home safety: 13 Thanksgiving Home Safety Tips - 11/04/19 08:46 AM
Thanksgiving often means traveling to see loved ones, eating festive food, and relaxing at home. But when spending time in your home or the homes of others, it is crucial to ensure your home is safe and free of hazards.
Make this Thanksgiving make it your safest yet by following these thirteen Thanksgiving home safety tips!
Check Your Smoke Detectors
Smoke detectors should be checked every month to ensure batteries are still operating efficiently and every year in case they need to be replaced. Every ten years, smoke alarms need to be replaced.
Remove Fire Hazards
Anytime you or a family member is cooking, think twice … (2 comments)

home safety: Halloween Safety for Your Home - 10/22/19 07:48 AM
Halloween is a holiday meant to be fun and spooky, but there’s nothing fun when dangers lurk around your home! In fact, a study published in 2010 found that Halloween is the holiday with the fourth highest number of emergency room visits.
This upcoming Halloween holiday, be extra cautious when decorating your home and walking on other’s property; you can prevent serious accidents and injuries before they happen. Follow these 7 property tips for the spookiest-and safest-Halloween!
Skip the Candles
Candles give off a beautiful warm glow, but can also increase the risk of an accident house or yard fire! According to the … (1 comments)

home safety: Winterize Your Home: Prevent Winter Accidents Before They Happen - 01/25/19 02:24 PM
Winter is often deemed a wonderland, but when winter weather affects your home or property and causes serious personal injury hazards, it's more of a legal and financial hurricane than a wonderful time of year. Choosing to winterize your home or property can not only help keep you, your loved ones, and your tenants safe from accident and injury but can also significantly help cut costs long term.
To help prevent a winter accident before it happens, apply these 7 expert tips to winterize your home.
Install Storm Windows and Doors
Consider adding storm windows and doors throughout your home. Not only will they … (1 comments)





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