by Defeating Two Scoundrels! - 07/05/17 09:32 AM
 Selling your Costa Mesa house is a lot easier when you have an experienced professional relieving you of the lion’s share of the work. I spend full time dealing with the ins and outs of marketing, dealing with qualified prospective buyers, and making sure the California and Costa Mesa technical requirements are met to the letter. That means that the lion’s share of what you need to deal with are the finishing touches of showings and open house presentations.
But long before any marketing can get under way; before an eye-pleasing Costa Mesa listing can be created—and even before a final choice … (0 comments)

realestate: Costa Mesa Rental Home for Sale and the Get Rich Slow Scheme!! - 06/21/17 09:13 AM
 The term “get rich quick scheme” has been held in low regard since before Charlie Ponzi’s pyramid came crashing to earth in the 1920s. Probably that word “scheme” is a problem…sounds too shifty. And the whole idea of sudden riches sounds as reassuring as “something for nothing” or “free lunch.” 
Prudent Costa Mesa residents tend to go a good deal more cautiously when they plan their investments. They usually aren’t even aiming to “get rich.” More like “get comfortable.” Instead of hoping to reap sudden wealth (living off all those tolls after buying the Brooklyn Bridge), they think in conservative terms … (0 comments)

realestate: Selling a Home in Costa Mesa: It's Really a Light Show! - 06/14/17 10:32 AM
 You could say that selling a home—in Costa Mesa or anywhere else in the nation—is in large part “a light show.” When you dissect marketing statistics that trace the path of the vast majority of buyers, it’s clear that the first sense that comes into play in the selling of a home is sight: either a first view of the online listing, a glimpse of a property with a “for sale” sign out front, or an image in an ad or printed handout. As the saying goes, “the eyes have it.”
Selling Costa Mesa homes really begins with the photography. Professional photographers … (0 comments)

realestate: Top 6 Obscure Tips for Coping with Costa Mesa’s Weather! - 06/07/17 09:13 AM
Meteorologists say that Costa Mesa’s meteorological summer arrived last week—although, to most of us, summer won’t begin for a couple of weeks. Nevertheless, it sent me rummaging for useful tips for coping with Costa Mesa’s hot weather. Most everyone can guess the commonsensical ones, like the NAR’s number one Home Showing Tip in Hot Weather: “Keep the house cool;” or the lead safety tip from the National Weather Service: “Stay out of the sun.”
Seriously, here are some ideas that don’t appear often. Some are only applicable in special instances, but all of which make a lot of sense:
Comb your fins. … (2 comments)

realestate: Costa Mesa Homeowners Harken to the Sound of Tax Reform - 05/31/17 08:58 AM

 During the overture to the film version of The Sound of Music, before the hills come alive with Julie Andrews, the camera first flies us high above the Alpine peaks. Ever since its premiere in 1965, Costa Mesa audiences have been thrilling to the feeling of being suspended over those mountaintops before ultimately swooping down as Fraulein Maria whirls around for her opening song. It’s a warm-up that works every time—one of the most crowd-pleasing exercises in applied movie magic ever.
Right now, a dissimilar overture is tuning up in Washington. The cameras aren’t allowed to swoop down into the congressional conference … (0 comments)

realestate: Costa Mesa Dream Homes: the Newfound Avocado Dimension! - 05/23/17 09:44 AM
I think you’ll agree that the relationship between avocados and dream homes has been elusive for a long time. In fact, any connection between the delicious green fruit (it’s not a veggie) and the Costa Mesa home of our dreams has been more than elusive. Until last week, it’s fair to say it was completely undiscovered.
Last Tuesday, thanks to ace reporting by CNBC’s David Reid, the connection was finally unearthed. The breakthrough came with his published report, headlined
Reid’s discovery brought to light the negative impact the fruit is currently … (0 comments)

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