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2011 Report: FHA Annual Mortgage Insurance Increase by John Le Francois Report: FHA Annual Mortgage Insurance Increase will be enacted on 04/18/2011 and will increase from .90 (current rate) to 1.15%. In 2010 Congress provide FHA the ability to raise the annual ...
03/29/2011 Report: Major Banks approve FHA Short refinances! Oh Really? by John Le Francois Report: Major Banks approve FHA Short refinances! Oh Really? This was the the big news from the banking industry giants, Bank of America, Citi, Wells Fargo, GMAC, JP Morgan Cha...
03/27/2011 Report: How did we get to the new Mortgage Compensation for L. O.'s? by John Le Francois Report: There is a lot of discussions about the New Mortgage Compensations for Loan Officers that will be enacted starting 04/01/2011. Many lenders have been providing ...
Las Vegas FHA Home  Loans for 530 to 619 FICO Score by John Le francois Report: Many borrowers in this economic downturn are experiencing derogatory credit reports that require special lending options that alllows them to still purchase a Las Vegas FHA Home Loans with 530 FICO...
03/13/2011 Report: The Untold Truth About Par Rate By John Le Francois Report: The Untold Truth About Par Rate is different for each individual borrower! defines Mortgage Par Rate as: An interest rate used as the reference point for which a Mortgage L...

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