license: Hiring an Unlicensed Contractor - 06/01/15 08:15 AM
Thought I might say a few things about unlicensed contractors. If you hire a contractor and they perform a job where the total amount of labor and material exceeds $500.00, by law, they must be licensed. You are not obligated to pay an unlicensed contractor for a job if the combined total of labor and material is over $500. In fact, not only are they not due the money, they will be fined for their activity if you report them.California courts do not allow an unlicensed contractor to file a law suit against the homeowner for work performed on jobs over the … (6 comments)

license: What If The Contractor You Hired Is No Longer In Business? - 04/29/09 05:10 PM
Fresno California
When your purchasing a home there is a good chance that either your agent or the agent may hire a contractor to do work on the home prior to closing.   Contractors in California (and probably most other states) don't need to be well capitalized  in order to start up a business to begin with.  They are only required to have to have $2500.00 in liquid assets, so its no surprise that so many of them go under, especially in this market. 
So what do you if the contractor that was hired to do work on the home is no … (1 comments)

license: Interesting Stats on California Real Estate Licensing - 09/12/08 05:07 AM

* State of California only * 
I sold a home last year and represented the Buyer. The seller's provided a 2 year roof certificate from a contractor recommended by her broker. Some problems developed with the roof and I contacted the Contractor (or so I thought) and he said that the Contractor under which the certificate was written was no longer in business but that he was covering all certificates written and making good on them. Well after months of not making any progress and a complaint from my buyer that she was not getting service I decided to get to the … (3 comments)

license: How To Check A Realtor's License In California - 10/30/07 03:41 PM
If you want to check a Realtor's license status in the state of California, its easy.
Go to
Then go down to where it says consumers and click the link which will take you this page.
 then go to where it says License Status Check and click Real Estate Salesperson, Broker or Corporation which takes you to this page.
 then go to the line that says: Click here to check the status of a real estate salesperson, broker, or corporation. which takes you to here.
Then just type in the licensee's name or the broker's name depending on what you are looking for … (0 comments)

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