Authored by: Laurie MindnichJuly 29th, 2008   We were heading to the annual Clambake courtesy of the Flanders Men’s Club. While there were a few errands to run, the day was interrupted when that magnet sucked my car into a parked position. As happens so often on the North Fork of Long Island in t...
I read with interest this article published in the New York Times today. With many of us (particularly in the Northeast) getting our heads wrapped around the foreclosure issue, this article appears timely- not only is it essential, when dealing with clients in the foreclosure process, for us to g...
I haven't owned a home since my last one sold a few years ago. Me, personally. Before that, I'd owned three, refi'd a few times, sold at a profit (albeit, small) and just decided to wait in NY. If the right one came along, I'd look, but to date, have only been tempted by one. And, I would have gl...
I read something today in which a buyer wondered if they would have the ability, after viewing a house with a listing agent, to get their own representation for the purchase. A response from some in the real estate contingent brought up "procuring cause", "ethics to the agent", and wasted time an...
Bob Sullivan from MSNBC's Red Tape Chronicles posted this today. We thought it was valuable enough to show it to you here, at least the opening paragraph. Click here to read his entire post over at the Red Tape Chronicles. "Traditionally, buying a home has been "free," at least with regard to rea...
Authored by: Laurie MindnichJuly 3rd, 2008 As buyer agency becomes more common in New York, myths and misunderstandings abound. A consumer misunderstanding involves seller perception. While the term "buyers agent" might strike fear in the heart of a seller accustomed to both parties working with ...

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