yahoo: Real Estate Website Trends In The Pacific Northwest - 09/03/07 09:44 AM
In a previous post I used tools at to compare traffic rankings of the websites for companies based in Washington State.  The websites are broken down into two categories:  (1) those serving up NWMLS listing data only and (2) those serving up listing data from multiple states.  I haven't found anyone challenging result from and below are updated graphs for the month of July (made available mid-August).
We're the blue line and very please with our increased traffic.  Most of the other sites display a gradual increase of traffic, which may seem unusual.  We're accustomed to seeing more … (1 comments)

yahoo: Google & Yahoo won't wait for "Emergency Maintenance" - 09/01/07 06:09 AM
If you own a website it is inevitable that sooner or later you will receive notice from your tech provider that they are conducting "Emergency Maintenance".  This is caused by an infinite number of things ... software upgrades/patches, router upgrades, hardware failure, etc.
These notices will always minimize the impact of your "down time" but even a few minutes can be too much for your search engine rankings.  Google and Yahoo don't announce when they will "crawl" and index your website.  If your site is unavailable to them for any reason, you've simply missed out. 
The bad news is that Google appears to be … (3 comments)

yahoo: Domain Name Longevity and Search Rankings - 08/18/07 06:45 AM
I just received a nice note from Rick Turner regarding my comment on his blog post about the age of domain names and I thought this is valuable information to share.
Both Google and Yahoo are "Registrars" entitling them to use the historical information of your domain name.  So they know if your domain name was registered yesterday, last year or back in the mid 1990's when the internet was still in its infancy.  Nobody but Google and Yahoo know the specifics, but the longer that a domain has existed adds to a website's benefit in search rankings. 
Deleting an old domain name in favor … (6 comments)

yahoo: The future of AR blogging and search engine results? - 08/18/07 06:28 AM
Earlier today I commented on a blog that we're all "feeding the 800 pound gorilla" as we continue to author content and post it on our AR blogs.  Meaning that we're contributing to AR's successful search engine rankings and helping them create a very strong web presence that is beyond our individual control. 
I've got to give credit where it's due ... the AR team has done a fabulous job!  But I've seen numerous SEO techniques come and go and I have to wonder if "Blogs" aren't just another "flavor of the month".  When you take a close look, AR has … (20 comments)

yahoo: PPC Bargain Shopping - 07/24/07 04:42 AM
If a web site is part of your personal promotion, sooner or later you should plan a monthly budget for Google "Pay-Per-Click" advertising (aka Google Adwords or PPC).  When that day comes you will face decisions of how much you're willing to spend to acquire one visitor.
In Seattle Metro areas like Bellevue, Tacoma, Everett, Gig Harbor, etc., the price commonly exceeds $3.50 per click.  Last night through this morning was one of those rare magic periods when the allocated budgets of high bidding real estate advertisers (nationwide) was depleted and the cost dropped to about $2 per click.  This only happens a few times each month and only … (4 comments)

yahoo: Cool Tool II (Best in the northwest) - 07/23/07 09:55 AM
While exploring the tools shared in a previous post I discovered another useful tool at that allows you to graph comparative ranking reports from competing sites.  What sets this tool apart is their full disclosure of how rankings are established (unlike alexa, neilson, etc.).  So we may not agree with the results, but at least we know how they were attained.
I feel good just to have our info in's system because they only maintain data from the top 1,000,000 sites.  Not bad company when you consider that today there are just over 95 million active domains to surf through.
So ... comparing apples … (4 comments)


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