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Information on the Fresno California Real Estate Market from Fresno's Foremost Blogging Broker -- Randy "Lazarus" McAtee Owner/Broker of Lazarus Realty.



Did you know that last Sunday right here in Fresno we had the LARGEST REAL ESTATE FORECLOSURE AUCTION IN THE HISTORY OF THE CENTRAL VALLEY with over 1500 homes sold? Well, that’s not good news.  In my opinion its not even good news for buyers, or at least in the larger picture, only marginally so...
BUT WHAT ABOUT GOOSE FIGHTS?That's the way it will be in California if the Humane Society has its way. They're seeking to make it a felony to be a spectator of a dogfight in California. But what about a goose fights? I was walking through the park the other day when this goose stopped me and aske...
Since everything was quite today and we had a beautiful blue sky filled with fair weather cumulus clouds, I decided to go to Woodward Park and take some pictures.   Woodward Park is beautiful as you can see from this picture.  When you enter the park by its south gateway you immediately encounter...
Are you like me, you have Adobe Photoshop but find yourself overwhelmed by its complexity and you're not quite sure how or where to get started?  Well, I have found the solution for myself and am going to share it with you: has over 100 hours of video instruction just on lear...
I am so tired of opening my mailbox and getting SPAM from NAR.  I called them last year and asked them to PLEASE remove me from their mailing list.  I told them I'm tired of getting their SPAM MAIL.I suspect they sell or market the data base of Realtor info to the highest bidder.  It seems I'm co...
I got of little boy downtown in downtown Fresno in the Fulton Mall.  Note the bug under his nose.  For the photo buffs this was taken with a nikon  D300 and 35mm f2 lens.  No post-processing was performed other than cropping the image and reducing the file for the web. CLICK THE IMAGE and it will...
Saturday last there was a parade in Fresno's Chinatown.  ITS THE YEAR OF THE RAT.  I'm thinking that this creature to the left is maybe supposed to be a rat - but I dont know.  You would think that if its the YEAR OF THE RAT that they would be parading a RAT, but this thing doesnt look anything ...
Historic Fresno Buildings [photos included] The Tallest building between San Francisco and Los Angeles is the Pacific Southwest Building located in the heart of downtown Fresno in the Fulton Mall. Between 1920 and 1930 this was the most expensive building erected in the entire state of California...
The old Fresno Water Tower at the corner of Fresno and O Street is probably the city’s most famous icon. I read a comment on the internet by someone claiming it to be the second most popular subject for photographers in all of Central California, with Yosemite’s Halfdome holding the number one sp...

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