foreclosures: Underwater Mortgages Recede as Fresno County Home Values Rise - 07/08/13 03:29 PM
Read the recent article from the Fresno Bee HERE
Simply put – inventory is TIGHT
How tight you ask?
Take a look at todays 24 HOUR MARKET WATCH

We have 45 new listings and in the last 24 hours 64 homes have gone into contract.  The market is highly in favor of Sellers… that is, the ones who are ABLE to sell.  Still a lot of folks underwater.
I recently helped an investor purchase 3 homes: Two traditional sales and one short sale.  On both traditional sales there were MULTIPLE OFFERS and my Buyer had to pay over the ask … (1 comments)

foreclosures: Fresno Real Estate Inventory Drying Up. - 12/13/12 08:33 AM
I've been noticing for quite some time the dwindling inventory in the Fresno Real Estate Market.  Listings are being out numbered by pending sales at a significant clip.
This is what I saw when I logged on to the MLS today.

This means over twice as many homes went into contract (Pendings =52) in the last 24 hours then came onto market (New Listings = 23)
Its a trend I have been observing for quite some time which perhaps is now exacerbated by the Holiday Season.  The other factors I think influencing this market imbalance is a slowdown in foreclosures … (1 comments)

foreclosures: 20 Cities You Don't Want to Live in ...Yet.... - 03/22/11 04:22 PM
Fresno made the list on this CNBC report.
On a positive note, we didnt make the "bedbug infestation list" 
Sometimes I do wonder WTF I'm doing here and if it wasnt for the majority of our 6 kids being here.... I'd probably exit stage right.
Need to buy or sell a home in Fresno???
Call me: 559 - 301 -  1 6 4 7

foreclosures: Real Estate Agents a Waste of Money... - 12/06/10 10:16 AM
Its only a matter of time before the market eleminates the middle man and agents are no longer needed.... at least not employed to the degree they are at present.
When the service becomes available that allows the owner to represent themselves in an efficient manner - THEY WILL.
Come on... If you are paying an agent to sell your property --- lets say a $100k home --- and you are paying 6% commission: $6,000.00.... and they take pics like this:

Do you REALLY need them?
Any owner with a $50.00 cameral could do better.
Google  should fund a nationwide … (11 comments)

foreclosures: Real Estate Is “For Sure” Double Dipping … - 12/06/10 08:35 AM

I have often said that we hit a bottom but I wasnt sure if we would bounce along the bottom and go up or bounce along the bottom and drop off a cliff.
Here’s an opinion from someone smarter than me:
Nouriel Roubini: Real Estate Is “For Sure” Double Dipping, And Another $1 Trillion In Losses Is Coming.
There's a reason they call him DR. DOOM!

foreclosures: Borrowers Got Liars Loans - Banks Get Liars Forelosures - 10/18/10 02:40 PM
The revelations just keep getting worse.
'Foreclosure Mill' Employees Got Gifts For Altering Documents, Witness Says.
At a large Florida "foreclosure mill," a manager signed up to 1,000 documents a day without reading them and employees were given gifts to speed up foreclosure paperwork, according to depositions released today by the Florida Attorney General's Office.
... so its tit for tat

foreclosures: Fresno Price Reductions Inspire Broker to Blog.... - 08/31/10 09:15 AM
Ok, I know I have been absent from the blog scene but I just read an agent's comment on an MLS listed home that compelled me to hit the keyboards.
The comment: "VERY cooperative and creative seller"
My questions to the agent would be, if the seller is so cooperative how come the home has been on the market for 664 days? How come the price has only been reduced by $27,500 in that time?
For those looking to sell in Fresno - its a TERRIBLE market for selling. For those looking to buy - its looking better (provided you have … (0 comments)

foreclosures: Fresno housing market has foreclosures, but remains tight – - 12/15/09 10:58 AM
The housing market in Fresno is still fraught with foreclosures, posting the nation’s 15th-highest rate in the third quarter, according to
That means the market there is saturated with available homes, right? Not quite.
read the entire article here

foreclosures: Another BAD MLS PICS Blog... - 12/08/09 05:33 AM
Haven't done one for awhile and could not resist these.   I'm sure I could find worse ones if I look but these just happened to land in my email box moments ago.
 I think this means there's a shower:



AND THIS IS A _____________________ (fill in the blank if you know)


foreclosures: Foreclosures: Prime Borrowers Are The Latest Victims - 11/19/09 10:12 AM
Foreclosures: Prime Borrowers Are The Latest Victims. Prime Borrowers = people like you and me.
I have one client who, until recently had excellent credit, and lives in a  3000+ sq. ft. — 5 bd. / 3 ba–  home, which will soon be the property of the bank.  His retail business hasn’t just slowed, it’s fallen off the cliff.  The retail mall he is in is becoming a ghost town.  He has days when the cash register does not even ring. He asked me to sell a small (around 800 sq. ft) 2 bedroom 1 bath rental that he owns free … (0 comments)

foreclosures: WELLS FARGO'S IMPLODING LOAN PORTFOLIO - 09/04/09 05:10 AM

foreclosures: FORECLOSURE FRUSTRATION: Graffiti on the Walls - 06/23/09 08:46 AM
I dont know about you but I am often fascinated by the graffiti and poetry I find on the walls of foreclosed homes. The other day I was showing a home and got this image on my cell phone.
Here is the what I got:

