humor: Freaky Friday Post - 06/22/12 11:45 AM
This is pretty funny.  Unfortunately,  it isnt far from the truth.  For example, yesterday I received a full price cash offer for a property from another agent.  Then, about an hour later I get a call from some guy who says he's in front of the property and wants me to come down and show it to him.
Mind you, if a Realtor double ends a deal - i.e. represent both sides they make twice as much money.  IOW, if a commission is 6% it is generally split 50/50 between the listing agent and the selling agent --- but if you … (3 comments)

humor: Guys BE CAREFUL - Dont Get Sent to the DOGHOUSE! - 12/10/08 11:01 AM
My wife just emailed me this.  Is it a hint?

humor: Watch A Dogfight - Go To Prison - 02/22/08 05:12 AM
That's the way it will be in California if the Humane Society has its way. They're seeking to make it a felony to be a spectator of a dogfight in California. But what about a goose fights? I was walking through the park the other day when this goose stopped me and asked me if I would like to watch a goose fight. I said to him "are you serious"? and he replied "sure, we do this all the time."
Well, I wasnt about to pass up an opportunity to take a gander at a good … (6 comments)

humor: I'm Proud To Be A Ponkeyderm - 11/01/07 03:45 AM
I'm learning to navigate the AR site and my most recent addition to my profile is a banner displaying my political persuasion - I'm a Ponkeyderm.  
As a party, current membership is limited to just one:me.   This has its benefits.  For example: 
I nominate who runs for president of my party.I nominate MEI am the only voter in my partyI vote for MEI can honestly say that I have never nominated someone that I didnt believe in and I have NEVER lost an election in my party which is what makes me and my party A BREED APART.
Would YOU like to come … (2 comments)

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