home selling: Home Staging Makes Homes “Move-in Ready” - 06/09/10 03:33 AM
    Home stagers know that 63% of buyers will pay more for a home that is ready to move into at closing, and they advise their clients accordingly. If it’s that important to considerably more than half of the people looking for a home, sellers need to know what it means to make their homes “move-in ready”. They need to know that buyers don’t want to spend money fixing it up any more than they do, and that the buyers will either not buy the home, or they will offer less for it. The abundance of competition in this market encourages … (5 comments)

home selling: Key Room Staging: It's About the First Impression - 12/07/09 03:05 AM
One of the very most important reasons to stage a home is to create a good first impression. Buyers will have an immediate reaction to any home -- well within the first 60 seconds, they will have formed either a positive or negative opinion of the home. They will spend the rest of their time in the home collecting information that backs up or overcomes that opinion.
That's why home staging is such a valuable investment in selling a home. It creates a positive first impression, and then supports that positive opinion as the buyers move through the home.
At Gloria … (26 comments)

home selling: What If There’s a Baby in the House? - 06/20/09 11:17 AM
            Decluttering is one of the major jobs home sellers face, but what happens if there is a baby in the family? What member of a family has more furniture, equipment, and just plain stuff than a baby? And it seems that it is all needed! It may be hard for parents to decide what to pack during the selling process, but if they remember that packing as much as possible is very likely to shorten that process, they may find that they can do without some things they didn't think they could.
            For example, this family decided that they … (15 comments)

home selling: Staging Vanilla Boxes - 03/29/09 08:32 AM
            Walk down the hall of this vacant house, look into the rooms and this is what you see. The rooms are freshly painted and carpeted. They are in mint condition, but they are bland. They have no character, and you can hardly tell which one is which.
They are three scoops of vanilla ice cream waiting to become a sundae. So let's get some toppings!
Home staging adds the character vacant houses need to be memorable and appealing to buyers. It shows the buyers the possibilities - staging makes the house feel like home!
In the Orlando, Florida … (7 comments)

home selling: Staging Leads to 2d Look, Home Sells in 30 Days - 03/01/09 12:04 PM
            This beautiful home in Oviedo, FL, went on the market on January 26, and was under contract on February 25. That's only 30 days!  And Gloria Home Staging was an important part of that success. The buyer originally thought that some areas of the home were too small, but she loved the décor and staging so much that it brought her back for a second look. The staging helped make her want to live in this home, above all the others she saw.
            This is what she would have seen if the home had not been staged:

home selling: Home Staging DRAMA - 01/27/09 01:23 PM
"Striking in appearance or effect" is one of the ways Webster defines the word "dramatic."
When we're selling a home, we want it to be striking in appearance. We want it to have an effect on the potential buyers (a good effect!). We want it to stand out from the crowd.
Let's have some DRAMA!
And do you know what one of the synonyms for "dramatic" is? Staged.
Home stagers accentuate a home's features, drawing potential buyers' attention to the home's interesting details and making them memorable. They aim to put the buyers' imaginations to work picturing themselves living in the … (21 comments)

home selling: Home Staging is a Gift Homeowners Give Themselves - 12/09/08 05:09 AM

Yes, professional home staging is an important investment for home sellers. There are plenty of statistics and testimonials that tell of its financial benefits. It is a very practical business decision. But that's not all it is!
Professional home staging is a gift homeowners can give themselves whether they are selling their homes or not. Excess belongings are packed away, so the home is easier to take care of - there are fewer things to dust and vacuum around. Everything has its place. If the homeowners are staging to live, the things that are left are their favorites. The furniture … (0 comments)

home selling: Don’t Be Average! - 11/16/08 07:11 AM
            The average home here in the Orlando, Florida, region is on the market for 111 days before it sells. That means that the average home seller goes through nearly 3 months of showings and stress before someone finally buys the home. But why be average? Why not be one who sells your home sooner than others?
Average means normal, common, middling, ordinary, run-of-the-mill. Does anyone out there set out to buy themselves an average home? People may sometimes settle for an average home, but most keep looking until they find one that stands out. One … (9 comments)

