blog: Two Blog Referrals This Week - 06/23/09 08:02 AM
Proof that I need to keep my blog alive.  It's summer though and that's not easy.  It seems as though just about every weekend is booked with wedding, family reunion, or some sort of get together.  I've been trying to get up to Yosemite and that hasn't worked out yet either.  The day my wife and I scheduled to go up there she didn't feel well.

blog: Mardi Gras in Fresno? - 02/03/08 03:52 PM
Yes, and on Superbowl Sunday. There shouldn't be a Mardi Gras anywhere on the planet on Superbowl Sunday! But FRESNO? I don't think the word Fresno and Mardi Gras should be in the same sentence. Add to that it was sprinkling and COLD - at least when it started - weather improved slightly.
It was held in the Tower District which is Fresno's equivalent of the French Quarter.
It WAS COLORFUL, I'll grant you that.
(see this blog for more on the Tower District)
Note: I was running out from under cover so I wouldnt get my camera wet and failed to … (6 comments)

blog: Superbowl Popcorn and important information about Providence and YOU. - 01/31/08 04:26 AM
Ok folks, I'm going to share with you my favorite popcorn recipe.  I am a HUGE fan of popcorn.  I LOVE popcorn and a good movie.  I don't consider myself a popcorn connoisseur but I do favor Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet popcorn and my wife buys it in those 8 lb canisters.  Now mind you, I realize I recently announced the Official Beginning of the Recession and confessed to ceasing to buy Starbucks beans and opting for less expensive generics.  My announcement caused a huge ripple effect in the coffee industry and right after I made it Starbucks decided to begin closing some stores. This phenomenon is … (4 comments)

blog: Hey Neighbor - -Your Fence is on MY Property... - 01/30/08 03:43 AM
or How Google Maps and Satellite Images Helped Me
A few years back I purchased a vacant lot in Goose Lake Estates during a Modoc County tax lien sale. Goose Lake is Northern California right on the Oregon border. In fact, the lake is something like 2/3 in California and 1/3 in Oregon. Its a very big lake, but also VERY shallow with a maximum depth of 24 feet.
[image from wikipedia] After I purchased this parcel I used google maps to pinpoint its exact location. Then I zoomed in it and hit the button for satellite image and noticed what looked … (2 comments)

blog: Children's Hospital - State of The Art Facility in California's Central Valley - 01/23/08 04:00 AM
Children’s Hospital in Madera California is truly one of the gems of California’s Central Valley. The hospital is perched right above the San Joaquin river basin just north of Fresno on hwy 41. I’m not a doctor or a hospital analyst but my layman’s guess is that this is truly one of the best - if not THE BEST - children’s hospital in the state of California. I pulled into the hospital the other day as the sun was setting and got these shots. They start at the entrance and then I went around the hospital clockwise. As I left I … (3 comments)

blog: Hide It Under A Bushel? NO - I'm gonna let it shine - 01/21/08 05:30 AM
Yesterday morning I decided to do something out of the ordinary, the ordinary being that Sunday mornings I usually attend liturgy at St. Peter the Apostle Orthodox Church here in Fresno Ca.  I packed up my camera and went downtown thinking to shoot the city hall (and did just that) and then went a block or so east over to one Fresno's landmark churches: St Johns Cathedral.  The church is listed in Fresno's Historical Registryand is over 100 years old.

I arrived during one of the later morning services and it could tell immediately that the church was well attended because … (13 comments)

blog: Today is Theophany for old calendar Orthodox Christians - 01/19/08 02:42 PM
One of the basic tenants of Orthodox Christian faith comes from the Psalms:
"God is the Lord and has revealed himself to us"
Theophany - refers to the revelation or "shining forth" of God on earth.  When Jesus Christ was baptized the Spirit of God descended up him in the form of a dove and Father spoke from heaven saying "This is my beloved son..." 
It was at his baptism that Jesus Christ was revealed to the world as the Son of God.
During Theophany we have a blessing of the water and the blessed water is taken home and used later when the … (3 comments)

blog: Lazarus IS the HUMAN SHOEHORN! - 01/18/08 08:23 AM
I remember seeing one when I was young and not knowing what it was.  "What's this?" I asked.  "A shoehorn" was the reply.
 "What's it for?"
"It helps you get your shoes on."
How fascinating, something that was designed to help one get their shoes on when all you really need to do is stick your foot in your shoe and tie and knot  - what could be simpler than that? And what could be more useless than a shoehorn? (Thought I).  It never occurred to me when I was younger that putting on my shoes would one day be a chore!   … (0 comments)

blog: The $800.00 question ??? is it an answer to what's ailing our economy? - 01/18/08 07:17 AM
Bush considering $800 tax rebate to boost US economy
How is $800.00 per family going to prop up our economy?  It sounds totally ludicrous to me.  Don't get me wrong, its not like I cant use $800.00 (who cant?) but how will my spending $800.00 rebated to me from the  governement, whose financial condition is worse than mine, fix our economy?
Forget an $800.00 tax rebate; government deficits are HUGE.
Of COURSE the idea is that we need to SPEND our way out of our troubles.  Only in America - where we SPEND money in order to save it!  My wife just came into my office this … (6 comments)

