selling your home: Keep Your Stuff Save When Selling Your Home - 04/19/21 09:18 PM
 Keep your stuff safe when selling your home
When preparing to put your house on the market, usually your main concern is making your home look as appealing as possible. Cleaning every corner, fixing what needs fixed, and making sure it is a home others would want to buy. With all that in mind, prioritizing the safety of your home while it is on the market can fall to the wayside until you are fully out of the home. Once you are moved in somewhere new, you may realize that you are worrying quite a bit about just how safe your home … (0 comments)

selling your home: MAKE YOUR HOME STAND OUT THIS SUMMER - 05/23/19 02:46 PM
As May comes to a close, school ends and the summer officially begins, that means one important thing - home selling season is upon us. With the kids home from school and vacation time accumulated, both buyers and sellers are ready to enter the market as the weather heats up. As the market begins to grow, you may wonder how to make sure your home stands out among all the others trying to sell during the summer months. Here are a few tips to make sure you can catch the eye of potential buyers during busy season!
1. Tour Other For-Sale Homes
Check … (15 comments)

selling your home: Should we re paint the home before selling? - 02/23/14 11:58 PM
I get this question all the time from sellers; Should we re paint the entire home before we put the home on the market?
YES. Buyers love fresh interior and exterior paint but it has to be done right and with the right colors. 
So if any room in your home looks like this, without a doubt the answer is YES- if you want to get the most amount of money for your home. 
I am a preferred listing agent for Bank of America. I sell their lender owned properties. I saw walls like this all the time. Homes like … (34 comments)

selling your home: Simple Exterior Window Trim Anyone Can Do - 02/11/14 11:57 PM
If you are looking to add curb appeal to your home, this is a simple way to do so.
Frame out your windows. This is a dramatic and easy way to make your home "pop" with charm. The contrast in color really looks amazing as well.

All you need are 1" x 4"s. The length you need will odviously depend on the size of your windows. Leave  about 1.5" over hang on the top and the bottom. Use a chop saw to cut the wood straight. I also recommend caulking around the window and molding. Then Paint. This will … (8 comments)

selling your home: Sellers: Should I Be There for the Inspections and Appraisal? - 12/17/13 01:07 AM
As a Seller: Should I Be There for the Inspections and Appraisal? This is a very popular question sellers ask once they are under contract. The buyers have a 10 day inspection period once there is a fully signed and executed contract. The buyers then have the opportunity to schedule any and all inspections during this 10 day period. This usually includes a home inspector, termite inspector and possibly other specific tradesmen or contractors. 
In my experience, it is best that the seller is not there during this. The inspector is busy and on a time crunch so having someone follow him around is not … (0 comments)

selling your home: How to Add Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home - 12/12/13 01:36 AM
How to Add Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home Within 5 seconds of a buyer pulling up to your home, they have already made a decision. Curb Appeal is so important when selling your home. Here are some tips to gaining appeal to attract buyers.
Remove all weeds Cut and trim all landscape Make sure the walk way is clear from debris and clean Remove all cobwebs near the front door and wash the door Paint the door an appealing color- visit my blog for great color ideas Clean all windows and screens Add a seasonal wreath on your front door … (1 comments)

selling your home: How To Sell Your Home With Pets - 11/22/13 01:16 AM
How to Sell Your Home With Pets Selling your home is not an easy task, especially the preparation it takes before putting a sign n the yard. Buyers are picky and they don’t care that you love and spoil your pets. They don’t want to smell them or see them even if they are pet lovers themselves. The reason- they know what pets can do to a home  such as soil the flooring, the hair, scratched molding etc.

Here is how to remove evidence of your pets before you sell your home.
* Get rid of the hair! These will require … (1 comments)

selling your home: Remodel Your Kitchen for Less Then $500 - 11/18/13 07:29 AM
Remodel Your Kitchen For Less then $500 Can you really remodel a kitchen for under $500?

Sounds like a kitchen remodel will be a huge undertaking and an expensive endeavor. Well it doesn’t have to be.  You can breathe new life into your kitchen without spending a fortune.
Try these tips and tricks for a kitchen make over:
Paint. If your kitchen feels old, there is no better way to change this then the paint color itself. Paint the walls, the cabinets, you name it, If you are looking to sell your home- keep in neutral. 

Add molding; This is an … (0 comments)

selling your home: How to Clean Your Cooktop - 10/21/13 01:39 AM
How to Clean Your Cooktop
Glass cooktops,  you either love them or hate them. So here’s my secret  to keep them sparkling clean Bar keepers friend.

Here’s the routine:
1.  Clean off any buildup of gunk with a damp rag or sponge.  If there’s any stubborn spots I let the damp cloth rest on it for a few minutes and then it usually wipes off fairly easily.
2.  Rinse out the cloth/sponge/rag until it’s clean.  Then dampen the entire surface of the cooktop.
3.  While the surface is still damp, lightly sprinkle the bar keepers friend over the entire cooktop.
4.  Use a damp sponge (I use … (0 comments)

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