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Losers quit when they are tired. Winners quit when they have won.                  This can be a good phrase to live by in any game of life.  Never give up until the game or race is over.
You lose with potential.  You win with performance.        Bill  Percells (Pro football coach) This is something that we can all relate to - we always say that someone has so much potential . . .  we need to learn how to channel that potential into a performing activity.  Good luck and go for it!
1) When loved ones come home, always run to greet them. 2) Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstacy. 3) Let others know when they've invaded your territory. 4) Take naps and stretch before rising. 5) Run- romp- and play daily. 6) On hot days, drink lots of wa...
To have an uncluttered mind at the end of each day, make a list of everything, even the little things, that you must accomplish the next day. Then, make sure you end the day with a clean slate. . .Benjamin Franklin.  I have tried this and right before I go to bed I make my list - then I don't tos...
As the old spanish proverb says: It's not the same to talk of bulls as to be in the bullring.  This is so true.  Do you ever feel that you are in the hotseat in negociations - during showings -a t closings.  WE must first always remember to think before you speak.  Just babbling can get you in mo...
Success is not purchased at any one time, but on the installment plan.  Author Unknown. Let us al work on the installment plan and pave our road to happiness. If may not always be easy or smooth - gravel and hills will be in the future. Good luck!
I work many agents in small town and the majority of business is done by a handful of agents.  Many of the other agents sit and talk about these agents and  how they have so much business - but when it comes to advertising - they are not willing to spend any money to promote themselves.  Do you c...
Your IQ is not nearly as important as your "I will". - Author unknown.  We can all learn from using this in our day to day routine. More "I'will" can improve all of our attitudes and help others too.  Sometimes we are so in the me- me - me mode that we forget to do the "I will's". Let's all striv...
Your IQ is not nearly as important as your "I will". - Author unknown.  We can all learn from using this in our day to day routine.
I am one that goes my the belief that first impressions are lasting ones. In the first 8 seconds that you meet a client they are "sizing you up" to determine if they want to work with you.  This not only happens the first time but each meeting I believe.  I am not saying that you have to dress up...

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