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Yesterday, as I often do, I drove around the neighborhood View Larger Map looking for open houses to preview. Their weren't many which is one of the good things about this area: very low turnover. It's not a great market for the real estate agent who "farms a neighborhood" for that very reason. M...
Well they wont be secret spots for long because I am going to share them with you. If you like to camp and if you like to get out in the early spring when the poppies are in bloom and hills are alive with color and if you enjoy relative seclusion and privacy (but still want a campground with a co...
This morning when I was  perusing the price reductions on our MLS I came across a listing ( Fresno MLS# 309338) where the agent had taken one halfway decent shot of the exterior of the home.  Then she (or the office secretary) entered the same picture SIX times.  Sure, this is substandard work an...
I went fishing today with my oldest son. We went up into the foothills behind Pine Flat Lake. We both wished others could have been with us to see what we saw. I hope that when you see these pictures you can get an idea of how absolutely beautiful it was.© Randy "Lazarus" McAtee
I shot a home yesterday for another agent and it was a REALLY BIG home with big windows and lots of daylight outside.  I had the obvious problem of trying to capture the inside of the home without having the windows blown out.  I was using 3 Nikon SB800 strobes but the house was so big I wasnt ge...
On Sundays I often drive around my neighborhood and stop in to take a peek at the open houses. Yesterday I previewed two homes. The first home was at 1626 W Mesa Ave and is listed by London Properties - Ruth Reisz is the listing agent. The MLS# is 307900. This home is an REO listed for $370,000 a...
On Thursday my wife and I drove the famous Fresno Blossom Trail. We planned to leave at 9:00 am and get back around 1:00 pm so basically we allotted 3 hours for the drive. As it turned out we left at 10:00 am and didnt arrive back home until nearly 5:00 pm in the evening. Time really does fly whe...
This just in … actually I received it via an email from Jennifer Arnbrister, an Account Executive at Reunion Mortgage. HUD has revised their lending limits for the entire country and according to Jennifer the Central Valley rates are in today while the rest of the country has to wait until tomorr...
America's Billionaire next door, confirmed yesterday what I (Randy "Lazarus" McAtee) announced on January 14, 2008: " ...the U.S. economy is essentially in a recession even if it hasn’t met the technical definition of one yet" (stated buffet on Monday) The Oracle of Omaha had a significant advant...

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