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The door bell, rings, and a man answers it. There stands a plain but well dressed kid in a suit and tie.  The kid says, "Trick or Treat!"The man asks the kid, "What the heck are you dressed up like for Halloween." The kid says, "I'm an IRS agent." Then the kid takes 28% of the man's candy, leaves...
There is this fellow, as the story goes, that had been lost and walking in the NJ Pine Barrens for about 10 days. (It could be true, the Pinelands of NJ is more than one million acres and very confusing once you get in there!) Finally he sees the home of a religious 'Piney'. Tired and weak, he cr...
Foreclosures Are Making Us Sick! What are the full effects of foreclsoure on society?  New research by a joint Princeton University and Georgia State University study inidcates the threat of foreclosure is making us sick!Two economists and have measured just how unhealthy the foreclosure crisis h...
The days are getting shorter, and the nights cooler here at the Jersey Shore.  While we are not treated to the dazzling autumn colors that our neighbors to the north experience; the oak, maple and birch trees scattered among the scrub pines usually put on a colorful display. But this year, accord...
You Know You're a Real Estate Agent If... 10.    Starbucks is your favorite restaurant. 9.     You hold open houses just because you want to be able to check all of your emails and post blogs about how ineffective open houses are. 8.     You take a listing but tell your seller from day one that t...
A local church here at the Jersey Shore offers its meeting room to various local groups for education and health related programs.  One ongoing program, geared to first time Moms and Dads to be, is very popular.  It focuses on the importance of exercise during pregnancy. A one recent meeting, the...
A Front Row Seat to an Unbelievable Migration! It's not birds doing the migrating, or even snowbirds (New Jerseyans who head south for the winter), it's an insect...It's the Monarch Butterfly, and they're on the move!   They're gathering by the thousands and building up roost sites now at Cape Ma...
What would a winter at the Jersey Shore be without books?    In Barnegat at the Jersey Shore we're getting ready for the short cold days of winter.  Furnace filters are being changed and lawn sprinkler systems drained. And the Barnegat Library is set up for it's Annual Fall Book Sale.  The book s...
A Minister was walking down the street when he came upon a group, all of them between 10 and 12 years of age. The group had surrounded a dog. The Minister was concerned the boys were hurting the dog, so he went over and asked "What are you doing with that dog?" One replied, "This dog is just an o...
Although World Animal Day isn't until October 4th, most churches celebrate World Animal Day on the Sunday closest to that date with a Blessing of the Pets.    So early this afternoon we gathered under the bells at Saint Mary's of the Pines in Manahawkin at the Jersey Shore.  It wasn't your usual...

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