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Well, that easy!  It's Henry's Louisiana Grill!   Get your cajun raging at Henry's, but be prepared for a substantial wait to get in.  Dinner on the weekend can take about two hours to get seated.  Even on a busy Saturday, Chef Henry (seen in photo) was out mingling with his guests, making sure e...
How does your Hidden Gems match up? I was one of the 1,500 real estate agents in the country to participate in this Hidden Gems Survey.  Though I must admit, I didn't agree with the final outcome of the survery, they did an outstanding infographic on the results of the survey.  While Amazing View...
Have you ever made a wrong turn only to be rewarded with a nice surprise?    We were on on way to our destination using my phone for the GPS when I received a phone call.  Yes, you guessed it.  We missed our turn.  As we were trying to look around to see where to turn around, we noticed a non-de...
This is a call to Action for both Florida RE Agents & Florida homeowners in HOAs.   There are more than 2.5 MILLION Florida homeowners and parcel owners located in Florida living in mandatory homeowners' associations.  The vast majority of associations are run smoothly and have complete financial...
03/25/2014 Gardens for Connoisseurs Tour Atlanta’s Finest Private Gardens Saturday - Sunday, May 10 - 1110 a.m. - 5 p.m. Tickets On Sale April 1   One of the things I like about this Gardens for Conoisseurs Tour is that you see ...
Is your home safe with the garage doors? If are a real estate agent and you watched the popular TV show called Shark Tank, you were probably as surprised as I was.  There was a man on the show that did a presentation on how unsafe the garage doors are on a home.  According to this man, a burglar ...
Have you ever scratched your head wondering what to buy a special friend or family member, but can't think of anything that they don't already have?  Why not consider a custom birdhouse for their backyard, screened porch or sunroom?  Pretty much guaranteed they don't already have one.  And it's ...
Here's a video of how our lives will be in the next couple of years! It's amazing to see how much I use the new features of my I-Phone.  My phone is now programmed to remind me what groceries I need as soon as I walk into the grocery store.  It is smart enough to know the minute I walk into the ...
No way, not my Mother!! My Mother had five kids.  As I was growing up, the only form of exercise that she knew was keeping up with us. If there was any structured form of exercise that she started on her own, she would lose interest in it a couple of days later.  My Mother was also a chain smoker...
The World of Google Here's a great video of not just the history of Google and where it all started, but about the Google app called Hummingbird.  Sometimes all the computer geeks focus on the specifics for SEO, but forget to tell us "non-techies" about a newer version of Suri.  Hummingbird has ...

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