ares realtor: A mad dash to nowhere? - 06/28/11 06:14 AM
 Can you relax? Is there a mad dash to nowhere? 

As you move fast to arrive, trying to locate a quite enjoyable place if only you were able to through down the gauntlet & “relax” once you get there!
You can choose your new direction. It is said separate yourself and your mind from all life’s distractions. Three easy tools can be used to start slowing down. Intentionally slow yourself down on a few of your daily routines.

Reaching for anything that is a daily activity, move 10% slower. (Answering your phone, reaching for a pen, etc.) 

ares realtor: Builders/Homeowners-building/living the future! - 06/25/11 05:58 AM

Builders/Homeowners-building/living the future!
Builders/Homeowners - building/living the future! The future of home building is finally here, this Mount Washington couple accomplished designing, building and now living in the future, congratulations you're great!. It is never too late to start, if we demand it, builders take notes and our cities start implementing new restrictions, our world will be better off.  Ref:,0,962075.graphic  Prudential California Realty K.G.P. L.L.C. Jon Kolsky O’ 760 689 2659 F’ 562 439 0511 C’ 562 225 2295  5320 E Second Street #8 Long Beach, CA 90803 DRE# 01311273


ares realtor: Challenge yourself. - 06/24/11 05:43 AM
Challenge yourself.

Our brain is magical; believe it or not our brain has hardwired physiological responses. Dopamine when released fuels the brain’s recognition making an effective prediction, behavior reaction, or choice.
Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that, when released in superior amounts, creates flows to other areas of the brain producing a powerful pleasure response. The reward from the releasing of dopamine prompts the brain to in-vision future opportunities to repeat the action.
How to make dopamine
The way to reward our brain with dopamine is using building skills and adaptive responses. If there is no challenge/risk to what you … (4 comments)

ares realtor: Nice Sale $ 85,000,000 - 06/19/11 05:34 PM
Who said the market is tanking? I think the brokers are happy! Nice comp....

Prudential California Realty K.G.P. L.L.C. Jon Kolsky O’ 760 689 2659 F’ 562 439 0511 C’ 562 225 2295  5320 E Second Street #8 Long Beach, CA 90803 DRE# 01311273

ares realtor: Don’t be last to know! - 06/19/11 04:46 PM
Don’t be last to know!
Data Visualization "2019"
Leads/Marketing different 2019
Realtors who want to be the best; it’s time to listen to the future! Infographics (information graphics) is the next new way to go mainstream.
Trulia is leading the way, being the first, implementing an interactive infograhics interactive mapping system with various heat feature/graphics, it’s really cool.
Big word “infographics”
The cultural implications of infographics will be big, it’s a big word that means “Realtors can present themselves in a simple way, connecting links and icons to be seen in a better light to a wider audience” … (0 comments)

ares realtor: To all Fathers, especially my Dad, enjoy the best Father’s Day! - 06/18/11 07:06 AM
To all Fathers, especially my Dad, enjoy the best Father’s Day!
It’s smart to plan for that big day? Owning instead of renting!
 Unless you live under a rock, you have heard the media explain the housing market. I can list many reasons for the current real estate market, more important; what do you do today?
 Based on Sellers’s fighting tooth and nail with lenders for financing, the market seems sluggish, but we are at a point where investing makes sense, it’s starting to show in areas of real distressed environments. With loans at an all-time low if … (4 comments)

ares realtor: How many steps are you taking? - 06/15/11 05:26 PM
How many steps are you taking? 10,000 Steps! Is recommended! ”Daily”
The average person has a stride which is approximately 2.5 feet long; one mile will take 2,000 steps! Walking 10,000 steps is five miles….
Family Fun/Fitness/Bonding
Walking is a very normal way to bond with your children; it should build a healthy structure, walking with your kids should also have its rewards. A walk on the beach/park/trail is a creative way to make those steps count that day!

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Jon Kolsky

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ares realtor: Doom/Gloom= A great time to buy - 06/12/11 06:04 AM
A great time to buy

Since the housing slowdown of the second half of 2005, the economy has swelled with many new problems today. The media of doom/gloom is a small factor, a bigger factor is how Realtors are protected from real estate web-sites allowing unethical behavior and hide from the truth and fairness. After falling eight straight weeks interest rates hit a historical low. Attainment in many other fragments of our economy and the housing market will head back to normal.
 Today many area of Southern California presents the fact; it’s cheaper to buy … (0 comments)

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