We rise above the rest, in Foreclosure filings. I have been up dating you about the foreclosure mayhem here in Las Vegas over the last few months and boy do i got good news for all my readers who are investors. I went to a trustee sale yesterday and it was very very exciting. People from all ove...
Once shame on you, Twice shame on Us! In these difficult time we are facing as a country we must all keep our heads so that we can learn from the mistakes that were made and not repeating them. Are financial markets aren't doing the best, inflation is destroying the dollar, Our Country is still i...
Condo Living Up or Down? Get the facts. Recently there have been talks about the Las Vegas High rise condo market taking a hit that might damage it's reputation for the future. First off all we must understand what numbers the negative reports have looked at to come up with their opinions. The r...
The Seasons are changing and so is the Real Estate Market With the summer over and fall beginning, Las Vegas finds it's self in the #1 spot on the Nations most foreclosure filings. Las Vegas is experiencing a very unique opportunity for individuals interested in owning Real Estate in Las Vegas, ...
The Mercer Las Vegas is on it's way! The Mercer Las Vegas is a fabulous NEW Mid rise Condo development in the very popular south west community called Summerlin. The Mercer, has been selling units for several months now and have done quit well for themselves. People all around the world have been...

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