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If you’re preparing to sell your home, curb appeal should be a priority. When someone is walking by or coming to your open house, the outside of your home is the first thing they will see. If there is no curb appeal, potential buyers may never even set foot in your home. Instead of ignoring your ...
Are you thinking about buying a home and just don’t know where to start? Before you even begin looking at homes, consider how much you may need to save to make the process as smooth as possible for you, especially in the long run. While there are situations where you don’t need a large down payme...
Have you ever walked into someone else’s home and were overwhelmed by how incredible it smelled? Or maybe you couldn’t wait to leave because there was a not-so-great scent as soon as you entered? Often, we become so accustomed to the way our own home smells that we don’t notice if the scent is ba...
If you have an empty space in your room, and want to figure out how to add a cozy touch to it, we recommend this adorable swing chair. Plop in their with your favorite book and you'll never want to get out. If you don't have a dream room yet, I'm always just a phone call away to find you your dre...
This may look like an expensive addition, but how much money would it save you long term if you were able to give up Starbucks? If you live off of coffee, this would be the perfect addition to your kitchen.And if you want this bad enough but don't have enough space in your kitchen, you can always...
Moving into a new home? We know how exciting it can be! We’ve compiled a list of a few things you can do after your move to make sure your experience is comfortable. The hardest part of a move is getting settled in, after that, you just’ll need to handle a few loose ends that sometimes get forgot...
WHAT YOUR CARPET IS HIDING FROM YOUHow many carpeted rooms in your home appear clean at a glance? Even if you think they all look clean, those carpets may not be very sanitary. Spring is here which means if you have snow, it has likely started to melt - exposing dirt and pollen that can now be ea...


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