laura andersen: The Secrets to a Productive Open House - 10/15/14 12:01 AM
Secrets to a Productive Open House
The #1 secret to a productive Open House is having a Seller that wants to partner with you on having the best possible Open House. 
We had an Open House last Sunday.  When I called the Seller in the morning to confirm they still wanted to have the Open House since the weather forecast was not cooperating, he immediately responded with, "Yes!!"  The Seller said they not only wanted to have the Open House, but the wife was in the middle of making homemade cookies for the Open House.  Two thumbs up to … (3 comments)

laura andersen: Watch out for Buyer Profiling - 07/04/14 01:37 AM

Atlanta Homes for Sale 
I had a buyer that lived in a neighborhood where there were larger homes available for a family to move up to.  They loved the community, their friends and the schools.  They only wanted to move up to a home in this specific community. 
There were only a handful of homes that met their specific requirements.  They were in no hurry to buy, it was just something that when the time was right, they would purchase one.   I showed them homes on and off for about five years. 
When a home … (4 comments)

laura andersen: You want to take what from the house & when are you taking it??? - 06/09/14 12:30 AM
Selling your Home
It's not uncommon to have a listing where the sellers have a personal attachment to a fixture in their home.  Many owners have either paid a lot of money for the Dining Room chandelier or drapes that match their bedroom bedding.  I usually recommend that they take down the chandelier or make sure the Seller's Disclosure spells out what stays with the home.  The sellers can go out and replace the chandelier with a new one so it's a non-issue for the buyers. 
Last winter, I had a listing appointment where the wife informed me that she … (0 comments)

laura andersen: Buying a home in Georgia - 06/07/14 09:54 AM
Buying a home in Georgia
I recently had a buyer that was referred to me by a past client.  The buyer was moving here from another area, but was not quite ready for the move until he sold his present home.  In the meantime, just like most buyers, he was doing his homework first by using the internet to look at homes. 
On my first phone call, I encouraged him to get pre-qualified by one of my recommended mortgage companies in the area.  He said that he was not quite ready to get with a mortgage company at … (0 comments)

laura andersen: What trumps a Will? - 06/05/14 07:51 AM
Making sure your Financial Records are Updated
Last year, there was a U.S. Supreme Court decision that settled a dispute between a widow and the man's first wife, who he had been divorced from for  over 10 years.  The dispute was for the deceased husband's federal employee insurance benefits.  The judges ruled in favor of the deceased man's first wife since she was still the designated beneficiary on his policy.  
You probably think that the financial rights to any insurance or employee benefit policy are covered under the terms and conditions of your will.  The truth is any … (0 comments)

laura andersen: A new appreciation for Memorial Day - 05/26/14 01:04 AM

A new appreciation for Memorial Day
When my nephew, Johnny, was a little boy, he decided he wanted to serve this country in the military.  Even though this was a worthy goal for a little boy, it was an understandable concern for any parent.  Many friends and family members did their best to educate him on what this would entail.  Many thought he might be having a Hollywood moment of what serving in the military would be like, not reality. 
Last year, Johnny, met his little boy's goal of representing our country in Afghanistan.  I now know first … (1 comments)

laura andersen: Are you ready to cross the line? - 05/22/14 04:38 AM
Are you ready to cross the line for your buyers? 
I had a client refer her parents to me to represent them on their move to the area.  The father has Parkinson's Disease and needed to now live closer to family. 
At closing, the attorney reminded the buyers that they needed to file their homestead exemption.  The home that these buyers were closing on was located in a county where there is a senior exemption that removes the school tax at age 62.  Yes, a substantial tax cut for the owner of a home in this county! My buyers are now … (0 comments)

laura andersen: Downtown Canton Farmers Market - 05/17/14 07:37 AM
Downtown Canton Farmers Market
Yes, it's that time of year!  The Opening Day of the Downtown Canton Farmer's Market is May 24, 2014. 
The Farmers Market is open from 8am to 12pm every Saturday through Oct. Located in Cannon Park by the gazebo.
Rain or shine
They promote local farmers and artisans.  All produce is Georgia-grown and most is organic. 
Expect a big varity of items at the Downtown Canton Farmers Market; baked breads, fresh flowers, herbs, jewelry, honey, plants, soaps, and more! 
For more information, you can go to their website:

laura andersen: Don't forget about your night time Curb Appeal! - 05/16/14 12:11 AM
It's all about the Curb Appeal
Most buyers like to see homes for the first time during the day, but if they live in the area, they will do several drive-bys of the the potential home during the day and at night.  
For a very low investment and an easy DIY project, you can add outdoor landscape lights to the front of the home to illuminate the exterior. 
You have several options; light up just the front face of the home or add additional lighting to the trees, the stairs leading to the house or a pathway to … (0 comments)