blog: Getting Wide Angle Shots That DAZZLE... - 01/15/08 11:30 AM
OK , Maybe they dont dazzle you but today I thought I would practice on taking wide angle shots.  I posted a capture that I got yesterday but it was done hand held and rather hastily processed.  Today I got out my tripod and  took my time taking these captures.  This dining room is only 14.5 ft wide so you can see the difference that wide angle makes.  They were processed on my mac so they will look a little darker on your PC then they do on my mac.  Since most people are viewing on a PC I will have … (23 comments)

blog: Question regarding screen resolution - 01/14/08 11:52 AM
I am working on some wide angle shots and trying to get some semblance of equality between the screen resolution on my mac and a PC. Does anyone else have this problem?  when I Photoshop the pic on my mac it looks reasonably decent but when I view it on a PC its considerably darker and with greater contrast.  Frustrating!
I am practicing with wide angle and took this shot at dusk using a sb800 flash on my Nikon.  I am thinking I could use one or two more flashes or at least some other light source but I dont want to … (10 comments)

blog: Official beginning of the Recession… - 01/14/08 04:22 AM
I am marking today’s date, January 14th 2008, as the official beginning of the recession.  I’m certain it is because just a little while ago I was headed to Starbucks to buy some coffee for the office and just when I would have turned left to go into the SBUX lot I turned right instead and went into Savemart - yes, you heard me right: Savemart.  I decided I would buy some Folgers instead.
Gosh, how long has it been since I have bought Folgers?  So long I didnt even recognize their new packaging.  I remember a metal can; now its … (3 comments)

blog: Fresno CA Real Estate Market Update - 01/13/08 05:28 PM
Well I just saw a news report that said the the median price of Fresno homes in December was $249,000.  In the update for November the median price was at $255,000 so the market saw another dip ~~~~~YAWN~~~~~ .
As a reminder the peak was June of 2006 with a median price of approx $314,000 so prices are down approx 22% from the highs.

blog: We took a day trip to Yosemite yesterday and I took these photos... - 01/03/08 05:23 PM
if you look carefully in the forth picture you can see a cat down by the bridge. It looks larger than a bobcat to me; I suspect its a cougar. The coyote hung out by the road for a LONG time. I wish I got more captures of it.
Yosemite is only about an hours drive from Fresno - that's to the main gate - then its another 35 miles to the valley floor - so figure 2 hours. I hope to visit Yosemite again in the spring. Just so you know, those two handsome young men are two of my five … (3 comments)

blog: Christmas Tree Lane in Fresno California - 12/21/07 05:06 PM
Just about everyone who knows anything about Fresno knows that Fresno has a beloved Christmas Tree Lane located on Van Ness Blvd in Old Fig Garden. Old Fig Garden is known for its tree-lined streets with historic homes. Every year they string up lights on Old Van Ness and many of the homeowners decorate their homes and yards with lights ... and often much more.
The other nite I was eager to see what I could accomplish with my new camera and shot the photos below. I dont really have a good night lens for what I was doing but that didnt … (3 comments)

blog: More Fresno Real Estate Market Statistics from Lazarus - 12/17/07 02:02 PM
I just added a link on my website that gives the MLS marketing data from 2000 to the present.  It is titled:
Fresno MLS Historical Data January 2000 – November 2007 
The file is in PDF format Fresno Association of Realtors.
It contains lots of statistical information and the following graphs:
Median List Price to Median Sales Price ComparisonNumber Of Sold Listings By MonthAverage Days on Market (DOM)  Take a look.
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blog: Fresno California Real Estate Statistics - 12/17/07 09:39 AM
Here are the statistics for November 2007 in Fresno.
Homes Sold November 2007: *213  Average days on the market:    79
Median Sale Price:            $255,00
The highest median sales price was in June of 2006 when prices peaked at $314,000. since then prices have fallen approx 19%
As of today our MLS is showing 3829 listings of Single Family Residences, Condos, and PUDs in the cities of Fresno and Clovis.
In the last 12 months the average number of units sold per month is 313 which put current inventory at about 1 yeart to absorb.
*SFR, Condos, Puds in Fresno and Clovis

blog: Fresno Tower District - pictures included - 12/14/07 08:05 AM
The other day I did brief blog on Fresno's Tower District and mentioned that the heart of the Tower District is the historic Tower Theater. I failed to include the link to the Tower Theaters website. And what's worse is I didnt include any photos... MY BAD!!! So here a couple of night shots I took.

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blog: St Herman Monastery in Platina California - 12/11/07 06:54 PM
This Monastery in Platina California happens to be in our Diocese. Platina is about 40 miles west of Redding [click here for map]and nestled in a little valley. Wikipedia has the population at around 200 which sounds high to me. Its a rather idyllic place.
I went up to visit the Monastery with a friend during the winter few years ago and down in the valley it where the post office is was wet from rain, but as we went up the hill we encountered snow. This picture pales in comparison to what I saw with my eyes. The sun shining … (9 comments)

blog: Fresno Tower District - 12/08/07 07:10 PM
The heart of the arts and eclectic living in Fresno is found in the Tower District which gets its name from the historic Tower Theater at the corner of Olive and Wishon.
Today I went into the Revue - a wonderful coffee house - and had their Tomato Bisque Soup and some sort of Mexican Mocha. Loved it! The Revue is pure eye/lens candy for photographer: colors galore. The patrons, as you can see are pretty colorful as well. While I was there I shot thethese pics.


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