thel3realestate: Some Expenses Aren’t Really Avoided by Costa Mesa Renters - 07/17/19 09:36 AM
     That “things break down” is a truism as old as mankind—possibly preceding the invention of language itself. You can picture a furious caveman staring at the shattered remains of the wheel he’d just invented—after the first time it broke. Sooner or later, “things fall apart.”
     When area residents mull over their personal living arrangement decisions, one of the logical financial arguments for renting Costa Mesa homes rather than buying is the added cost of maintenance. Costa Mesa renters reason that they don’t have to worry about saving up for a rainy day (as when the garbage … (1 comments)

thel3realestate: 3 Questions to Get New Neighbors Talking - 08/29/18 09:10 AM
When your next home is going to be in an unfamiliar town—whether in Costa Mesa or somewhere else— learning as much as you can about your choice of neighborhoods is a practical starting point. It won’t be long before you’ll find yourself immersed in finding the perfect house—but it can’t be perfect if winds up being in a neighborhood that’s a poor fit for your family.
You can get a general idea of the likeliest areas by doing some online tire-kicking. In addition to querying the obvious places like Facebook and Google, sites like City-Data and NextDoor can supplement your initial research. … (1 comments)

thel3realestate: The L3 Open Houses on February 24th & 25th! - 02/23/18 10:45 AM
L3 Real Estate Orange County, CA Featured Open House for: 
Saturday and Sunday - February 24th and 25th 1PM-4PM
9952 Effingham Drive, Huntington Beach
We are built on a philosophy of Heritage & Hustle L3 is a full service real estate agency with a regional office located in the heart of #CostaMesa offering a wide-array of custom services to meet their clients’ needs with roots in the community since 1976. It’s L3 mission to provide trusted, convenient, responsive service to ensure clients enjoy their real estate experience. L3 was originally formed to offer personal, concierge-level service as an alternative to the large, nationally based real estate companies. From its small … (0 comments)

thel3realestate: Unlikely Edge for Selling Your Costa Mesa House - 01/18/18 09:33 AM
If a National Association of Realtors® expert is to be taken literally, there is one unlikely factor that could lessen the stress level associated with selling your Costa Mesa house.
Just have some kids around.
That may not sound logical—but weirdly enough, it really could make sense. The expert whose thoughts spawn this deduction is the home improvement specialist writing for the NAR’s magazine. Last week, Stephanie Booth observed that sometimes “raising kids actually makes your house cleaner” (Ms. Booth’s italics). I have to agree.
If you have small kids, you’re already thoroughly familiar with the accompanying housekeeping side effects. Ms. Booth recalls … (0 comments)

thel3realestate: For 2018, Robotic Costa Mesa Real Estate Appraisals Gain Traction! - 01/04/18 10:44 AM
Some predictions for New Year 2018 may be controversial, but one trend is beyond question: almost every sector of everyday life in Costa Mesa will continue to be transformed—either incrementally or massively—by automation of one sort or another.
Hordes of self-driving cars and trucks aren’t likely to take over Costa Mesa streets this year, nor will Robocops start patrolling our neighborhoods. But one area that’s being affected more quickly than expected comes in the realm of Costa Mesa real estate appraisals.
Needless to say, since Costa Mesa appraisals establish the collateral value of any piece of real estate, that’s a change that … (3 comments)

thel3realestate: New Listing in HB! - 12/21/17 01:58 PM

thel3realestate: Brightening Prospects for Buying a Home in Costa Mesa! - 12/20/17 09:37 AM
Because buying a home has long been a hallmark of success in America, whenever that possibility seems to weaken for the average Joe (or Josette), it comes as sobering news. Back in June, CNN Money ran a downbeat story focused on how the rising cost of housing had been “putting a major squeeze” on some Americans. For Costa Mesa readers who took it to heart, that kind of grim analysis could have been enough to cause them to reassess their own prospects.
But now there is evidence that the “squeeze” may be losing its grip.
The CNN story focused on what most experts … (0 comments)

thel3realestate: New Listing to hit the market! - 12/14/17 02:07 PM

thel3realestate: Costa Mesa Agents of All Stripes Share a Single Piece of Advice! - 11/29/17 09:06 AM
The dual nature of Costa Mesa real estate agents is unlike most other professions. A medical doctor who is a family physician in the morning doesn’t switch hats and become a surgeon in the afternoon—any more than a lawyer who pleads in court for a defendant can decide to become a prosecuting attorney that afternoon.
On the other hand, Costa Mesa Realtors® may begin any single day in negotiations representing a seller, then spend the afternoon escorting a buyer client through a series of Costa Mesa home showings. I’m happy to say this isn’t evidence of a split personality disorder. It’s perfectly … (0 comments)

thel3realestate: The 5 Top Reasons for Selling Your Costa Mesa House Now! - 08/23/17 11:59 AM
 When you have a firm timeline that governs when you’ll be selling your Costa Mesa house, it’s one decision that’s made for you. Of course, it’s not always that easy. If a move from one home to another, or from Costa Mesa to another area isn’t dictated by outside events, you have to make the decision anew every week or month.
On the one hand, the adventure and energizing prospect of a new home tugs in the direction of getting the project going…while on the other hand, the mountain of details and effort pulls in the direction of putting it off a … (0 comments)

thel3realestate: Perfection in Pricing Your Costa Mesa Home: Elusive Goal - 08/16/17 10:20 AM
 Figuring out the perfect pricing for any Costa Mesa home for sale would be easier if there were a way to confirm past instances that hit that mark precisely. But that can’t be done. It’s the nature of the beast: it’s simply not possible. Even if a comparable Costa Mesa home’s asking price resulted in being sold immediately at that exact amount, it only could have been priced perfectly. We can’t know that it wasn’t priced too low.
Even if the pricing on some Costa Mesa home was quickly met and even exceeded—IOW, it resulted in a bidding —that might be evidence … (0 comments)

thel3realestate: Some Costa Mesa Luxury Homes Might Not be Out of Reach! - 07/19/17 03:36 PM
The content the National Association of Realtors® publishes is usually staid and non-controversial. After all, what they put out there has to ring true for the real estate industry in every nook and cranny of the country: in communities large and small, coast to coast—from Podunk to Peoria, Manhattan to Costa Mesa. Real estate is, after all, the most massive industry in the country, so you’d expect the Association that represents its professionals to be hyper-cautious in its pronouncements.
So it was eye-widening to come across an article in the Realtor website that was a how-to on buying a luxury home without … (0 comments)

thel3realestate: Anaheim 3 Bedroom Home! #AnaheimRealEstate #TheL3 #Weichman - 06/05/17 08:06 AM
  Single Story Home! New Price! Location: Anaheim, CAVery nice. Living room with fireplca looks out towards the large family room. Kitchen has been redone. Home also has central air conditioning! Contact the listing broker Larry Weichman 714.863.5739     Information Contact Information Ask For L3/ Weichman Realtors agent 714-444-4663     Contact Reply Form Forward to a Friend View Other Flyers   Pricing Price: $545,000.00 Property Location 621 S. Broadview St
Anaheim, CA 92804
View Map     Features Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Year Built: 1957 Lot Size: 6,161 Garage Size: 2 Car Square Footage: 1,453 Agent Name: Larry Weichman Broker: The … (3 comments)

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