home selling: True Confessions - 11/11/08 08:28 AM
I admit it. It’s true. We home stagers do very often express frustration that so few people seem to really “get” the idea of home staging. We write blog after blog trying to explain the benefits of staging, and discussing how hard it is to get Realtors and home sellers to see how practical and beneficial home staging is for all concerned.
Sometimes I wonder what Realtors and home sellers think when they read those blogs. Are they mystified? Irritated? Bored? Do they ever notice how often we speak of home staging as more than a business or a marketing strategy? … (6 comments)

home selling: Question for Realtors: What is the right house to stage? - 10/17/08 02:42 AM
            Being a professional home stager, I often speak with realtors about staging their listings. Something I hear regularly is that they will call me when they have the "right house" to stage. As a stager, I of course think that every house could benefit from staging at whatever level the owners can manage, so it puzzles me to hear that there seems to be a category of homes that are not "the right ones."
            As a realtor, what do you consider to be an appropriate home to stage? Conversely, what kinds of things keep a home from being a … (6 comments)

home selling: “Let go! You’re moving!” Staging helps sellers come to grips with reality. - 10/08/08 12:38 PM
My poor friend! She loved her home. She and her husband had built it, and she had finally gotten it decorated the way they wanted it. It was lovely and colorful, and reflected her and her family's personalities beautifully. She loved their community and the children's school.
Then they decided to accept a job transfer to Orlando, Florida. They just had the summer to sell the home so that the children could start school at the beginning of August. The rush was on! They quickly got it on the market, deciding to sell it as it was. But week after week, … (2 comments)

home selling: The Obvious Obviously isn’t Obvious - 09/22/08 02:14 AM
Yesterday I was talking with a friend about how my home staging business, Gloria Home Staging, Inc., is going. I told her that my partner and I had done a proposal to stage a lovely vacant home in Winter Park, Florida, and that the owner was deciding about it. He is considering trying to sell it vacant for a month, and then seeing about staging.
My friend (who has no particular real estate expertise, but is an extremely practical person) said, "Well, then he's just not ready to sell it!" Obviously! If he's not doing whatever he can to market his … (11 comments)

home selling: A Reason Not to Stage a Home? - 08/14/08 09:45 AM
A realtor responded quickly to a marketing email my partner sent out recently for our home staging business. He is at least the second listing agent for a vacant home that has been on the market for months and months, and he was eager to talk to his client about having us stage the home. Unfortunately, however, his client was not interested.
"They just want to sell a service."
Susan and I were stunned.  Well ... yes, we do want to sell a service. But service to whom? The realtor? Ourselves? The homeowner? Yes! That's it! We want to serve the homeowner. We … (9 comments)

home selling: Before, Before, After - 07/21/08 10:56 AM
Getting a home ready to sell is a process. But how do you tell when it is really ready? The basic wisdom is that the stuff (many call it clutter) must be put away. Pack away what you don't need. Clean it up!
This living room is plainly not ready to be shown to buyers!
Most people know this much, and do it to the best of their ability. Others, however, keep going. They put away the family pictures. Some clear off the shelves completely, though others choose to leave the books and accessories, but tidy them up. Many sellers … (7 comments)

home selling: What does “staged” mean? - 07/04/08 07:56 AM
            I've been noticing a realtor's flyer posted in a local business. The home has been for sale for at least seven months now, and the price has recently been reduced $5,000. It especially interests me because I am a professional home stager, and boy, do I have ideas of ways I could help it shine!
            One room in particular looks to me like a college dorm room. The furniture consists of several mismatched wooden chairs, a country hutch, and a small TV on a metal TV stand.  It cries out to me for a coherent plan, for a sofa, … (13 comments)

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