pitney bowes: Looks Like My Pitney Bowes Woes Will Be Over Soon... - 12/06/08 06:46 AM
I got an email today from a representative of Pitney Bowes stating  she received a Google Alert this morning that directed her to the post I made yesterday.  I guess Cyber Bitching sometimes pays off.  Its unfortunate this company is willing to treat you like gold only after they find you have publicly shared your misery.
Anyway, it looks like they are going to refund my money.  Glad to be finally done with them.
Thanks to AR for the google juice!

pitney bowes: I'm Not The Only One Who Thinks Pitney Bowes SUCKS! - 12/05/08 08:36 AM
Folks, I'm not alone in my opinion about Pitney Bowes.  In case you missed it, I think  Pitney Bowes Sucks!
You can read what some of their former empoyees are saying here.
I stopped my service months ago and sent back my machine.  They have sending me an invoice that shows I have a credit.
In order to get my money back I have to follow there precise instructions:
To get a refund from your Purchase Power account, email a request to pbpfundsadmin@pb.com or submit the request on your company letterhead:
Via Fax
(203) 460-5155
Attn. Refunds
Via Mail
Attn. Refunds

pitney bowes: Pitney Bowes Still SUCKS!!!! - 08/05/08 05:41 AM
About a year ago I blogged about my WOES WITH PITNEY BOWES
Well, since I had purchased postage I felt committed to keeping the machine until the postage ran out but it was a vicious cycle.  I'm trying to run out the postage and the ink cartridge runs out and those tiny little cartridges cost $60.00 each.   Then you pay the lease and have to buy more postage to run out the lease term.  All the while the company is hassling me about my bill and adding late fees.
Well, today I had all I could take. I told them to send … (28 comments)

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