rentals: Renters Beware --- Fresno Rental Scams - 10/31/12 12:24 PM
This blog should go under my series titled "So You Want To Be A Landlord"
But I'm putting it out there as a warning to anyone renting property in the Fresno area. 
I have a property I am renting in a gated community in North West Fresno.  Most all properties rented in that area are going for around $1100.00 minimum per month.

One of the places I have the property listed on is Craigslist.  Well some scammer simply copied my ad and offered the place for $700.00 per mo.  Fortunately I have a sign on the property so when people have … (1 comments)

rentals: 19 Million Homes Vacant In US - 05/13/09 05:39 AM
In Feb Bloomberg reported -- A record 19 million U.S. homes stood empty at the end of 2008 and homeownership fell to an eight-year low as banks seized homes faster than they could sell them. 
They also said: the report counted 4.1 million vacant homes for rent and 4.8 million seasonal properties. 
read the full report here.
Here is an sobering panoramic shot of an entire street up one side and down the other with each home on the street stitched together.
These are large images so give them time to load. After the image loads you may … (0 comments)

rentals: Landlords Have a NEW Competitor - THE NEW FREDDIE MAC RENT BACK PROGRAM - 01/30/09 04:25 AM
I just read this article: Freddie Mac to rent foreclosed properties AMAZING!  It's totally understandable that they would take this route.  I showed a house on Tuesday that was only a couple of years old and theives had taken the stove and hood, oven and microwave, dishwasher and cabinets.  It's unreal.  When homes are looted the banks can't resell them with typical financing (ala FHA) unless they meet basic living standards.  If they don't, they sell them at a discount to investors for cash, who either fix them up and rent them out or resell them.
The problem is investors who … (1 comments)

rentals: RENTAL SCAM --- Fresno Police Arrest Former Realtor. - 12/05/08 04:04 AM
Fresno Police recently arrested former Realtor© Sam Haley for allegedly renting out homes he didnt own. 
You can read the full story here.
What stuck with me from the story is that the guy was telling the renters that the homes were in foreclosure and that they might have to move quickly when the house sold, but it was OK because he guaranteed them he could get them into another home, which of course, in this market is  just move them into another vacant pre-foreclosure.
I suppose one could make the argument that Mr. Haley was making the "highest and … (2 comments)

rentals: So You Want To Be A Landlord: Part II Story 4 - 11/01/07 02:54 PM
Part I --  Part II  Story 1  --  Part II  Story  2 & 3
Stories Of A Landlord in Fresno CA.
Here's another story where the gal I rented to suddenly has a significant other move in with her and her 2 kids.  Before long and they are fighting like cats and dogs and the rent is not getting paid. 
After not getting the rent I went down to check on the place and could tell that no one was living there. I heard that she and her boyfriend had a fight.  He kicked in the back door and the place was a mess.  All … (1 comments)

rentals: So You Want To Be A Landlord -- Part II ( Story 2 & 3) - 10/30/07 02:40 PM
Part IPart II (Story 1)
Story 2
I had the house rented to tenants that for all intents and purposes were good tenants: rent paid on time; trouble free tenancy.
When the tenants moved out I noticed a small leak in the bathroom at the shutoff valve under the stool.  The tenants never bothered to inform me about this problem and the water was soaking in where the floor meets the wall.  The caulking around the tub was also faulty and this water, and water that escaped the tub when they bathed the kids, had soaked through under the tub.  The end result … (2 comments)

rentals: So You Want To Be A Landlord -- Part II - 10/24/07 12:26 PM
Well, maybe you don't want to be, but you're in the position that I mentioned in Part 1 of this Series.
Before you take the plunge, allow me to share a few stories with you: nothing fabricated; all TRUE.  How do I know? They are mine, and mine alone to tell J
Story #1
I get a call from  Susie (not her real name) enquiring about my house for rent .  I must emit  "soft touch" radar, because the next thing I know Susie is appealing to my Christian charity and asking me to save her and her child from homelessness.  I should have ended it right … (5 comments)

rentals: So you want to be a landlord - Part 1 - 10/19/07 06:22 AM
Is this your situation? You have your property listed but no offers
You cant lower price further without losing money (i.e. I would have to come up with cash to close)
The mortgage payments are eating you alive.
The first thing you need to is call me educate yourself with the laws regarding Landlords/Tenants. You can get plenty of information off the Internet. This *California Courts Self-Help website is good for starters.
WARNING #1: Having been a landlord I can tell you many tenants KNOW their legal rights; you need to … (0 comments)

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