stocks: GENERAL ELECTRIC -Another One of the World's Largest Companies Achieves PENNY STOCK STATUS.... - 02/20/09 03:30 AM
As of the time of this post GE has dropped into single digits and is trading at $9.37 
and remains in a solid DOWNTREND

Say goodbye to the AMERICA you once knew.
or better yet --- CONVINCE ME THAT I'M WRONG!

stocks: After The Biggest 5 Day Runnup Since the GREAT DEPRESSION - Its TANKS - GIVING DAY.... - 12/01/08 03:29 PM
After five consecutive days of gains and weekend that saw consumers pulling the doors off their hinges to spend...
we have today:
the market
back most of its gains.
Not so fast cowboys and girls...
... its not looking good!

stocks: U.S. entered recession December 2007, panel says - 12/01/08 06:12 AM

Finally they see the light!
Accordingto this Reuters News Article the recession begain in December of 2007. This would make my declaration of the Official Beginning of the Recession about a month off. 
Why rely on these numbers crunchers to inform you a year after the fact?
Lazarus - Real Estate Broker and Financial Prognosticator Extraordinaire

stocks: What Planet Am I On? - 12/01/08 04:52 AM
Can somebody please help me understand what's going on?  I am experiencing sever cognitive dissonance.People getting trampled to death in shopping malls and retail reports indicating sales are UP this year, while hundreds of thousands of people are losing their homes and the financial markets are the worse they've been since the great depression.
it reminds me of Randy Pausch when he described the cognitive dissonance he was experiencing.

stocks: Todays Spanking Goes To: - 10/07/08 06:31 AM
The Royal Bank of Scotland
This Irishman just became a shareholder.  I think the stock is going to either go up or down from here.  I'm betting UP.  Wish me luck.
update:10/09/2008: Thanks to an upgrade by S & P I sold at market open for 20% gain. I will consider buying back in when the stock retraces.  My sells were at 1.94 and 1.88.  S&P s price target is  only $2.00 so I'm pleased.
update: shareholder once again @ $1.69 and $1.58
update: 10/13/08 stock is sinking like a stone (currently $1.08)  and I STILL own this pig -- … (5 comments)

stocks: Catotonic at the Keyboard - 10/06/08 10:05 AM
So, I booted up today as usual and prepared myself to make some trades but the red on my screen wouldnt stop and the overall economic picture is so obscure that when the market was down around 800 points and I shoulda been been scooping up some shares my butt puckered up so tight ---  --- I found  myself unable to pull the trigger ON ANYTHING.
I had images of anything I bought instantly turning into this:


stocks: GOLDMAN SACHS taking an ass whooping today.... - 09/18/08 05:06 AM
I watched it drop under $86 and now its around $89.00 and climbing back.
Looks like they're going to take this down too.  Damn.  I've been a investor/trader on the long side but I see now how folks make SERIOUS money on the short side. MAybe one day I will go to the dark side.

stocks: Is Anybody Out There Watching the FREE FALL of Fannie and Freddy??? - 07/11/08 03:28 AM
Damn!  It's a friggin MARKET MELTDOWN!  Looks like America is going to hell in a handbag.
Right now FRE is down 33% to $5.32 and FNM is down 31% to $9.08
FRE was $63.00 just last October. NOW ITS A PENNY STOCK!

stocks: You Know The Real Estate Market Is In Trouble When… - 04/15/08 08:20 AM
Get-rich real estate books also hit a slump Which is somewhat ironic because usually when these books are flying off the shelves and everybody is in a real estate buying frenzy you’re probably near a market top.
I am a real estate investor and a stock investor.  I have done fairly well with most of my real estate investments but I’m going to tell you a little secret - Lazarus has made far more money investing in stocks than in real estate.  There are several one-liners that I have heard about timing stock trades over the years which have stuck with … (3 comments)

If you bothered to click on this link, you probably dont think its true.
You're saying to yourself OK what's the gimmick?
You're skeptical for sure, but curious to know how anyone can make such a BOLD CLAIM. 
But it is. And my formula is simple.
Anyone who follows it WILL make a SMALL FORTUNE - I GUARANTEE IT! 
First: You start with a LARGE fortune.
Then: You buy the wrong properties, the wrong mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc...
and it shouldnt be long until you have a SMALL fortune.
Now - anyone reading this that trades PENNY STOCKS? If so let me know, I would be interested in … (2 comments)

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