laura andersen: A spash of first Impression! - 05/11/14 01:46 AM
A big spash of Color from a Container Garden gives a great First Impression!
When I list a home that is vacant, it can be a big challenge to create an inviting home atmosphere for a buyer.  A vacant home can be cold and not very cozy to walk into for someone looking for that "I want to spend my life here" feeling.  
Regardless if the home is vacant or beautifully decorated, I always love to add a nice container of flowers to the front entry door for that all important first impression for both the agent and the potential … (3 comments)

laura andersen: Everyone in the south knows what ghosts are afraid of! - 05/02/14 05:30 AM
Yes, the ghosts in the south are afraid of water! 
We here in the south love our large, inviting front porches complete with rocking chairs and a large glasses of lemonade on the table next to it.  It's what every Southern Belle aspires to have at the front of their homes.    
If you notice one thing these southern porches have in common,  it's  the same color of their ceiling paint; blue.  Not just any shade of blue, it must be haint blue!   
If you are not from the south or the Long Island Medium, you may … (1 comments)

laura andersen: Does this home have a secret room? - 05/01/14 11:17 PM
Does this home have a Secret Room?
I had a buyer interested in a home in the Woodstock area.  After the buyer looked at the home a second time, he felt that there was an area of the home on the main level next to the Master bedroom that he was missing in the showing of the home.  
It felt a little strange to call the Listing Agent of the home to ask, "Does this home have a Secret Room near the Master bedroom?"After calling the sellers, the agent got back to me to confirm that there was a … (34 comments)

laura andersen: Happy to say that this news is OLD NEWS! - 04/30/14 11:13 PM
2013 Gallup Poll is already outdated
When I am doing a Listing Presentation for a Seller, I use the most accurate information for a seller to make an informed decision.  The most recent data shows that the economy is slowly turning around and is reflected in the increase of our home values.  
According to this Gallup poll, the state of Georgia stands out like a sore, green thumb.  This data was collected from June-December, 2013.  Based on the article, the primary reason the state residents' desire to more to a different state is jobs. 
The state of Georgia has seen a … (1 comments)

laura andersen: Always check for rebates before you purchase - 04/29/14 11:43 AM
Homes for Sale in Cherokee County, GA 
When a buyer purchases a home, it normally doesn't include the appliances.  In most
cases, the buyer wants new appliances for their new home.  From January 1, 2014 to November 30, 2014, Georgia Power is giving rebates on certain home appliances.  There are specific conditions on these home appliances.  You first need to visit the Georgia Power website at Always remember to check the fine print before you buy. 

            $25 REBATE on qualifying ENERGY STAR Certified REFRIGERATORS

Must be 7.75 cubic feet … (1 comments)

laura andersen: DIY Home Inspection - 04/29/14 07:40 AM
Be Proactive with your Home Maintenance!
Unfortunately, many sellers wait until they put their homes on the market to take a serious look at the outside condition of their home.  I guess it's the "out of sight, out of mind" mindset.  
As part of your inside Spring cleaning routine, do your own DIY Home Inspection for the condition of the outside of the home. 
Georgia has no set standards for a professional home inspector, but you will find that across the board, the condition of the exterior wood around the doors and windows will be an item the home … (0 comments)

laura andersen: In honor of one of Atlanta's most famous Icons - 04/13/14 07:28 AM
A well known Atlanta Icon - Bobby Jones
In honor of the Masters Tournament presently being play in Augusta, Georgia, I thought I would do a feature blog on one of the most celebrated amateur golfers that has ever lived; Bobby Jones. 
Bobby Jones was one of the founders and helped design the Augusta National Golf Club.  Mr. Jones was also the co-founder of the Masters Tournament.  He was the most successful amateur golf player on both the national and international level of golf. 
Probably not as well known is his very impressive educational background.  He graduated from Georgia Tech with a … (0 comments)

laura andersen: One of the best Gardens in Georgia! - 04/13/14 01:43 AM
Gibbs Gardens
One of my favorite gardens in the area is Gibbs Gardens located in Ball Ground, Georgia.  About 30 minutes north of Atlanta.  It opened to the public about two years ago. 
This is one of the best times of the year to visit the gardens with the many fields of endless daffodils.  There are three different types of daffodils that bloom at different times. 
One of the things that makes this garden special is that the owner, Mr. Gibbs, is usually sitting in the front lobby to greet the visitors to the gardens.  His passion and enthusiasm is … (2 comments)

laura andersen: The symbol of Hospitality & Welcome - 04/12/14 02:37 AM
Welcome to our home
The universal symbol of both welcome and hospitality to any home in the world is the Pineapple. 
The pineapple was name for its cylindrical shape and rough spiky exterior similar to the pine cone.  It was one of the gifts that Christopher Columbus brought back from his trip from Guadeloupe.
The pineapple was used during Colonial times as a dinner table centerpiece.  It showed the visitors coming for the dinner that they were welcomed guests in the home.  
Probably the most well known historical use of the pineapple was with the seafaring captains.  When the captain of … (1 comments)

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