real estate: Fresno Real Estate Inventory Drying Up. - 12/13/12 08:33 AM
I've been noticing for quite some time the dwindling inventory in the Fresno Real Estate Market.  Listings are being out numbered by pending sales at a significant clip.
This is what I saw when I logged on to the MLS today.

This means over twice as many homes went into contract (Pendings =52) in the last 24 hours then came onto market (New Listings = 23)
Its a trend I have been observing for quite some time which perhaps is now exacerbated by the Holiday Season.  The other factors I think influencing this market imbalance is a slowdown in foreclosures … (1 comments)

real estate: Economic recovery: Fresno area ranks 99th out of 100 metros - Business - - 06/28/12 01:00 PM
IT SUCKS TO HEAR IT BUT THIS IS WHAT THEY SAY :  Fresno continues to lag behind most of the nation in its pace of economic recovery, ranking 99th out of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in a Washington think tank’s latest analysis Wednesday.

I’m sure some people may think: “why does he post negative news about Fresno if he wants to sell people property there?”
Good question.
Yes, I do want to sell people property.   Those stuck in Fresno (.com) because of family,  job,  or whatever need housing and I’m hear to help them but … (2 comments)

real estate: Fresno CA Real Estate Market Statistics - 06/25/12 01:21 PM
Years ago I would comment on how lop-sided the market was to the sell side.  For example in THIS POST from Aug. of 2007 the stats showed that sellers were over buyers by over 3 to 1.  Things have really changed.  Last week on one of our Fresno MLS 24 hour market watches we had one day that was REALLY balanced.
Take a LOOK:

Notice the New Listings = 47 and the Pendings (properties that went into contract) = 47 and the Solds (properties that closed escrow) = 46.
That’s a pretty well balanced market.
Here’s a look at today’s … (2 comments)

real estate: Freaky Friday Post - 06/22/12 11:45 AM
This is pretty funny.  Unfortunately,  it isnt far from the truth.  For example, yesterday I received a full price cash offer for a property from another agent.  Then, about an hour later I get a call from some guy who says he's in front of the property and wants me to come down and show it to him.
Mind you, if a Realtor double ends a deal - i.e. represent both sides they make twice as much money.  IOW, if a commission is 6% it is generally split 50/50 between the listing agent and the selling agent --- but if you … (3 comments)

real estate: 20 Cities You Don't Want to Live in ...Yet.... - 03/22/11 04:22 PM
Fresno made the list on this CNBC report.
On a positive note, we didnt make the "bedbug infestation list" 
Sometimes I do wonder WTF I'm doing here and if it wasnt for the majority of our 6 kids being here.... I'd probably exit stage right.
Need to buy or sell a home in Fresno???
Call me: 559 - 301 -  1 6 4 7

real estate: Fresno - One of America's Worst Cities For Business.... - 12/23/10 11:15 AM
.... according to this article A bad year for California - MarketWatch.
Geesh, look at the list.  Fresno came in dead last.  PATHETIC!

Well, when I moved here and they were building the new city hall that looks like Darth Vader's hat

I knew there were problems.
Then there was Operation Rezone, a  selection of sordid tales of bribery and corruption.
Mayor, Ashley Swearengin, acknowledges we  have problems. You can listen to her response here.
Nevertheless, if you're stuck here in Fresno (like me :) and need to buy or sell, give me a call:  (559) 301-1647

real estate: Real Estate Agents a Waste of Money... - 12/06/10 10:16 AM
Its only a matter of time before the market eleminates the middle man and agents are no longer needed.... at least not employed to the degree they are at present.
When the service becomes available that allows the owner to represent themselves in an efficient manner - THEY WILL.
Come on... If you are paying an agent to sell your property --- lets say a $100k home --- and you are paying 6% commission: $6,000.00.... and they take pics like this:

Do you REALLY need them?
Any owner with a $50.00 cameral could do better.
Google  should fund a nationwide … (11 comments)

real estate: Real Estate Is “For Sure” Double Dipping … - 12/06/10 08:35 AM

I have often said that we hit a bottom but I wasnt sure if we would bounce along the bottom and go up or bounce along the bottom and drop off a cliff.
Here’s an opinion from someone smarter than me:
Nouriel Roubini: Real Estate Is “For Sure” Double Dipping, And Another $1 Trillion In Losses Is Coming.
There's a reason they call him DR. DOOM!

