Bail Out or Hand Out? That is the ultimate question at the moment isn't it. This question is the most important question of our time that needs to be taken seriously and not just brushed off. Our elected officials who are suppose to voice the concerns for the masses have become completely contemp...
Check out this news Broadcast on Las Vegas One. This Report gives Information about homes SOLD, the number of homes facing foreclosure and more.Despite the number of homes facing foreclosure NOW is a great time, prices are low,there is a abundance of homes to choose from and there are still some ...
Today I though I would put together a few graphs that illustrate the sales at Panorama Towers 1&2, The Signature At MGM, & Turnberry Place, which by the way were the top 3 selling developments for the summer of 08. As you can see by the graphs and information below, LV High Rise Condo Sales price...
WOW! It's been a few weeks since i have reported on the Las Vegas High Rise Condo market and it's activities but now we are back in action. Allot has happened since i reported last, such as MGM's City Center has pretty much secured all financing for the multi billion dollar strip development whic...

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