If you are interested in buying a luxury high rise condo here in Las Vegas then check out Panorama Towers there are some amazing deals deals on condos with strip views as well as some with views to the west of the redrock moutain ranges as well as The Palms resort. Panorama Towers offers many ame...
Despite your position on the WAR in Iraq i am sure there is one thing everyone can agree on & that is our Brave, Courageous, & Honorable Soldiers deserve the best of the best our country has to offer. This past weekend Sheldon Adelson the Ventian boss treated our Sodiers & their families with hig...
Check out the trailer for this awesome documentary called WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW? If you have watched the Secret then you will enjoy this one for sure. If you would like to watch the entire movie its on you tube just Type in What the Bleep Do We Know and search there are 15 parts to the movie....
There have been many questions surrounding the new Las Vegas Condo Hotel opportunity's since their debut. One question is, will they actually produce some sort of cash flow for the owners, and another question is will they last? I have some thoughts about these kinds of projects i would like to s...
Today I watched a video on youtube on youtube that was very touching t was about a young man who was born with several disabilities and how him and his father did not let the odds beat him. This young mans story will stay with me for the rest of my life. This young mans father has to be one of th...
This is a common problem on the Local MLS service here in Las Vegas NO PHOTO AVAILABLE. In the begging I would just not bother with listings with no photos but there are more and more properties with no photos available and some are even some of the best deals on the MLS but still no pictures. So...
Is there still good deals in the Las Vegas High rise condo market? You better believe it quick and jump all over them because the boom is on it's way back! There is still a definitely demand for luxury High Rise Condos here in Las Vegas. We have seen projects flop and watched others make it to t...
Have you ever read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill? This book is one of my favorite books if not the favorite. I found a video clip of Napoleon Hill sharing his knowledge about the Law of the Universe. This short video contains some great information Check it out for your self.
Happy Mothers day to all of the wonderful mothers. I found this video its a tribute to all of the Mothers around the world I enjoyed watching so I decided to share it with you all. Happy Mothers Day to all of you
Over the last month or so i have received an increasingly large amount of phone calls from High rise Condo buyers who are not in a position to close escrow on their vertical property's for one reason or another. I have encountered people who can't qualify for the loan and people who can qualify b...

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