california: Fresno is a Bed Bug Free Zone! - 10/28/10 09:45 AM
Folks wishing to make a visit to Fresno California should be able to enjoy a bed bug free stay.  According to the Bed Bug Registry there are no reported incidents of outbreak:
If you would like to buy a home while you're here, feel free to give me a call: Lazarus @ 559:301-1647

california: Bankers Crunch The Numbers -- Then CRUNCH THE HOUSES - 05/05/09 10:37 AM
Here's the latest on the California Housing Crunch.  Bankrupt builders are leaving their creditors with nearly finished homes.  The banks, already upside down in the deals no they can never recoup their losses so the demolish the homes as you see in this video below.
Unfortunately the demolition makes sense because the besides finishing the homes the banks would likely be obligated to complete the streets, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and all the rest of the neighborhood infrastructure.  Very sad, especially in light how many people don't have a proper roof over their head.

california: Fresno Now California's Fifth Largest City... - 05/01/09 11:27 AM
... and you thought this was just a podunk hick-town full of raisin farmers.  
According to the latest statistics released yesterday by the Department of Finance Fresno's population grew by 10,578 people in 2008.  That was enough to bump the city up over Long Beach and make it the fifth largest City in the State with a total population of 495,913.
California's 10 most populous cities as of Jan. 1, 2009, with percentage of growth since 2008:
1. Los Angeles, 4,065,585, 1.1%
2. San Diego, 1,353,993, 1.5%
3. San Jose, 1,006,892, 2.2%
4. San … (0 comments)

california: Fresno Ca Real Estate Market Bleet - 04/28/09 05:16 PM
Was busy doing showings this afternoon in an area where sales have been brisk.  The volume of REOs in this particular neighborhood has been so high that I noticed prices drop 10% in a matter of about 2 or 3 months.  I noticed a lot of homes with non-mls lock boxes --- meaning that the homes are being foreclosed on and will be coming to market soon. 
Looks like another wave of homes is set to hit the market soon.  I spoke with my insurance agent today who told me there were 6 pages of NODs  (Notice of Default) in the … (0 comments)

california: California BUZZ... - 04/15/09 11:23 AM
West Coast haircut.  Golden State Clip.
Just how much have home prices been shorn in California?
Believe it or not in 2006 the median price of a home in California was $576,000.
California median home price as of February 09: $247,590
(Source C.A.R.)
Now that’s a haircut!

Homes prices are now entering into BARGAIN TERRITORY, assuming of course that the economy doesn’t go over a cliff.  In which case all bets are … (0 comments)

california: California Real Estate Market Stats - 10/22/08 03:51 PM

california: Interesting Stats on California Real Estate Licensing - 09/12/08 05:07 AM

* State of California only * 
I sold a home last year and represented the Buyer. The seller's provided a 2 year roof certificate from a contractor recommended by her broker. Some problems developed with the roof and I contacted the Contractor (or so I thought) and he said that the Contractor under which the certificate was written was no longer in business but that he was covering all certificates written and making good on them. Well after months of not making any progress and a complaint from my buyer that she was not getting service I decided to get to the … (3 comments)

california: How To Check A Realtor's License In California - 10/30/07 03:41 PM
If you want to check a Realtor's license status in the state of California, its easy.
Go to
Then go down to where it says consumers and click the link which will take you this page.
 then go to where it says License Status Check and click Real Estate Salesperson, Broker or Corporation which takes you to this page.
 then go to the line that says: Click here to check the status of a real estate salesperson, broker, or corporation. which takes you to here.
Then just type in the licensee's name or the broker's name depending on what you are looking for … (0 comments)

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