real estate: Fresno is a Bed Bug Free Zone! - 10/28/10 09:45 AM
Folks wishing to make a visit to Fresno California should be able to enjoy a bed bug free stay.  According to the Bed Bug Registry there are no reported incidents of outbreak:
If you would like to buy a home while you're here, feel free to give me a call: Lazarus @ 559:301-1647

real estate: Country Living - Taken at the intersection of Kings Canyon and George Smith Rd in Squaw Valley CA - 01/20/10 05:58 PM


real estate: Another BAD MLS PICS Blog... - 12/08/09 05:33 AM
Haven't done one for awhile and could not resist these.   I'm sure I could find worse ones if I look but these just happened to land in my email box moments ago.
 I think this means there's a shower:



AND THIS IS A _____________________ (fill in the blank if you know)


real estate: Major Home Builder Agrees With Little Known Real Estate Broker - 11/19/09 05:37 AM
Back in April I called:  
FHA – THE NEW SUPRIME LENDER Now I'm not alone. Toll Brothers Inc. Chief Executive Officer Robert Toll said. “Yesterday’s subprime is today’s FHA,”  
It's crazy! It's OBSCENE! A first time home buyer puts in an offer for quarter of a million dollar home, puts up $8750.00 and asks the seller (more often than not: A BANK) to pay the closing costs. Closes on the the home then gets a $8,000 tax credit. Assuming you have the credit and income, buying a $250,000 home today is almost without risk and can be done … (0 comments)

real estate: Wordless Wednesday - my granddaughter - 09/01/09 07:19 PM


real estate: More Juicy Statistics on Commercial Real Estate than the Average Joe Can Swallow - 09/01/09 05:41 PM
Its Been a Beautiful Summer --- and as much as I feel its important to blog, I dont care to feel OBLIGATED.
 -- I'M BACK   ... and I am going to offer you  a link to some Commercial Real Estate Statistics that are very FUGLY!
If you're bore by stats and graphs -- don't bother with this one.  But if you are curious about the current state of the Commercial Real Estate Market, then have at it!

real estate: IRS Succesfully Prosecutes First-Time Homebuyer Credit Fraud - 07/29/09 07:53 AM
If you're thinking of cheating on your taxes by applying for the First-Time Home Buyer Credit -- BEWARE.
Today the IRS released news of its first succesful prosecution of fraud for doing so and the perp, who happens to be tax preparer, faces the possibility of up to three years in jail, a fine of as much as $250,000, or both.
Ain't worth it folks.
Read the press release from the IRS website: CLICK HERE


real estate: Wordless Wednesday - 07/29/09 06:01 AM


real estate: Two Blog Referrals This Week - 06/23/09 08:02 AM
Proof that I need to keep my blog alive.  It's summer though and that's not easy.  It seems as though just about every weekend is booked with wedding, family reunion, or some sort of get together.  I've been trying to get up to Yosemite and that hasn't worked out yet either.  The day my wife and I scheduled to go up there she didn't feel well.

real estate: Fresno Meet in the Middle 4 Equality Rally - 06/03/09 11:26 AM
Fresno Meet in the Middle 4 Equality Rally
May 30th, 2009
Off Topic: Meaning this has nothing to do with the Fresno Real Estate Market.
I went downtown on Saturday to check out the Revfest at the Fulton Mall and on the way there I saw huge crowd gathered so I decided to check out what was going on.  What was going on wast the Meet in the Middle Rally.
I figure I better post these pictures before they become obsolete.
Click the box in the lower left corner if you would like to see the slide show with my captions.

real estate: A Taste of India: The Tarangini-Indian Dance Ballet performs in Fresno California - 05/04/09 01:15 PM
Saturday at Sunnyside High School.  The event was sponsored by the Central California Cultural Society of India.  
I was under the weather all last week with a cold or allergies and on Saturday I finally felt well enough to get out and do something so I browsed the Fresno Bee online and found the advertisement for the event.
See Photos Below
I will admit that when I read this: Music composition is done using a sixty-piece orchestra and is presented in full stereophonic sound. I took it to mean there was going to be a live orchestra.  Wrong.  Just a recording. But the dancing was stunning and offered LOTS of camera … (2 comments)

real estate: Fresno Now California's Fifth Largest City... - 05/01/09 11:27 AM
... and you thought this was just a podunk hick-town full of raisin farmers.  
According to the latest statistics released yesterday by the Department of Finance Fresno's population grew by 10,578 people in 2008.  That was enough to bump the city up over Long Beach and make it the fifth largest City in the State with a total population of 495,913.
California's 10 most populous cities as of Jan. 1, 2009, with percentage of growth since 2008:
1. Los Angeles, 4,065,585, 1.1%
2. San Diego, 1,353,993, 1.5%
3. San Jose, 1,006,892, 2.2%
4. San … (0 comments)