photos: More Captures From The Tarangini Indian Dance Performance - 05/19/09 03:52 PM
This is a follow up to a recent blog I wrote about the Tarangini Indian Dance that was performed in Fresno CA on May 2, 2009.  I only shared 2 pictures but now I have an entire gallery of images from the dance performance.

photos: The Ducklings Have Hatched - 05/11/09 10:33 AM

Not long ago I blogged about the ducks that took up residence in our pool.  Shortly thereafter my wife found an egg at the bottom of the pool.  Apparently their nest was not far from the pool (probably hidden in the bushes) because this morning I went out and saw mamma duck with her ducklings.  In the pool of course.


photos: The HILLS ARE ALIVE!!! - 04/25/09 03:11 PM
I took this picture last year around this time and I don't believe I shared it here on AR.  Its a cousin to my background pic on my profile page.  Please feel free to comment.  Oh, and if you're interested in purchasing property in the vicinity call me: I have 21+/- acres available for sale.

Here's a brief video describing the property. Price = negotiable. Its not listed. I am the owner. 


photos: Wordless Wednesday... - 04/15/09 04:45 PM
NOT! I cant post this pic and not

...or more importantly --- what was this agent thinking?  I can take better pics with my cell phone.  If I’m going to buy the house with filthy misquito pond I want to know how its situated in the back yard.  Show me its orientation; NOT THE POND SCUM AND TRASH.  Is it right out side the back door, like so many pools in Fresno.  If I open the back door and step 3 feet out am I going to fall into this?  Looking at it in terms of investment I … (0 comments)

photos: ITS TIME TO FEATHER YOUR NEST... - 03/31/09 06:54 AM
click to see pics
It appears Regenald (my wife's name for the male) has acquired a new mate. Lucy (former mate) was killed by a car last year. BUT, it looks like he's back this year with a 'nuther Lucy. I just took this earlier this morning.
When my wife first saw them last year she was complaining about what a mess they make -- now she's talking about putting out bread for

If your are looking to "feather your nest" in Fresno - whether you're a first time buyer or would like to move up - call … (0 comments)

photos: Fresno - 03/20/09 06:56 PM
Spring time in Fresno is fabulous.  Its time to do the Blossom Trail again!
I captured this on a trip up into the foothills earlier this week

Actually been busy recently with escrows!
Harder to blog when your busy - I dont know how some of these folks do it???
Sometimes I feel like I need to blog - but its really more like performance anxiety.  For those of us who are older, keeping up with all the social networking technology is really quite a challenge.

photos: Self Portrait taken during the Holidays... - 12/29/08 05:16 PM
ME - tall, dark, and.....


photos: Wordless Wednesday - 12/10/08 02:10 AM


photos: Fresno in the Fall - 11/20/08 05:05 PM
Fresno summers can get blistering hot; you get used to 100+ degree weather.  Winters can be brutal when the fog rolls in.  But spring and fall are fabulous.  Today when I drove by Woodward Park I pulled in to catch a shot of the trees with autumn leaves.

as beautiful as the colors are, my favorite is this one in black and white:


photos: Passengers in the Yellow SUV -- STEP OUT OF THE VEHICLE WITH YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR... - 10/24/08 01:09 PM
...The police helicoptor flying overhead in circles above my FJ cruiser was issuing a command through a bullhorn as my oldest son and I were talking to each other yesterday in the late afternoon.  We didnt have a clue as to what was going on but we KNEW we were the only ones in a yellow SUV in that area.  We both got out with our hands raised and were given further commands to walk up the hill to officers who were coming down to meet us.  Two police cars came down the hill and 3 officers stepped out with weapons … (7 comments)

photos: Fresno's Halloween Hillbillies - 10/14/08 02:31 PM
I went up to Huntington Lake over the weekend and passed through the foothill town of Auberry where I got these pics.

