photography: Harmony California - 12/23/10 10:18 AM
Last weekend we took a trip to San Luis Obispo and stopped in the small town of Harmony , population 18.


photography: Real Estate Agents a Waste of Money... - 12/06/10 10:16 AM
Its only a matter of time before the market eleminates the middle man and agents are no longer needed.... at least not employed to the degree they are at present.
When the service becomes available that allows the owner to represent themselves in an efficient manner - THEY WILL.
Come on... If you are paying an agent to sell your property --- lets say a $100k home --- and you are paying 6% commission: $6,000.00.... and they take pics like this:

Do you REALLY need them?
Any owner with a $50.00 cameral could do better.
Google  should fund a nationwide … (11 comments)

photography: Country Living - Taken at the intersection of Kings Canyon and George Smith Rd in Squaw Valley CA - 01/20/10 05:58 PM


photography: Without Words... - 01/20/10 05:43 PM


photography: Another BAD MLS PICS Blog... - 12/08/09 05:33 AM
Haven't done one for awhile and could not resist these.   I'm sure I could find worse ones if I look but these just happened to land in my email box moments ago.
 I think this means there's a shower:



AND THIS IS A _____________________ (fill in the blank if you know)


photography: Wordless Wednesday - my granddaughter - 09/01/09 07:19 PM


photography: Wordless Wednesday - 07/29/09 06:01 AM


photography: FORECLOSURE FRUSTRATION: Graffiti on the Walls - 06/23/09 08:46 AM
I dont know about you but I am often fascinated by the graffiti and poetry I find on the walls of foreclosed homes. The other day I was showing a home and got this image on my cell phone.
Here is the what I got:

Here it is with a little Photo Shop to make it POP:

Want to buy a foreclosed home in Fresno?
Are you a frustrated homeowner facing foreclosure? Do you want to paint your walls?  *Call me today for a free set of water color paints.
Direct: … (2 comments)

photography: More Captures From The Tarangini Indian Dance Performance - 05/19/09 03:52 PM
This is a follow up to a recent blog I wrote about the Tarangini Indian Dance that was performed in Fresno CA on May 2, 2009.  I only shared 2 pictures but now I have an entire gallery of images from the dance performance.

photography: The Ducklings Have Hatched - 05/11/09 10:33 AM

Not long ago I blogged about the ducks that took up residence in our pool.  Shortly thereafter my wife found an egg at the bottom of the pool.  Apparently their nest was not far from the pool (probably hidden in the bushes) because this morning I went out and saw mamma duck with her ducklings.  In the pool of course.


photography: A Taste of India: The Tarangini-Indian Dance Ballet performs in Fresno California - 05/04/09 01:15 PM
Saturday at Sunnyside High School.  The event was sponsored by the Central California Cultural Society of India.  
I was under the weather all last week with a cold or allergies and on Saturday I finally felt well enough to get out and do something so I browsed the Fresno Bee online and found the advertisement for the event.
See Photos Below
I will admit that when I read this: Music composition is done using a sixty-piece orchestra and is presented in full stereophonic sound. I took it to mean there was going to be a live orchestra.  Wrong.  Just a recording. But the dancing was stunning and offered LOTS of camera … (2 comments)

photography: The HILLS ARE ALIVE!!! - 04/25/09 03:11 PM
I took this picture last year around this time and I don't believe I shared it here on AR.  Its a cousin to my background pic on my profile page.  Please feel free to comment.  Oh, and if you're interested in purchasing property in the vicinity call me: I have 21+/- acres available for sale.

Here's a brief video describing the property. Price = negotiable. Its not listed. I am the owner. 


photography: Fresno - 03/20/09 06:56 PM
Spring time in Fresno is fabulous.  Its time to do the Blossom Trail again!
I captured this on a trip up into the foothills earlier this week

Actually been busy recently with escrows!
Harder to blog when your busy - I dont know how some of these folks do it???
Sometimes I feel like I need to blog - but its really more like performance anxiety.  For those of us who are older, keeping up with all the social networking technology is really quite a challenge.

photography: Sonic - 02/25/09 05:01 PM




photography: Self Portrait taken during the Holidays... - 12/29/08 05:16 PM
ME - tall, dark, and.....


photography: Roasted Vegetable Medley - A Vegetarian Delight - 12/11/08 03:12 PM
Here's a great recipe for vegetarians. Lazarus is NOT a vegetarian! However, Lazarus IS an Orthodox Christian, and it is the practice of the Orthodox Church to fast from from eating meat on most Wednesdays and Fridays (and all during Lent and many other feast days).
I was introduced to this dish at *St. George's Greek Orthodox Church (in Fresno --- one Wednesday evening after a pre-sanctified Liturgy).
Its very simple but does take a fair amount of time to prepare.
Cooking time is also quite long. I made this dish the other night and didnt start until ~2:30 and got … (9 comments)

photography: Wordless Wednesday - 12/10/08 02:10 AM


photography: Speechless Sunday - 12/07/08 05:01 AM


photography: I'll Let You Be The Judge.... - 12/05/08 02:52 AM
After reading Rich Jacobson's blog about the "false fronts" that some Realtors© put forward I decided to post a picture taken of me taken the other day down by the San Joaquin River.  We had relatives here for thanksgiving and we decided to take the kids down to the river to skip rocks and get some energy out. 
Since I almost always have my camera with me the relatives asked that I shoot some pictures of them.   After I took pictures of them I thought "what the heck" I might as well get a picture of myself.  So here is a … (7 comments)

photography: Finding Nemo - 11/30/08 03:46 PM
My youngest grandson (we have 4 so far with only 2 of our six children married) was watching Finding Nemo on thanksgiving day and I caught this image of him.  I know Im partial cuz its my grandson and MY picture, but I think its hillarious.


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