Here it is with a little Photo Shop to make it POP:

Want to buy a foreclosed home in Fresno?
Are you a frustrated homeowner facing foreclosure? Do you want to paint your walls?  *Call me today for a free set of water color paints.
Direct: … (2 comments)

foreclosures: Foreclosure Prevention Workshop Offered in Fresno - 06/05/09 06:10 AM

There will be a foreclosure prevention workshop June 11 at the Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center.
The workshop is from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the exhibit halls at the center at 848 M. St. in downtown Fresno. The event is free, although parking is $7.
The session offers troubled homeowners an opportunity to meet their mortgage servicer or housing counselors face-to-face in an attempt to understand their options or devise a plan to save their houses.

The workshop is the product of HOPE NOW, an alliance of lenders, counselors, investors and others; The Federal Reserve … (0 comments)

foreclosures: Fresno Meet in the Middle 4 Equality Rally - 06/03/09 11:26 AM
Fresno Meet in the Middle 4 Equality Rally
May 30th, 2009
Off Topic: Meaning this has nothing to do with the Fresno Real Estate Market.
I went downtown on Saturday to check out the Revfest at the Fulton Mall and on the way there I saw huge crowd gathered so I decided to check out what was going on.  What was going on wast the Meet in the Middle Rally.
I figure I better post these pictures before they become obsolete.
Click the box in the lower left corner if you would like to see the slide show with my captions.

foreclosures: Bargain Hunters Snap up Fresno Homes - 05/22/09 03:28 PM
.... so says an article in today's Fresno Bee. And its true, and I have to admit that I have been behind the curve on market reporting but hope that will change.  Its actually difficult to blog all that you would like when you're busy transacting business.  Don't get me wrong, I haven't been THAT busy, but the beginning of the year is off to a much better start than last year.  
Some of the salient statistics from the article:
banks were the biggest sellers, responsible for 60.5% of the transactions in Fresno County Fresno's foreclosure rate -- reflecting … (1 comments)

foreclosures: Fresno CA And The Economic Stress Test - 05/18/09 08:56 AM
The Associated Press recently released a map measuring  the amount of economic stress being endured by each county in the nation.
As you can see, All of California has been hit hard and Fresno is no exception.  

foreclosures: Bankers Crunch The Numbers -- Then CRUNCH THE HOUSES - 05/05/09 10:37 AM
Here's the latest on the California Housing Crunch.  Bankrupt builders are leaving their creditors with nearly finished homes.  The banks, already upside down in the deals no they can never recoup their losses so the demolish the homes as you see in this video below.
Unfortunately the demolition makes sense because the besides finishing the homes the banks would likely be obligated to complete the streets, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and all the rest of the neighborhood infrastructure.  Very sad, especially in light how many people don't have a proper roof over their head.

foreclosures: Fresno Ca --- 24 Hour Market Update - 04/30/09 07:25 AM
Stats show home sales picking up.  In the last 24 hours we have 56 New Listings and 19 Back on the Market.
Thats 75 properties on the SELL SIDE
During that same 24 hour period we are showing 24 Contingents and 71 Pendings.
Thats 95 properties on the BUY SIDE.
That's a great balance of inventory because its CERTAIN that many of those Pending / Contingent sales will not close for one reason or another.
Speaking of CLOSINGS -- we had 39 CLOSED transactions.
So buyers are out there.  Weather is nice.  School is just about out.  PEAK BUYING SEASON. 
There … (0 comments)

foreclosures: Fresno Ca Real Estate Market Bleet - 04/28/09 05:16 PM
Was busy doing showings this afternoon in an area where sales have been brisk.  The volume of REOs in this particular neighborhood has been so high that I noticed prices drop 10% in a matter of about 2 or 3 months.  I noticed a lot of homes with non-mls lock boxes --- meaning that the homes are being foreclosed on and will be coming to market soon. 
Looks like another wave of homes is set to hit the market soon.  I spoke with my insurance agent today who told me there were 6 pages of NODs  (Notice of Default) in the … (0 comments)

foreclosures: California BUZZ... - 04/15/09 11:23 AM
West Coast haircut.  Golden State Clip.
Just how much have home prices been shorn in California?
Believe it or not in 2006 the median price of a home in California was $576,000.
California median home price as of February 09: $247,590
(Source C.A.R.)
Now that’s a haircut!

Homes prices are now entering into BARGAIN TERRITORY, assuming of course that the economy doesn’t go over a cliff.  In which case all bets are … (0 comments)

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