Personally, I'm at ONE with the Hillbillies. I have a daughter and son-in-law who live in Prather (next door to Auberry). If you are interested in buying property in the Fresno foothils, call me @ 559-301-1647 and let me help you find a property. There are several several foreclosure properties on the market in the Prather, Auberry, Tollhouse region.

photos: Huntington Lake -- California - 10/13/08 03:51 PM
A good friend of mine just purchased a cabin in Huntington Lake (photo left). NO, I did not participate in the transaction; he bought the property for-sale-by-owner directily from the owner. From what I know of the transaction though, it appears he got a screaming good deal.
This weekend a group of us when up to help him do a little work on it. I'll admit I didnt do too much work but my son Joshua made up for what little I contributed. Another friend of ours happens to also own a cabin up there and she we gracious enough … (1 comments)

photos: Look who climbed into my bed.... - 09/04/08 02:39 PM
(pics inside)
Last weekend I went camping at Huntington Lake....

...with two of my sons ( I have 5 sons and 1 daughter)

I took my teardrop trailer (the boys slept in a tent)

In the morning I found an unexpected guest in my sleeping bag



photos: Cactus Bloom - my first attempt at time interval exposure - video inside - 05/07/08 07:52 AM
These cactus are in our back yard and I just had to take a crack at time lapse exposure. It was fun. The flowers bloomed a lot quicker than I thought they would so instead of one exposure every 2 minutes I could have done them every minute or 30 seconds.


photos: I Fiinally Talked My Wife Into Letting Me Take Her Portrait.. - 05/02/08 10:13 AM
Just prior to clicking the shutter I said "WHO'S YOUR DADDY?" and this is what I got.

This is what I had above for several weeks

and I had changed my profile pic to this:

paper mache Punch and Judy puppets made by Lazarus 

photos: Fresno Blossom Trail --- Pictures Included - 03/08/08 02:07 AM
On Thursday my wife and I drove the famous Fresno Blossom Trail. We planned to leave at 9:00 am and get back around 1:00 pm so basically we allotted 3 hours for the drive. As it turned out we left at 10:00 am and didnt arrive back home until nearly 5:00 pm in the evening. Time really does fly when you're having fun!
As you can see from the photos below the trail is full bloom and if you're wanting to drive it I think there might be one good week left, so you better hurry! it really is a treat and … (4 comments)

photos: Today is Theophany for old calendar Orthodox Christians - 01/19/08 02:42 PM
One of the basic tenants of Orthodox Christian faith comes from the Psalms:
"God is the Lord and has revealed himself to us"
Theophany - refers to the revelation or "shining forth" of God on earth.  When Jesus Christ was baptized the Spirit of God descended up him in the form of a dove and Father spoke from heaven saying "This is my beloved son..." 
It was at his baptism that Jesus Christ was revealed to the world as the Son of God.
During Theophany we have a blessing of the water and the blessed water is taken home and used later when the … (3 comments)

photos: Christmas Tree Lane in Fresno California - 12/21/07 05:06 PM
Just about everyone who knows anything about Fresno knows that Fresno has a beloved Christmas Tree Lane located on Van Ness Blvd in Old Fig Garden. Old Fig Garden is known for its tree-lined streets with historic homes. Every year they string up lights on Old Van Ness and many of the homeowners decorate their homes and yards with lights ... and often much more.
The other nite I was eager to see what I could accomplish with my new camera and shot the photos below. I dont really have a good night lens for what I was doing but that didnt … (3 comments)

photos: Fresno Tower District - pictures included - 12/14/07 08:05 AM
The other day I did brief blog on Fresno's Tower District and mentioned that the heart of the Tower District is the historic Tower Theater. I failed to include the link to the Tower Theaters website. And what's worse is I didnt include any photos... MY BAD!!! So here a couple of night shots I took.

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photos: St Herman Monastery in Platina California - 12/11/07 06:54 PM
This Monastery in Platina California happens to be in our Diocese. Platina is about 40 miles west of Redding [click here for map]and nestled in a little valley. Wikipedia has the population at around 200 which sounds high to me. Its a rather idyllic place.
I went up to visit the Monastery with a friend during the winter few years ago and down in the valley it where the post office is was wet from rain, but as we went up the hill we encountered snow. This picture pales in comparison to what I saw with my eyes. The sun shining … (9 comments)

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