mold: Can Heavy Rain Cause Mold In Your Home? - 04/10/20 10:51 AM
Regardless of where you live, heavy rain can have lasting effects on your home if you are not taking proper care of your ceilings, pipes, leaks etc. Mold, unfortunately, can grow on everything, and if you live in a place where rain is not as common, a heavy rainstorm on a vulnerable place in your home could grow mold fairly quickly.
Is My Home Well Equipped For Heavy Rain?
It is likely to see mold growth from heavy rain in places where rainstorms last a few hours and are not common, especially in homes or apartments that are not well equipped for large amounts … (2 comments)

mold: 8 Effects Mold Has On Your Health - 04/07/20 10:10 AM
Mold is a common component of a household or workplace dust, however, if it gathers in large amounts, it can be extremely hazardous. Many times, mold can live within a home for a long time and it will not be noticed until it comes through the wall. Mold can live anywhere in your home, especially places with a lot of moisture, for example, it can gather around leaks or cardboard or around ceiling tiles. Mold can also grow in dust, drywall, and even carpet according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It can also be attached to your clothes … (0 comments)

mold: Finding Mold in Property: Who is Responsible? - 01/22/19 11:48 AM
Finding mold in your property can be a serious issue due to the dangers of the different types of mold that exist. As a property owner, you are responsible to fix the issue and if you are renting out the property, you are responsbible to make accomodations so that your tenants are able to leave the premises if need be. Every state has different laws in place to protect tenants and property managers. In Nevada, a landlord has a least two days to fix or try to fix an issue. The time starts as soon as the tenant informs the landlord, … (0 comments)





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